CaddyDaddy Talon Golf Glove Review

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The CaddyDaddy Talon golf glove is a hidden treasure.  Spectacular grip, comfortable, and true all-weather performance.


I don’t review a lot of gloves on  Part of the reason is that I normally play without one, but it’s also because it’s a category that doesn’t feature much innovation.  The CaddyDaddy Talon golf glove, however, is genuinely different.  Inspired as much by the gloves the football receivers use as those worn by golfers, it blends the best characteristics of both to provide more grip while remaining cool and comfortable.

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Though I’m not a regular glove-wearer, I have put the Talon glove through numerous range sessions and a couple rounds, and it still looks like new.  I think a lot of that has to do with the unique material on the palm.  Where most leathers start to show scuffs and wear, this material doesn’t.

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The CaddyDaddy Talon golf glove is one of the more unusual feeling gloves that I’ve tried because of the collection of synthetic materials.  From the inside, the palm of the glove feels pretty standard, but the outside has a tacky, plastic-like feel to it because of the Tack-Fusion coating.  The back of the glove is a soft, pliable, ventilated mesh that’s very comfortable.

The unusual feel of the palm gave me concerns about playing with this glove in warm weather, but I didn’t find it to be much of a problem.  There’s adequate ventilation to keep your hand cool even when the temperature is up.

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The way that the CaddyDaddy Talon golf glove adds grip is unlike anything I’ve ever felt from a glove.  Where most gloves have a little traction (like a textured or cord grip), the Talon has tack, like a wrap grip.  When you grab a club, it almost feels like it’s stuck to your hand.  What’s even better is that the grip gets tackier when it gets wet, so it’s perfect for the rain.

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If you’re interested in trying a new glove with lots of added gripping power, try the CaddyDaddy Talon golf glove.  In a category that typically considers color to be a major innovation, this glove actually offers something new.

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  1. David Aragon

    This glove has a good grip , but it wares to fast and the stitching is the worst I ever seen. It started to in ravel the first time I used it , also the grip on the palm started to ware after one bucket of balls . Think I would rather save my money and buy cheaper gloves!!

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