Bushnell Tour X Laser Rangefinder Review

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The Bushnell Tour X laser rangefinder is a first tier rangefinder with some features you won’t find anywhere else.  Ability to change the display and turn slope on and off are huge benefits.


Each year, the top manufacturers add something new to their top of the line laser rangefinders.  Some years the addition is minimal, but sometimes it’s a big step forward.  With the Bushnell Tour X laser rangefinder, it’s definitely the latter.  Adding the ability to change the display to an already impressive laser makes it one of the best available.

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Set Up & Ease of Use

As with most modern rangefinders, the Bushnell Tour X is very easy to set up and use.  The battery compartment opens easily without tools, and from there you just need to push the power button.

Bushnell deserves praise for making the advanced features easy to use as well.  Switching the display from grey to orange only requires flipping the switch on the back of the unit.  You turn slope off and on by replacing the face plate.  The menus for adjusting brightness and switching between meters and yards are the most intuitive I’ve ever seen.

My one small complaint is with the focus adjuster.  On one hand, this is a great feature that makes the image very clear.  The problem is that it’s so prominently placed I found myself bumping it every time I took it out of the case, which then required that I adjust it back into focus.

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Accuracy & Performance

First and foremost, the Bushnell Tour X laser rangefinder is extremely accurate and has very long range.  It works anywhere from 5 to 1,300 yards and can find a flag up to 450 yards.  Thank to Bushnell’s E.S.P. 2 technology, the yardage displays in a fraction of a second.  But of course, that’s just the start with the Tour X.

The new headline feature for the Tour X is the ability to change the display from grey to orange with the flip of a switch.  Bushnell calls this Dual Display Technology.  I was able to see the power of this feature in my first round with it.  I teed off at 5:20 AM, so I started with the orange display.  In those pre-dawn conditions, the grey would have been nearly invisible.  As the sun rose, I switched to the grey because it’s ideal for bright conditions.  To me, this is the best advancement in laser rangefinders since slope adjustments.

Speaking of slope, the Tour X has two face plates – one that enables slope adjustments and one that makes the laser conforming for tournament play.  Just as with the display, the Tour X provides the best of both worlds.

On the course, the Tour X is easy to use.  It’s well made, and it should fit comfortably in the hand of most adult men.  Finally, it’s worth pointing out that the Tour X comes with one of the best cases that I’ve encountered.  It has two closure systems – a zipper and an elastic band – so you can opt for security or speed.  What’s really clever is that you don’t need to close it at all during your round; the case opens enough to slide the laser in and out, but not enough for it to fall out.

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The Tour X laser rangefinder is Bushnell’s top of the line model for 2015, and that comes with a steep price tag: $500.  While you can certainly get good lasers for less, the Tour X does justify its price tag by having a killer feature you won’t find anywhere else.  If you want the very best and are willing to pay for it, the Tour X will not disappoint.

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If you’re in the market for a top of the line rangefinder, the Bushnell Tour X is one that you must check out.  With its combination of speed, accuracy, and high end features, it’s easily one of the two best rangefinders on the market.

Buy the Bushnell Tour X rangefinder HERE

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  1. David Roberts

    Do you have replacement Face plates for the Bushnell tour X?

    • Matt Saternus


      Plugged In Golf doesn’t sell anything, so we do not, no. You might contact Bushnell to see if you can buy one through them.



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