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Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder Review

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The Bushnell Pro X2 is the best rangefinder in golf.  Ability to change the display from black to red and turn slope on and off.


Over the last few years, it seemed to me that rangefinder improvement had stalled out.  Everything was fast and accurate, and the differences were largely matters of preference.  Bushnell’s Pro X2 rangefinder breaks that trend with one of the best advancements in years.

Setup & Ease of Use

The basic functionality of the Bushnell Pro X2 is the same as every other rangefinder: push the Power button to turn it on, push it again to get your distance.

The way that Bushnell deploys the more advanced features sets it apart.  Turning the slope mode on and off no longer requires scrolling through menus, just flip the switch on the side of the unit.  When the words “Slope Edition” are visible, slope is on.  Similarly, you can change the display from black to red with one push of the Mode button.

Holding down the Mode button brings you to the menus, but the options there are pleasantly limited.  You can adjust the brightness (a welcome new feature), change from yards to meters, and decide whether you want yardages displayed to the tenth of a yard or not.

Accuracy & Performance

As you would expect from a first-tier rangefinder, the Bushnell Pro X2 is fast and accurate.  Moving on…

The major upgrade in the Pro X2 is the ability to toggle the display between black and red.  I can’t stress enough what a great feature this is.  I’ve been using a laser with a red display for roughly five years, and I like it in most situations, particularly twilight.  However, when you’re in a bright setting, black is simply easier to see.  The ability to switch with the push of a button puts the Pro X2 a step ahead of the competition.

Bushnell also did a great job with the size and feel of the Pro X2.  This is the first Bushnell laser in recent memory that feels rock solid in your hand, and the size should be comfortable for all but the most diminutive (or gigantic) hands.

Finally, Bushnell includes the best rangefinder case.  I love the dual closure – use the elastic band during the round for speed, zip it up afterwards for safe keeping.  Also the netting on the side keeps it from spilling open if you forget to latch it shut.


The Bushnell Pro X2 has an MSRP of $500 but can be found for around $450 (support PluggedInGolf, buy it HERE).  This puts it at the premium end of the rangefinder market, but the features and ease of use are worth it.


The Bushnell Pro X2 rangefinder gets my highest commendation: it’s in the bag.  From the feel to the speed and the display, Bushnell nailed all the basics.  On top of that, they added the best new feature in years and made the whole thing unbelievably easy to use.

Buy the Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder HERE

Matt Saternus
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  1. Chris Viducich

    Great review Matt! I was seriously looking at upgrading to this when I had a mishap with my Tour X slope (long, embarrassing story). However, when I sent it in to Bushnell for repair, they offered me a great price on a refurbed Tour X so I just went with that and saved a ton. I definitely would have pulled the trigger on the Pro X2 otherwise!

  2. Aylward Gavin

    Well it looks great and sounds great, ?has it go a mounting feature that is helpful with mobile Golf Carts

  3. Does it compensate for the older golfer whose hand is not as steady as it once was?

  4. Is the Bushnell Pro2, Water Proof?

  5. Bill Gaddis

    Isn’t this just the Tour X repackaged so you don’t have to change the faceplate? The ability of the unit to switch from blk to red is not a new feature. It is available on the Tour X. And there is no image stabilization like the Nikon.

    I do like Bushnell’s build quality, but find it is just as difficult to sight onto the flag as the others. It is why the stabilization feature is going to make rangefinders work much closer to our expectations.

    • Matt Saternus


      You’re right about the black/red display. I even reviewed the Tour X, I had just totally forgotten about it. Thanks for pointing that out.



  6. Roy McAvoy

    I’ve a Bushnell Tour X (faceplate) and that model is know to be horrible in dim / shadowed light. If a pin is in shadows or fog or it’s Twilight Golf targets are difficult to clearly / quickly / easily see. SOOOOooooo – Does the new ’17 Pro X 2 fix these widely known issues?

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t had any issues twilight golfing with the Pro X2, but I didn’t find the Tour X too problematic either.



  7. Best driver for amatuer golfers

    great post that you have shared here

  8. Hi I have an x2 and find I get a weird fault with an error code when I try pick up a pin in bright conditions and also when slightly misty conditions. Never had this problem with my original v2. Any ideas?

    • Matt Saternus


      I have not encountered that. I would recommend contacting Bushnell to see if they have any suggestions.



  9. mark demeris


    Would you recommend this rangefinder over the LEUPOLD GX-5i3? If so, why?



    • Matt Saternus


      I prefer it for the simplicity. If you are going to use all the smart features of the GX-5i3, it’s great, but I’m shifting toward easy these days.



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  12. Larry Crotzer

    Replaced battery in my Bushnell Pro X2. Now my Laser Ranger has defaulted to a factory setup screen. The manual does not tell you about the setup screen.

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