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Bushnell Phantom 2 Golf GPS Review

50 Words or Less

The Bushnell Phantom 2 Golf GPS is a budget GPS with good accuracy.  Very basic display and features.


In golf, Bushnell is synonymous with rangefinders like the the Tour V5 [review HERE], but they’re also a significant player in golf GPS.  The Wingman [review HERE] is their headliner, but their Phantom is a fan favorite for its simplicity and low cost.  I took the Phantom 2 to the course to see how much performance they could pack into a value-priced device.

Check out the Bushnell ION ELITE GPS Watch HERE

Set Up & Ease of Use

When you unbox the Phantom 2, you’ll find the GPS device, a USB C charging cable, belt clip with carabiner, and a quick start guide.  As with many modern products, a full manual is only available online.

Bushnell states that the Phantom 2 can be connected to their app for updates.  Disappointingly, at the time of writing the Phantom 2 is not one of the devices listed in the Bushnell app.  This means I was not able to connect the Phantom 2 for updates.

Using the Phantom 2 is fairly simple.  There are four buttons: three on the left, one on the right.  The left buttons scroll up, down, and select while the right button brings up menus.  The buttons are not labeled in any way, but I found them reasonably intuitive.

When you get to the course, power it on and select “Play Golf.”  It will take a couple minutes to locate the satellites and provide you with course options.  Once you’ve selected your course, you don’t need to touch the Phantom 2 if you don’t want to as it automatically advances holes.

Accuracy & Features

I tested the Bushnell Phantom 2 side-by-side against two similarly priced GPS units and found it comparable in speed and accuracy.  There was never more than a two yard discrepancy between the Phantom 2 and posted yardages, and those were rare.

One thing that separates the Phantom 2 from other similarly priced units is its size.  It’s considerably larger than the Shot Scope H4 or Garmin Approach G12.  I found the Phantom 2 just on the edge of acceptable for wearing on my hip.  Smaller golfers may find it too bulky.  The size is a plus, however, if you put the Phantom 2 on your cart with the BITE Magnet or clip it to your golf bag.  I do like that the Phantom 2 gives you numerous carrying options.

A stronger BITE Magnet is one of the upgrades that Bushnell touts with the Phantom 2.  Other improvements are a larger display, more mapped hazards, and greenview with multiple pin locations.

The hazard display on the Phantom 2 is good.  It lists 100, 150, and 200 yard lay up distances with bunkers and water inserted where appropriate.  It can also provide yardages to the hazard and to clear it.  The biggest positive is that it lists all hazards on one screen.  However, I prefer the Garmin G12 and Shot Scope H4 for the way they clearly show which hazard is being described.

The other new feature is green view.  You can move the pin among several pre-selected locations to get a better idea of the yardage to the flag.  This is a strong feature, but be careful using it if you don’t have a pin sheet or decent course knowledge.  If you aren’t sure where the flag is, make the safe play to the center yardage.

The last standout feature is the battery life.  Bushnell states that the Phantom 2 can last over 18 hours on a single charge.  For players that hate having to charge their device between rounds, this is a big plus.

Finally, the Phantom 2 GPS comes in four colors: black, neon orange, grey camo, and royal blue.  While I like the royal blue that I tested, I prefer neon orange as it’s the one I’m least likely to leave behind.


The Bushnell Phantom 2 GPS retails for $130.  Please consider supporting Plugged In Golf sponsor PlayBetter and buying it HERE.

At $130, the Phantom 2 is the same price as the Shot Scope H4 [review HERE].  While the display of the H4 is smaller, it has a color screen and Shot Scope’s industry-leading shot tracking.  In 2021, I think the Phantom 2 is a great value.  In 2022, I would opt for the H4 unless A) I absolutely didn’t want shot tracking and B) I wanted the larger, non-color display.

Bushnell warranties the Phantom 2 against material or workmanship defects for one year.


The Bushnell Phantom 2 golf GPS delivers good speed and accuracy for a reasonable price.  You won’t get a fancy screen or advanced features, but it can help you play faster and score better.  If the size of the Phantom 2 fits your preferred carry method, this is a solid buy.

Buy the Bushnell Phantom 2 HERE

Visit Bushnell HERE

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  1. David from San Antonio

    I’m a senior, and only interested in basic Front/Center/Back yardages from a GPS device to use in conjunction with my Bushnell rangefinder. I tried the Garmin G10 & S10 and didn’t like either of them due to multiple issues. I purchased and have been using the Phantom 2 for several months now and really like it. Numbers are large, accurate, and the battery easily lasts two rounds, and would probably last three with the remaining bars displayed, but I charge it after every two rounds. It has a strong magnet, but I hook it on a belt loop using the carabiner. For a basic GPS, I highly recommend it.

  2. The Bushnell Phantom 2 is a very good GPS. I had the original Bushnell NEO GPS. It worked well, but the buttons were tiny and sometime hard to depress, and the screen was a bit difficult to read.. The Phantom 2 is a nice improvement, with much longer battery life, better display, and better control buttons. One thing that I don’t like is that often the Phantom 2 will state “No Obstacle Data” when there are clearly bunkers or water between me and the green (and this is from the fairway). The NEO did a much better job of identifying hazards and distances. I contacted Bushnell about this, trying to find out if there is a software update with this information. I have not heard back from them. Still, the Phantom 2 is a big improvement over the original Bushnell GPS.

  3. It’s crap….takes ages to find satellite and then stops randomly and needs rebooting…finally on Saturday the screen just disappeared ….will never buy another one !!!

  4. I can’t move it off “Play Golf.”

  5. I have been using Phantom 2 for over a year. I am 73 and am only interested about front, middle & back of green distances. Love the larger screen and magnet. Only need two words to describe: LOVE IT

  6. If you don’t like this device you’re lying, plain and simple, or you don’t know how to use it. Couldn’t be easier to use and the battery life is ridiculously long.

  7. I have never had an issue with my Phantom 2 and use it every time I golf. Long battery life and simple to operate. I have used it at multiple courses up and down the US east coast. It has always worked remarkably well for me.

  8. How do you get the Phantom 2 to display yardage to clear water hazzards? Mine will display yardage to the water, but not to clear. My 1st edition was awesome for this feature.
    I hope I’m just missing this somewhere. Can anyone assist?

    Thank you

  9. Catherine Smith

    Mine won’t charge. Has anyone else had this problem?

  10. Great device. I bought one and a few others around me did as well. Very easy to see the yardages or push button to switch over to the hazards.
    I use a trolley and just have it clipped with included carabiner to my towel ring on bag. Easy to see with big screen.
    As review said, I went orange so I never forget to put it away when done my round, nor forget it on the charger.
    Has worked every place I’ve tried it and connects to GPS quickly. Maybe 30 seconds in a different city. 10-15 in my city.
    The free app (no subscription fees) is cool, I never use it on course as I keep my phone put away. I use it before or after a round to check yardages on shots and plan layup points etc.
    Keep it updated of course as anything.

  11. Steve Jacobson

    Will my Bushnell Phantom 2 work in Japan

    • Matt Saternus


      I would check Bushnell’s website to verify that the course you’re playing is in their system.



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