Bridgestone Tour B330, B330-S, B3330-RX, B330-RXS Golf Ball Review

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50 Words or Less

The most complete line up of Tour-level golf balls on the market.  An option for every swing speed and player preference.


When I say that Bridgestone’s Tour B330 family is the most complete in the game, it’s not hyperbole, it’s fact.  What other line up has a ball that perfectly fits PGA Tour winners like Matt Kuchar and Brandt Snedeker, LPGA winners like Paula Creamer and Karrie Webb, as well as the thousands of recreational golfers who buy them in pro shops every week?  By offering a matrix of fitting options for high and low spin and high and low swing speed players, Bridgestone is assured that every golfer can be fit into a Tour B330 ball.

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Each ball in the Tour B330 family has a unique feel.  The B330 is the firmest, with a nice “thock” off the putter.  The softest is the B330-RXS which comes off with a more mushy, buttery “thud.”  The B330-S and B330-RX have distinct feels, but it’s hard to definitively say which is softer.  The B330-RX feels similar to the B330, but just marginally softer.  The B330-S has more of a “thud” like the B330-RXS, but just a touch firmer.

In all honesty, if you like any ball in this family, you could probably be happy playing any other ball.  Each one is easily recognizable as a first-tier tour ball, and it’s only on close examination that you can pinpoint the differences in sound and feel between each one.

Long Game

For long game testing, I hit each ball on a launch monitor with a driver, hybrid, and a long iron.  What I found was perfectly in line with my expectations and past experience with the Bridgestone Tour B330 series.  The B330 was the lowest spinning and firmest.  It’s the ball that’s designed for the big hitter who wants maximum distance.  For me, the B330-S spun just slightly more and was nearly equal to the B330-RX.  The B330-RXS spun the most and had the softest feel off the long clubs.

In terms of ball speed, the difference between the standard and RX models was negligible for me.  However, I’m a poor example of the differences between the two types as my swing speed is very near the dividing line of 105 MPH.  For players with swing speeds substantially above that threshold, ball speeds should be higher with the B330 and B330-S.  I had some players with slower swing speeds (90MPH and below) try these balls with their drivers and they got significantly better returns from the RX and RXS.

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Short Game

In the short game, the “S” balls really separated themselves from the B330 and B330-RX: both spun measurably more on full and partial wedge shots.  Though the difference was clear on the launch monitor, it was less noticeable on the course.  The B330-S definitely feels softer and checked up a little faster than the B330, but it was not as if one spun back and the other ran out.

If you’re a skilled player, I would recommend judging the short game ability of these balls on feel as much as launch monitor spin numbers because any of these balls is more than capable of performing any short game shot.  Though the B330-S and B330-RXS did post higher spin numbers, players who prefer a firmer feel off their wedges should opt for the B330 and B330-RX.

Who This Ball Is For

Anyone who wants to play a Tour ball but doesn’t want to compromise on distance.  There’s a ball in this line up for every player, from the high speed, high spin bomber (B330) to the lower speed player who wants every last RPM (B330-RXS).

To find the perfect Tour B330 model for you, Bridgestone offers a couple of good options.    To find a free, live fitting, check out their calendar of events (HERE) to see if they’re coming to your area.  If you can’t make it to an in person fitting, there’s the online Golf Ball Selection Guide (HERE) which is pretty slick.  You input some basic information (driver distance, average score, etc) and, based on their fitting database (250,000+ fittings and counting), they make 3 recommendations.  Next to each recommendation, they display the percentage of golfers like you who were fit into each ball.  The online tool fit me to my favorite Tour B330 model, the Tour B330-S.

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If you want a tour caliber golf ball that will let you dial in exactly the feel and amount of spin you want in addition to being fit for your swing speed, the Bridgestone Tour B330 family is your best option.  No other golf balls deliver tour performance for amateur-level swing speeds like the B330-RX and B330-RXS, and you need look no further than the hottest golfer on the planet, Matt Kuchar, to see how well the B330-S performs on the world’s biggest stage.

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  1. Hi there Matt,

    I have been playing whatever ball I could find and now want to start using one ball exclusively. Obviously, the Pro V1 / V1x have been recommended, but I don’t like the price tag. Would you say these Bridgestones (esp B330 and B330S), if properly fit, are the same in performance?



  2. Matt, could you give me more info/specs on then B330RX versus the RX S model balls. (Is Bridgestone still making the “S”?

    • Matt Saternus


      The main differences are feel and a small amount of short game spin. I would just play the one you like the feel of.

      Yes, the S is still in the line up.



  3. Thanks, Matt. ( So “S” is for spin not “soft”….can be confusing these days.)

  4. Jim Marco

    Is there a difference between the Bridgestone RXS’s that have the name “Bridgestone Golf” vs. the “B” logo? I’ve bought both online and they are in the same new packaging. Both claim to be 2016/2017 version.

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t seen any of the new versions with “Bridgestone Golf” on the ball, but I would tend to trust the packaging (that they’re all the same ball) assuming they were bought from somewhere reputable.



  5. David Lawrence

    Which ball is comparable to the e7? TrueType disappointed that they are becoming hard to purchase.

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s nothing in the B330 line that I would compare to the e7. They’re two very different lines of balls.



  6. Follow-up to my May 7th question: According to Bridgestone, the B330RXS”s that I’ve purchased in the same new 2016/2017 packaging are the SAME ball with different printing. At some point the older “Bridgestone Golf” lettering was changed to the new “B” logo. The balls are the same.

  7. I have been using the “S” ball for years and I love it. I have yet to try the “RXS” however. As far as distance off the tee goes, would you say the “S” ball is longer than the “RXS?” I’m a fairly long hitter but sometimes have trouble having spin on my short irons. So I’m thinking about giving the “RXS” a try.

    • Matt Saternus


      Whether the S or RXS is longer depends on how it fits the individual. The only way to know is to try a sleeve for yourself.



  8. Daniel Crutcher

    What is the difference in tour rxs (new red box) and Rxs (silver box) both have the “B’ logo not the “bridgestone”. I was looking for the silver box but could only find the older box with the “bridgstone” logo. So I bought the red box that says Tour Rxs and does not spin on greens as well for me.

  9. Daniel Storie

    Hey Matt,
    Thanks for all your good info man. I like how you mad it so simple to read and understand. I have one question. Can you let me demo a sleeve of the rxs b330’s?
    If I like them I will buy two dozen?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t have any RXS left. I’m sure you can buy a sleeve at your local golf shop, though.



  10. Timothy Milcich

    I would like a comparison between the B and the B330 lines, please.
    Do each have the same amount and pattern of dimples? The 330 line is less expensive, I think because I do not believe they have a urethane cover.
    Please advise.

    • Matt Saternus


      The B330 line is the older version of what is now called the Tour B, that’s why it’s less money. Both are urethane covered. I’m not sure about the dimple patterns.



  11. Yuni triasish

    I really benefited from here through ths good post, thanks

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