Bridgestone e5 e6 e7 Golf Ball Review

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The Bridgestone e Series golf balls offer golfers their choice of spin.  Solid performers at a fair price.


Choosing a golf ball can be tough, and most golf ball manufacturers don’t make it any easier.  How is the average golfer supposed to pick when every ball claims to be longer and softer than the next?

Bridgestone’s e Series golf balls make choosing simple.  Each model has a clear purpose: e5 for high flight, e6 for straight flight, and e7 for low flight.  The only question is, does each one fulfill its stated role?  We put them to the test to find out.

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Feel is the number one reason why many golfers choose to pay $4 per ball, and it’s also why many golfers won’t play mid-level balls.  To be honest, I’ve played past versions of the e Series and was disappointed in the feel – an experience that has kept me away from them until now.  However, the new Bridgestone e Series balls have upgraded their feel significantly.

The softest ball in the line is the e6.  It has the lowest-pitched sound off the putter and the wedge and almost feels dead when you hit it.  The e5 is in the middle – it feels much firmer than the e6 with a nice crisp response off the putter.  The e7 has the highest-pitched sound at impact which gives enhances its firm feel.  While these differences are substantial with a putter or wedge, they all feel similarly firm and hot off the driver.

Long Game

When I started the launch monitor testing of the e Series golf balls, I had one very clear idea of what I was going to see.  I expected the e5 to be the highest spinning, which I found to be true.  What I was curious to see was whether the e6 or e7 would be lower spinning.  I found that, with the driver, the e7 is the lowest spinning ball in this family.  For me, the e7 spun approximately 100 RPM less than the e6 which spun about 100 RPM less than the e5.  It should be noted that I’m a low spin player, so the differences you see may be greater.

With regard to the e6, I did not find that it was measurably straighter than the e5 or e7.  Good swings went straight down the middle, but I was able to hook the e6 with a bad swing just like any other ball.  I would be curious to see how the balls perform with Iron Byron – it’s entirely possible that the e6 is actually straighter than the others.  For me, however, the three balls simply represent three different levels of spin.

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Short Game

With the driver data in hand, I was curious to see if the same pattern would hold true for the Bridgestone e Series in the short game.  My testing on SkyTrak showed that it did.  The e5 was the highest spinning ball with a wedge, whether on full shots or pitches.  In fact, despite being a two-piece ball, the e5 posted spin numbers that are on a level with many tour-caliber balls.

The drop off in spin between the e5 and the e6 was substantial.  On an 80 yard pitch, I was averaging approximately 7600 RPM with the e5.  That dropped to 6000 RPM with the e6.  The e7 was the lowest spinning ball again, but the difference between the e6 and e7 was not huge – only 400 RPM.

In short, if you want a lot of wedge spin, the e5 is definitely worth a look.  While the e6 and e7 can’t keep pace with it, they offer plenty of stopping power for a mid-grade ball.

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Who This Ball Is For

Overall, the Bridgestone e Series provides some really good choices for a wide range of golfers.  Players who want more spin but don’t have the budget for tour balls should check out the e5.  Players looking for extremely low spin will enjoy the e7’s piercing flight.  For golfers who want a good, all-around golf ball, the e6 is a fine choice that also delivers very soft feel.

I do want to re-emphasize the substantial difference in feel between these three balls.  While you may want very low or very high spin, I’d recommend that you make sure you like the feel off the putter before you buy a season’s worth of any ball.

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Bridgestone has gathered unthinkable amounts of data from average golfers through their nearly 300,000 ball fittings.  It’s clear that the data was put to good use in developing the new e Series golf balls.  Each ball has distinct characteristics, and Bridgestone makes it easy to pick the right one.

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  1. Tommy R Lout

    I am going to play the E7 for my driver and fairway shots.
    And the E5 for my shots on the greens.
    I will find out for myself the results.

  2. The e5 gets more soon because it is the only ball in this series with urathane cover. Which will grab the grooves on ur club much better. Just like the ProV and any other tour ball. Urathane is what the pros use so they can control there balls.

  3. golfers who want a good, all-around golf ball, the e6 is a fine choice that also delivers very soft feel and great feel of the putter. Unless you are a Pro golfer and need to specialize your shots The E6 will certainly fit your overall game.

  4. I thought the E5 was the best ball Bridgestone ever made. They went farther and straighter for me, and had good hold and response off my irons. Its a shame I cannot find them anywhere anymore.

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