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The Box Training Aid Review

The Box Golf Training Aid (3)

50 Words or Less

A very good alignment aid. Some of the claims are questionable, but it does provide advantages over basic alignment sticks.


You can’t sell a training aid without bold promises, and The Box makes six of them, ranging from “Corrects Slice or Hook” to “Teaches Proper Ball Positioning.” The problem, of course, is that most of the time these promises ring hollow. Is this the case with The Box or is this The Box a nominee for Training Aids That Work?

The Box Golf Training Aid (2)

Ease of Use/Set Up

Though The Box looks like a potential nightmare of knots and loose pieces, the clever design makes it very simple to set up and use. The entire thing is permanently connected to itself; all you need to do it push the metal poles together in the four corners. Setting up The Box takes no more than 30 seconds.
Once it’s put together, simply drop The Box on the ground and use it to create consistent alignment on every shot.

The Box Golf Training Aid (5)


Since The Box makes 6 bold promises for improvement, I’ll go ahead and evaluate each one individually.

“Corrects slice or hook”

I’m 50/50 on this. I do think proper alignments can help some slicers/hookers, but not all of them.

“Teaches proper alignment to target”

Absolutely, yes. And while you can use clubs or alignment sticks, I think The Box is better and more convenient. First, everything is always parallel, which is a time saver.  Additionally, you don’t have to worry about needing to reset a stick after you bump it with your swing.

“Promotes square clubface at impact”

Again, I’m split. It definitely promotes a square club face at address, but whether or not that helps a player to square it up at impact is a whole different issue.

“Develops proper swing plane”

My answer to this depends on how you interpret “swing plane.” If you’re referring to what FlightScope calls Horizontal Swing Plane (Swing Direction in Trackman lingo), then yes, The Box does help. However, if “swing plane” is being used to describe the Vertical Swing Plane (the more common usage), then I would say no. I can’t see how any line on the ground can impact a player’s VSP.

“Teaches proper ball positioning”

Yes. The strings provide quality feedback on foot and ball position. This is another key advantage over alignment sticks.

“All-in-one design fits in your golf bag”

Not really a performance or improvement claim, but this is definitely true. The Box is a very cleverly engineered product.

All in all, I like The Box and find it to be effective for promoting good alignments and boosting the golfer’s awareness of their aim. I do think it provides substantial advantages and convenience benefits over alignment sticks.

The Box Golf Training Aid (1)


The Box is something that should live in your golf bag and go with you to the range any time you’re practicing. The set up time is very minimal, so there’s no issue there. The only negative is that it does make you stand out on the range which makes some players uncomfortable and less likely to use it. If you’re that kind of golfer, stick to alignment rods. If you don’t mind the occasional person asking, “What is that?” then you’ll find The Box has great longevity.


The Box’s website lists the regular price as $90, with a current sale price of $55.

While I like The Box, $90 is a non-starter for a training aid that can be replicated with $2 driveway markers. At $55, it becomes a question of how often you practice and how often you use alignment aids. I rarely practice without alignment aids, so the convenience is worth it for me.

The Box Golf Training Aid (6)


If you want to get more efficient with your range time, I would recommend checking out The Box. It will not only help to improve your aim and alignments, but it does so with minimal effort.

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