Bloodline T8 Putter Review

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The Bloodline T8 putter pairs the company’s “stand alone” alignment properties with an extra large head.  Adjustable weights and new grip options.  A powerful tool for improving alignment and reads.


When Bloodline first launched their putters that stand up on their own, it would have been easy to dismiss them as a gimmick.  However, with five years in the bag of Ernie Els, five professional wins, and a successful range of models, they’ve proven themselves to be the real thing.  I tested the new Bloodline T8 putter to see what new features the company has added to their flatsticks.

bloodline t8 putter address


The Bloodline T8 putter is an extra large modern mallet.  In terms of shape, it clearly draws inspiration from the Spider with “wings” in the far corners to maximize MOI.  What makes it more visually engaging are the different levels.  The wings are taller, as is a thick strip down the middle.  This middle section acts are a secondary alignment aid, enhancing the single white sight line.

Bloodline didn’t stop with an interesting address look, also giving plenty of attention to the sole and headcover.  The cover has a strong magnetic closure and high quality stitching.  I particularly like the red blood drop logo.

The sole of the putter is a large canvas, and Bloodline opted to keep it mostly clean.  There is some very sharp branding near the face, four adjustable weights, and nothing else.  This sparse design allows you to appreciate the subtle shaping of the sole.

bloodline t8 putter face

Sound & Feel

I reviewed one of Bloodline’s first offerings in 2018 [read it HERE], and found the feel lacking.  They have substantially upgraded the feel with the T8 putter.

Striking a Tour-quality ball produces a very quiet “tock.”  That lack of volume is what I usually expect from aluminum putters.  The sound marries well with the feel which is medium-soft.

There is a noticeable difference in the feel of impact depending on the weight positioning.  With the heavier (15 gram) weights forward, the feel is very solid and satisfying.  When the heavier weights are back, impact feels a little “thinner.”  There’s also a significant difference in the way the putter feels in motion.

Feedback from the Bloodline T8 is good through the hands.  I could easily identify where impact happened, but the character of impact did not change.  This can make the feedback easy to miss if you’re not paying attention.


The calling card of the Bloodline T8, as with all of their putters, is the ability to stand on its own.  This can be a very useful alignment feature, particularly for those that aim a line on their golf ball.  We’ve all had the experience of standing behind another player and wondering, “Where do they think they’re aiming?”  Now you can do that for yourself.  With consistent use, I can see players improving their ability to aim and becoming much more confident in their alignment and reads.  Less obvious but also valuable is that the putter “forces” the player into a consistent set up position.

Another thing that’s inherent to all Bloodline putters is an extremely high swing weight.  The grip and shaft are very light to allow the putter to stand alone, and this creates what Bloodline calls an “Ultra Low Balance Point.”  The T8 that I tested had a head weight of 400 grams and combined grip and shaft weight of only 65 grams.  This put the swing weight above what my simple scale could measure – beyond F8.  Despite being far from the norm, I think the T8 is very comfortable to swing.  It’s unusual to have so little weight in your hands, but it does give you an enhanced feel for the putter head.

The large, heavy head with its weight pushed to the corners gives the T8 strong forgiveness.  Small mishits are barely noticeable, staying on line and getting close to the cup.  Players that want to maximize the MOI should keep the heavier weights in the rear of the putter, but the T8 is quite forgiving no matter how you position the weights.

New Fitting Options

One of my criticisms of the original Bloodline putters was the lack of grip choices.  You had to use Bloodline’s single proprietary grip or sacrifice its ability to stand on its own.  Bloodline now offers two grips – the Parallel and the Tour Pistol.  I tested the Parallel and found it to be very soft, comfortable, and middle of the road in terms of size.

Bloodline also includes an Allen wrench that can be used to swap the shaft and hosel.  A steel shaft is now available for players that want to use Bloodline’s heads with a more traditional weight distribution.  The steel shaft also allows players to use any grip they want.

bloodline t8 putter


Bloodline has done an excellent job building a more complete putter around their unique performance attribute.  The T8 feels good and has a sharp, modern look.  If you’re interested in learning the truth about – and improving – your aim, Bloodline will give you 100 days to test their putter risk free.  Struggling putters have nothing to lose.

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  1. Didn’t Bridgestone make a putter that came with a yellow grip that stood up on its own about 15 years ago?

  2. Left hand ?

  3. Too bad the ability to stand on its own to help align shots becomes against the rules of golf in 2023. As stated in the new rules:
    “The player must not set the putter down in a standing position right behind or right next to the spot where the ball lies on the putting green to show the line of play or to help the player in taking their stance for the stroke in breach of Rule 10.2b (3).”

  4. The putter rules for golf are starting to seem very petty anchoring, stand-up putters even armlock are of no advantage to a highly skilled golfer. If they were all the professional golfers would be using them. Seems like there trying to work around the fringes to not upset the big equipment people. If they really want to make a difference, they should look at drivers. That being said for a stand-up putter this looks like the cream of the crop very nice design.

  5. Shipping your new putter takes forever. Worst customer service ever from Bloodline Golf.

  6. Marie-Ève Livernoche

    After 6 weeks, and multiple contact with BLOODLINE GOLF customer services, my order is still not dispatched. When you don’t get what you bought but BLOODLINE GOLF keep your money, it’s called stealing.
    The only thing that’s ‘stand up’ for customers is their putter.

  7. Something is definitely wrong with Bloodline customer services, many buyers like me are not getting their orders; when you contact them, they claim having parts delayed issues, but after another contact: nothing! Total silence! I would like at least get my money back!

  8. Francis Brashear

    How do I get the stand alone pjutter and how much is it

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