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Birddogs Pants & Shorts Review

50 Words or Less

Birddogs makes pants and shorts with built-in underwear.  Extremely comfortable and great for golf or any other activity.


No matter how good your underwear is, it’s going to require adjustments during a round of golf.  With all the twisting and bending that golf requires, there’s likely to be bunching and discomfort.  Unless your underwear is actually built into your pants.  Built-in underwear is the primary thing that sets Birddogs pants and shorts apart from the rest, but, as I found out, it’s far from the only thing.


In their pants, Birddogs’ style is quite conventional.  The two models shown here – Jeff Pesos (left) and Stephen Jobs – are part of a five color lineup which also includes black, navy, and off-white.  The interior of the pants is bolder – navy and bright blue, respectively – but very few people will get to see that.

Birddogs offers a much wider array of shorts, including some truly bold choices.  The shorts line up has five families: Khaki, Seersucker, Oxford, Gym Shorts, and Bathing Suits.  Khaki and Oxford are all pretty standard, but the others include wild patterns and bright colors.

One important stylistic note on the shorts: even the Khaki and Oxford shorts fit like gym shorts.  They have belt loops, but the waist is elastic with a drawstring.  These probably won’t cut it at a hyper-traditional country club, but they look great everywhere else.

Also, while this has no relation to the way the pants or shorts look, it needs to be mentioned that Birddogs has a truly unique sense of humor.  The cartoon that accompanied my order confirmation was utterly bizarre.  It’s a love-it-or-hate-it thing, because it’s way out there, but it gave me quite a laugh.


As soon as I pulled on Birddogs pants, I started falling in love with them.  First, the nylon/spandex and poly/spandex materials are extremely soft and stretchy.  These are bottoms that you’re going to be putting on the minute they’re out of the dryer.

In the pants, I found the cut to be ideal.  I ordered the pants in 34″ X 32″ and found both the waist and length measurements to be accurate – no vanity sizing here.  Even more important for me and my tree trunk thighs is that the legs are not skinny.  The cut is tailored with a little taper around the calf but plenty of room to move.

The shorts come in three different lengths: 6″, 7″, and 9″.  I tried both the 7″ and 9″ and found that the latter hit at the very top of my knee, the former showed a little more thigh but wasn’t scandalous.  Birddogs sizes their shorts small through XXXL rather than using waist measurements.  I tried the medium and large.  In both cases, the waist was very comfortable, but the medium was not well suited to my aforementioned giant thighs.

Birddogs offers a 90 day trial period for all their pants and shorts so you’re never stuck with a bad fit.


I’ve put it off long enough – let’s get to the built-in underwear.  Regular readers may know that I’m a huge fan of 2UNDR [review HERE], so the bar for comfort was very high.  With both the pants and shorts, I didn’t miss my underwear a bit.  The shorts in particular are a revelation.  By pulling on one piece of apparel, I can be comfortable, decent, ready for activity, and well-dressed.  It’s worth noting that the pants can be ordered without the liner if you’re married to the notion of separate underwear.

The built-in underwear isn’t the only reason to love Birddogs pants and shorts.  What I like even more is the way that they move.  The softness and stretch of the pants and shorts makes them perfect for golf, hiking, workouts, biking…any activity you can think of.  And, getting back to the underwear, because the liner is built-in, it never bunches or gets uncomfortable.

Finally, I need to mention the numerous zippered pockets in the pants and shorts.  Zippered pockets are underrated and far too rare.  If you’re riding a bike, they’re going to keep your valuables from falling out.  When golfing, they can keep your ball marker separate from your tees.  It’s a small but appreciated feature.


I’ll admit that the first time I heard of pants with built-in underwear, I thought it was a solution in search of a problem.  After a few weeks of wearing them, I’m a convert to Birddogs.  Leaving aside the built-in underwear, these pants and shorts are extremely comfortable and built for an active lifestyle.

Visit Birddogs HERE

Matt Saternus
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  1. Matt,
    First, your 2UNDR review is one of the greatest reviews ever written about anything.

    Second, Birddogs should target market folks dating.

    Just sayin

  2. I’ll be curious how they smell once they have a few walking rounds under their belt.

    Would love to hear if that lingering odor that gym shorts get becomes an issue with these, Matt.

  3. Great review Matt. For those of us who have not rightfully earned the nickname Quadzilla do you think these shorts would look baggy? Asking for a friend…..

    • Matt Saternus


      Hahahaha. I think that ordering the shorts in the correct waist size (there’s a fitting chart on their site) would be solid for people with normal waist-to-thigh ratios.



  4. Nice review but don’t understand the “underwear is a problem” concept. Never has been for me. Given I walk all my rounds, cannot imagine that these things wouldn’t be funky after a hot summer 18. So then I have to wash them after each use? What’s the point there? I guess I could possibly see this concept for gym shorts but again, I’m washing them after each use. Cannot believe the fabric will hold up that well.

    • Matt Saternus


      I can’t say that I find underwear to be a problem either, which is why I prefer the unlined pants.


  5. I’ve been looking into buying a pair of these for a bit but have a read a couple of comments/reviews on the pants being very prone to wrinkles. Did you notice that at all?

    • Matt Saternus


      They’re not wrinkle free, but I’ve washed mine several times and have found them about equal to most other pants I own.



  6. is 9″ the longest you make in shorts? to short!!!

  7. James carothers

    Do you make pants or shorts in size 44 or 46?

    • Matt Saternus


      You would need to check the Birddogs website. Plugged In Golf does not make or sell anything.



  8. Matt, curious if you know the Chinese manufacturer bird dog is currently using to produce their products?
    Jayme Latta

  9. Josh Barnett

    I wouldn’t be caught dead in them. 0 style, look more like nerds idea of inventing warm water

  10. I have purchased 1 pair of the pants with built in underwear. First the good news: They look good, they fit well and they’re comfortable. Love the comfort. Now the bad news: They’re overpriced, make noise like corduroys when you walk, and come out of the dryer a wrinkly mess, so they need to be ironed. There’s also a problem with the fastener; it’s not a button, a hook or a snap. It’s this strange kind of combination of all 3 that doesn’t work well and leaves you asking why. It’s sort of a good idea gone bad. For a hundred and nine bucks, that’s too many problems.

  11. Elena Gilbert

    I love these pants! They are so comfortable and fit well. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

  12. Pants are great in every respect, except the belt loops are in the wrong place. Doesn’t allow for the end of the belt to tuck into the loop, so just flaps around. This is different from literally every single pair of pants I own. Has stopped me from buying a second pair.

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