Big Moss Indoor Putting Green Review

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Big Moss makes some of the best indoor putting greens available.  Wide variety of sizes and shapes.  Excellent putting surface and ability to vary your practice.


Whether it’s because of a pandemic lockdown or just regular winter, a lot of golfers spend a good chunk of the year away from the course.  For us, getting more golf into our house is the obvious cure to the offseason blues.  A high quality indoor putting green, like those from Big Moss, is a great choice to both keep our sanity and improve our game.

Set Up & Ease of Use

My Big Moss Augusta V2 green arrived in a long, heavy, rectangular box.  Cutting it open, I found the carpet/green rolled up and wrapped in plastic along with a few small bags of accessories and an instruction manual.  I took everything down to my basement, where the green would live, and got to work.

After removing the plastic wrap, I laid out the major pieces: the green/carpet, the sloped foam that gives the cups depth, the backstop, and the chipping mat.  Assembly took about three minutes: put the foam down where you want the green, unroll the green on top of it, peg the backstop in place with the provided tees, and insert the cups.  It’s fairly intuitive, but the instruction manual is a nice confirmation that you’re doing it right.  Overall, setting up a Big Moss indoor putting green is easy and takes very little time.

I also want to note that the Big Moss green was perfectly flat right out of the box.  The green is heavy enough that it’s own weight holds it flat, so you don’t need to cover it with books and wait hours to start putting.  This is a major advantage over many consumer-grade putting greens.


If you practice your short game, you’re going to get better.  Scratch that.  If you practice your short game on a quality surface that provides realistic feedback, you’re going to get better.  Big Moss putting greens are some of the best, truest-rolling surfaces I’ve ever used.

While a great surface is a prerequisite, what really sets Big Moss apart is the variety of green shapes and sizes that they offer.  Whether you need something compact to fit discretely into an office or you want to turn your entire basement into a short game wonderland, Big Moss has something for you.  That ranges from a six foot long strip to the Long Putt 60 which is, you guessed it, 60 feet long!

The other thing that I’ve come to enjoy about Big Moss greens is the way they allow for variety in your practice.  Most greens are flat with a hole or two, full stop.  Big Moss goes beyond that.  First, they include hole reducers for each cup to dramatically raise the difficulty.  Second, Big Moss includes small foam pieces that you can use to create breaks or to compensate for the irregularities in your floor.  This alone adds nearly unlimited variety to your putting practice.  If that’s not enough, Big Moss also includes a chipping mat so you can work on your wedge game, too.  And there’s a backstop so you can chip and putt aggressively without fear of damaging your walls.


I’ve been using my Big Moss green almost daily for about a month and it still looks brand new.  More impressively, my Big Moss green has been living with a dog and two young children and still looks brand new.  Big Moss does recommend occasional vacuuming to keep it rolling true.

Beyond their quality, Big Moss greens rate high on longevity for being fun to use and offering a variety of practice options.  The mini-hole, the ability to set breaks, the inclusion of a chipping mat, the string drill kit, and the backstop all make Big Moss greens more enjoyable to use which means you will use them more.


Big Moss indoor putting greens range in price from $54 to $1,678.  The model reviewed here is the Augusta V2 which retails for $299 (details HERE).  At every size and price level, Big Moss is at least competitive on value and, in most cases, is the obvious favorite.


Whether you’re looking to make an indoor putting green the centerpiece of a room or add a small mat to your office, you need to consider Big Moss.  The quality of their putting surface is excellent, and their ability to put variety into your putting practice is unmatched.

Visit Big Moss HERE

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  1. Richard Nichols

    Can the green be used outdoors?

    • Matt Saternus


      Big Moss makes greens that work indoors and outdoors, but I don’t think the Augusta, shown in this review, is meant to endure outdoor conditions.


  2. Tom Fallin

    In 2014 y’all reviewed the Birdie Ball putting mat and seemed to have similar comments. Would it be possible to compare the two or indicate how they compare to the larger putting surface options in the marketplace?

    • Matt Saternus


      I thought the Birdie Ball mat was good until I saw Big Moss. There is no comparison. Big Moss rolls truer, lays flatter, looks better, and, though I don’t know this for a fact, I would wager a substantial sum that it will outlast the Birdie Ball mat. Thank you for reminding me about Birdie Ball, though, as I’ll add a link to point readers toward this better option.



      • Have you ever putted off StarPro Master Putting Turf? If so, how would you compare it to Big Moss?

        I have an indoor putting green I built using the StarPro MPT and for what the turf cost I’ve been sort of disappointed for a variety of reasons. I’d like to go with something different but hesitant to burn more money buying something that isn’t truly an upgrade.

        • Matt Saternus


          No, I’ve never used StarPro turf, at least that I know of. From what I see on their website, their turf appears to be more like astroturf whereas Big Moss is like a carpet.



  3. Kellen Stanger

    Thank You Matt for taking the time to review Big Moss Putting and Chipping Greens.
    True review companies like plugged in golf are appreciated by golfers everywhere to provide accurate reviews and critical information on potential equipment purchases.
    Thank You Again for what you do and how you do it !
    Quality is the #1 Goal in our manufacturing process. Big Moss Putting Greens are constructed to last even under extremely heavy use for years and provide the realism golfers demand in a practice green.
    Our Customers are our #1 priority and Pride ourselves on the Best Customer Service in the industry.
    Please share this offer to your subscribers
    Use Coupon Code (pluggedingolf15) for a additional 15% off and a Free Universal String Drill Kit with every purchase over 150.00 thru 3/31/21
    Thank You Again for your excellent review of Big Moss Golf!

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