Best-Putt Training Aid Review

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The Best-Putt training aid is a simple trainer that provides feedback on hand position.  Designed for use on the green but with possible applications throughout the game.


Every golfer has stood over a putt, felt uncertain about the read, and then made a jabby stroke.  The Best-Putt training aid aims to rid your putting of those short, stabby motions by giving your hands a target.  I tested one to see if it could help to smooth out my stroke.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The Best-Putt is ready to use right out of the box.  Simply clip it to your belt, set the angle, extend the arm and you’re ready to go.  Do note that you could clip this to your pocket, but it stays in place better when clipped to a belt.

In terms of ease of use, Best-Putt’s website illustrates one simple putting drill, but it begs for more creative applications.


The Best-Putt is designed to combat the jabby, recoil stroke that many golfers make on the putting green.  Your goal is to get your hands to the target in your follow through, ensuring that you’ve made a smooth putting motion.

On “normal” putts, I found it easy to get my hands to the target and keep them there for that beautiful, posed follow through.  When I set myself up on a short, downhill putt, this became much more challenging.  I found that the Best-Putt was effective at getting me to tighten up my back swing so I could make a positive, smooth stroke and hold the follow through even on slippery putts.

The other area where I found Best-Putt useful was on very long putts.  While I had no problem getting my hands to the target on long putts, the Best-Putt encouraged me to make a smoother stroke with less “hit.”  This smoother approach led to more consistent results and better contact on long lag putts.


Regular readers know that I place a high premium on portability.  Best-Putt is very small and light meaning it can live in your golf bag for easy access every time you practice.

The big issue for Best-Putt is that most golfers don’t practice putting, and Best-Putt works best on specific aspects of putting.  While I think most golfers can really benefit from Best-Putt, I’m skeptical about how much the average golfer would actually use it.


The Best-Putt retails for $40 through their website HERE.  For the serious player, this is a no-brainer: the cost is low and the potential gains are very high.


For the serious player who is seeking to get every last stroke off their handicap, the Best-Putt is a training aid that should be added to the bag.  For the recreational player that doesn’t take their putting seriously (no judgment, just know yourself), this will likely gather dust.

Matt Saternus


  1. Anthony Campbell

    Great review Matt. When I went to purchase Best-Putt, which I feel would improve my putting technique I couldn’t believe the postage charge. The item is £24.95 but the postage is £17.50 which is not far off the price of Best-Putt itself. I was keen to purchase this aid especially after your review but I will not pay £17.50 for an item that could be sent in a jiffy bag for a few pounds. Disappointing but I will wait until I can acquire it cheaper. Regards, Tony.

  2. Hi Anthony,
    We would like to contact you.
    Please send us an email to:


  3. Best putting training aid

    This is a fun but useful putting training aid that I have used for years. It doesn’t have any weights or anything else on it. It just has two golf balls balanced on each end, allowing you to practice making easy and perfect putts.

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