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The AXIUS Core is the best golf-related fitness device I’ve ever used.  In my top 3 recommendations for fitness, period.  Huge benefits to your golf game and your life.  The personal approach makes all the difference.


When it comes to golf equipment, a personalized club fitting is the best way to find what you need and see results fast.  The same is true with fitness and personal training.  However, personal trainers are cost-prohibitive for many people, and finding one who understands the golf swing is rare.  AXIUS Core aims to solve both problems through their unique blend of hardware, software, and one-on-one consulting.

Ease of Use & Set Up

When you unbox your AXIUS, you’ll find the AXIUS trainer, a device stand, a charging cable, a knee pad, and a small, inflatable ring.  The AXIUS comes with labels indicating where to plug in the power cable, how to turn it on, and where the Action Button is.

The AXIUS trainer is very easy to use and to understand.  It has a ring of lights around the ball in the center.  When it’s balanced, they’re all green.  As the board tilts, the lights turn yellow then red in the direction it’s tilting.  My only complaint about the device is that I would like a battery life indicator, but I’ve been able to get three workouts from a charge without issue, so this is a minor concern.

Much like Peloton, AXIUS Core has a hardware component and a training component.  On the training side, you’ll start by downloading the AXIUS app to your iOS device and scheduling your assessment.  The assessment is a one hour, one-on-one session with a TPI Level 3 Certified coach conducted over Zoom.  You’ll go through a series of movements and answer some questions so that your coach can personalize your workout program.  The assessment alone was extremely beneficial as it identified two areas of weakness and two areas lacking mobility, all of which contribute to problems in my golf swing.

After your assessment, your coach will send you three workouts per week.  Each workout takes roughly thirty minutes.  During each workout, you will get feedback from the AXIUS and you’ll be filming yourself with your device.  The AXIUS data and videos will go to your coach so they can dial in your workouts and provide feedback.

The Workouts

The AXIUS system is incredibly well thought out and fun to use.  The app explains things clearly with video demonstrations, and the Action Button keeps you from needing to interact with your phone during the workout.  Each workout has great variety – my workouts use each move just twice – so the half hour flies by.  There is no built-in rest, so you can pace the session as you see fit.

As much fun as the AXIUS device is, the real value is in the personal training.  My feedback always came within 24 hours, and the focus on form was a game changer for me.  Like most people, I’m typically thinking more about plowing through an exercise rather than having perfect form or muscle engagement.  You can’t get away with that on AXIUS.  The exercises are challenging and knowing that your coach will spot your compensations forces you to do things correctly.

The combination of feedback and unique exercises will improve your body awareness and control.  Some of the exercises are almost like Pilates or yoga in that you’re controlling a position rather than blasting through reps.  A number of these movements humbled me, and I loved it.  That’s how I knew my coach had found my weaknesses and was working to eliminate them.

Finally, I’ve learned from AXIUS how to engage my glutes to create stability in my lower body.  Tiger jokes aside, this has been a game changer.  The glutes are the largest muscle in the body, yet most of us aren’t using them at all.  If your core training stops at the abs, you’re missing a giant piece of the puzzle.


I cannot say enough about the results I got from AXIUS.  For context, I’ve been lifting weights for over twenty years and speed training on-and-off for eight.  There are no more “beginner gains” for me.  Yet somehow, after six weeks with AXIUS, I set a personal best for ball speed.

The real kicker is that I set that record without trying to.  There was zero pain or stress in the swing.  I won’t say it was effortless, but it felt safe, repeatable, and fairly easy.  And I did it despite the fact that I hadn’t done any speed training in over two months.  I can’t wait to see how high I can go when I pair AXIUS with in-season golf training.

AXIUS gives you the foundation to build your best, fastest swing.  Because I know that all of my strength and mobility concerns are being addressed, my body is able to give 100% without fear of injury.  If you’re speed training without a solid framework of strength and mobility, your gains will be limited and you’re more likely to get hurt.

Beyond golf, AXIUS has enhanced how I feel in everyday life.  All my lifts are stronger and feel safer thanks to the work I’ve done with AXIUS.  I feel more aware and in control of my body because of these workouts.


With 99% of fitness products, my longevity comments are, “This will work if you really want to put the time in.”  AXIUS is different because it has the built-in accountability of your coach.  You will get emails from your coach if you’re not completing your workouts.  However, this is unlikely because the workouts are fun, and it’s motivating to see improvement in your score and receive positive feedback from your coach.

Another factor in the excellent longevity is that the exercises can be scaled up and down for difficulty.  You can start an AXIUS Academy no matter how fit you are.  Also, your coach can challenge you no matter how fit you are.  Every time that I felt I had mastered a move, my coach kicked things up a level to keep me working hard.


An AXIUS Academy program costs $749.  With that, you receive the AXIUS Core unit and two months of personalized coaching.  You’ll start with the one hour assessment, do six weeks of personalized workouts before a follow up meeting with your trainer.  You can also just in for $1,249 to get a full year of personalized coaching.  After your initial period, you can continue personal training for $75/month or $720/year.

Either way, AXIUS is a sizable investment, but, for the golfer who is serious about their game and their fitness, it’s a huge value.  If think you can find a full year of personal training with a TPI Level 3 coach like Jackie DiMartino for $75/month anywhere else, you’re kidding yourself.

Want to try AXIUS Core before you buy?  Get a FREE one hour assessment HERE.


AXIUS Core is in that rare category of products that I would recommend to every golfer.  I cannot say enough positive things about what it’s done for my game and my fitness.  Whether you’re a gym rat or couch potato, if you want to play better golf with less pain, click that link below right now.


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  1. Thanks for the review! What else is in the top three fitness recommendations??

    • Matt Saternus


      For overall fitness, you can’t beat an Olympic bar and weights. Throw in a bench and a rack and you have 90% of all you’ll ever need.



  2. What are costs after the first 6 months?

    • Matt Saternus


      Here’s the info, straight from Brian at AXIUS:

      We offer 3 options to continue on with your custom subscription after the initial 6 months:

      Monthly: $50/mo
      Pre purchase 6 months: $40/mo
      Pre purchase 12 months: $30/mo

      However if they choose not to continue on with their subscription, they’ll still have access to there previously issued custom workouts and all other pre-loaded workout content will still be available (like our 10-minute golf warmup).

      They can also take a break after the first 6 months and pick up their subscription anytime in the future.



  3. Great review! This is a really interesting system. As an over 50 golfer I have been losing some swing speed. I recently started lifting weights more regularly and added some speed training and I’ve seen results. Sadly more power doesn’t mean a better swing. Not sure I play enough golf to invest in this, but it’s interesting enough I would consider it.

  4. Can theses exercise be done by someone who has multiple injuries. Neck fusion and total hip

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t want to speak beyond my competence, so my advice would be to get the free evaluation, talk to Coach Jackie, and get her educated opinion.



  5. Just signed up based on your review. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. Figured this is better than watching random Youtube videos for golf exercises.

  6. Todd Williams

    A little steep on the pricing. But it would be an investment into your health and golf game. #DoubleSecret

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