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The most interesting concept in golf bags: a bag built right onto a push cart.  Very well executed.  Extremely convenient and fun to use.

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Anyone who has ever used a push cart knows the hassles that come along with it: straps that don’t really hold the bag tightly, stand bag legs poking out at crazy angles, cart bags that don’t really fit, and pockets on the bag that become inaccessible, just to name a few.

But what if the bag was made just for the cart?  Better yet, what if the bag was part of the cart?

That merging of bag and cart is exactly what Alphard has done with the Duo.

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Aesthetically, the Duo is fairly conservative.  It comes in three colors, red, black, and navy, with minimal badging and ornamentation.

One cool feature about the Duo is that it can change color.  If you order the Duo in navy and later decide that you want to go with red, you can buy a red “skin” to swap with the one you have.

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The Duo’s handle can be adjusted into a wide variety of positions, making it comfortable for golfers of all sizes.  The “tilt” and height of the handle can be adjusted independently, which is a great feature.  Whether you’re very tall or very short, you can have flat console to keep your scorecard, drink, and small items on.

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Every aspect of the Duo is very well thought out, borrowing features from the best bags and carts and adding in some new innovations.

To start, the Duo offers lots of space and good organization.  There are 14 full-length dividers to keep your clubs separated and free of bag chatter.  Additionally, the Duo has 9 pockets including a velour-lined valuables pocket, large cooler pocket, and apparel compartment.

Adjusting the legs from “trunk” to “play” positions in quite simple: give the appropriate handle a 90* turn and push down/pull up.  That’s it.  Removing the back wheels to put it on a cart isn’t much more difficult: simply loosen two knobs and slide the wheel assembly off the rail.

The Duo also excels at delivering the little things that make a cart more fun to use.  As someone who never goes anywhere without a 1-liter Nalgene bottle, I find the adjustable drink holder is a major bonus.  The hand brake is conveniently located and operates smoothly.  Finally, Alphard has added a ball compartment and umbrella holder to the top of the bag.  While not game changers, they’re nice ways to keep things organized.

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On the course, the Duo is really fun to use.  The handle console is big enough to keep your score card, tees, rangefinder, and snacks at your fingertips.  The cart rolls smoothly and handles tough terrain easily.  Clubs come in and out without a wrestling match, and they refrain from banging into each other between shots.  And, of course, you get to skip all the normal push cart hassles: bag falling off, inaccessible pockets, etc.

Transporting the Duo is not much different than transporting a regular bag and cart.  The Duo is a bit heavier than an average cart bag, but not quite as heavy as a cart bag plus a push cart.  In terms of trunk space, the Duo is taller but, on the whole, requires less space than a separate bag and cart.

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Overall, I really enjoy using the Duo.  I found the experience to be a major upgrade over a round with a typical push cart.  If you are someone who pushes their bag for the majority of their rounds, I think the Duo merits serious consideration.

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Price and Availability

The Alphard Duo is available through Alphard’s website for $299.95.

Through January 31, 2014, they are offering free shipping on carts and accessories.

Matt Saternus



  2. Thanks Matt, Have to keep you guys on your toes…

  3. You should have gotten the P.I.G. bag done as a Duo instead of a staff bag. It would certainly make marketing easier!

  4. Good article. Have you done any other reviews of combo carts, like the Sun Mountain? Thanks. Ray

  5. Lloyd Carter

    I purchased the duo a couple of years ago. It has been a good bag until recently. The handle has broken, I have now tried three times to get information on a replacement. Twice by message like this and once by a phone call that no one answers. If anyone is considering buying this combination, think again. No service mean you have to go out and but a new bag and cart. For lack of service I don’t recommend buying this.

  6. Lloyd Carter

    I bought my DUO-Bag from Alphard about 3 years ago. As you can see I wrote a review on the 19th of Oct, 2019. It is now 10 days later and I have not been able to get the information needed to purchase a replacement for my broken handle. I did have an on-line chat but still no information. Service from Alphard is non-existent. I am beginning to have sympathy for thos like myself who have purchased this Duo-Bag. There are other parts like tires that will eventually need replacement. It looks like it will be impossible to order any broken or worn out part. DO NOT BUY this product.

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