Adidas Tour360 XT PrimeKnit Golf Shoes Review

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The Adidas Tour360 XT Primeknit golf shoes bridge the gap between traditional leather shoes and lightweight, contemporary knit shoes.  Great traction, waterproof, and very comfortable.


Knit shoes have been a major trend in the last couple years, not only in golf but across sports.  However, on the course, the comfort and light weight of a knit upper can be offset by a lack of waterproofing and traction.

Enter the new Adidas Tour360 XT Primeknit golf shoes.  With a fully waterproof upper and a sole built for extreme traction, it seeks to be a golf shoe free of compromises.


A lot of golf shoes go for a traditional or minimalist look.  The Adidas Tour360 XT PK is not one of those shoes.  This shoe has a bold, modern look that demands attention on the course.

Aesthetically, this shoe centers on the knit upper.  In the teal, shown here, it really pops with flecks of black and green.  If teal isn’t in your wheelhouse, there are two other colorways: light grey/white and dark grey/black.

When you get past the texture and color of the knit upper, your eye takes in a wealth of interesting details.  The Tour360 Wrap around the midfoot creates an unusual gap between the sole of the shoe and the sole of your foot.  The white Boost cushioning contrasts with the molded black plastic of the sole.  Finally, there’s the sock-like elastic around the ankle which gives a visual hint to how this shoe will feel on your foot.


Like most high quality knit shoes, the Adidas Tour 360 XT Primeknit feels great from the first time you slip it on.  It has a sock-like fit and feel that’s secure on your foot without creating any uncomfortable pressure points.

The fit of this shoe is standard – neither wide nor slim.  Because the upper is so soft, a slightly wider foot will be more comfortable in this shoe than a traditional leather shoe.

Adidas pairs the comfortable knit upper with their hugely popular Boost cushioning.  This was my first experience with Boost, and it did not disappoint.  When you step down, your foot feels cushioned from the impact, and there’s a bouncy feeling when you step up again.

Finally, I’ll note that the Tour360 XT PK has a medium heel height.  It’s neither a zero drop heel like a TRUE Linkswear shoe, nor a very tall, traditional heel like a FootJoy.


This shoe’s primary performance feature is right in the name: the XT stands for the X-Traxion lugs that give this shoe unbelievable grip.  The combination of replaceable cleats with the X-Traxion lugs puts the Adidas Tour360 XT PK at the top of the class when it comes to traction.  Even in soupy conditions, I could swing recklessly and not slip.

Speaking of wet conditions, the Tour360 XT PK is waterproof.  That seems impossible for a knit shoe, but it’s true.  I went so far as to dump a cup of water right onto the shoe, and my foot stayed dry.  I don’t know how this is possible, but I don’t need to understand it to enjoy the benefits.

When swinging, the combination of Primeknit upper and 360WRAP creates a feeling that is secure but unrestricted.  There’s enough structure in this shoe that it never felt sloppy, but my foot didn’t feel constricted either.  If you’ve shied away from knit shoes before because of concerns about lateral stability, the Adidas Tour360 XT PK is worth a look.


The Adidias Tour360 XT PK is one of the best golf shoes I’ve tested.  By pairing a knit upper with a sole built for extreme traction, Adidas has created a shoe free of compromises.  Add in the waterproofing and Boost cushioning and many will find this to be the perfect golf shoe.

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  1. Graham Simms

    How well did the shoes breathe?

    • Matt Saternus


      Relative to average golf shoes, very well. Because it’s a thicker knit, they breathe a bit less well than other knits.



  2. How do these compare to the Tour360 XT shoes?

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