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The Adidas ClimaChill golf shirts offer a clear advantage in the heat.  Sharp, modern style as well.


Over the last few years, golfers have discovered that their apparel can be as important to their performance as their clubs.  Golf apparel makers have responded with a wide variety of new materials and technologies to keep golfers playing at a high level in all conditions.  This year, Adidas introduced ClimaChill, their best-ever apparel for keeping cool in the heat.  I put ClimaChill to the test in hot, humid conditions to tell you whether this is a great way to beat the heat or just a bunch of hot air.

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Let’s cut to the chase: do the aluminum dots really make a difference?  Yes, they do.  Now, let me be clear: wearing a ClimaChill polo is not the equivalent of the Cold Water Challenge nor will it make Arizona summer feel like Chicago fall.  What it does offer is a short burst of cooling every time it comes in contact with your skin, kind of like a cool breeze.  It’s also important to note that the aluminum dots are not the only way that the ClimaChill polo works to keep you cool. These shirts also feature 360 degree ventilation to make them more breathable.

In terms of cut and movement, the ClimaChill polo that I tested was excellent.  While not super slim, the cut is definitely more athletic than some of the Adidas shirts of the past, and it’s clear that the shirt was built to move.  At no point in my rounds with this shirt did I feel any bunching, stretching, or hindrances to movement.

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Adidas definitely went all-in with their ClimaChill line, releasing eight different designs, each in at least two colorways, some with as many as nine.  Generally, the designs are conservative without being dull: clean shoulder details with minimal branding.  Their are some bolder striped options for those who prefer a “louder” look.

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The Adidas ClimaChill polos retail for $75 or $80, depending on the model.  This is pretty standard pricing for a golf shirt, and since this packs a little extra in the performance category, I think it’s a good value.

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If you’re looking for the best way to stay cool on the golf course this summer, the Adidas ClimaChill polos are the best that I’ve found.  The quick blast of refreshment that they deliver is a definite plus on those searing hot summer days.

Matt Saternus

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