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Abacus 37.5 Technology apparel is high performance golf clothing designed and built to help regulate body temperature.


Generally speaking, there isn’t a lot of tech that goes into apparel.  Is it made well?  Do I like the style?  Great.  Abacus’ 37.5 Technology is a little bit different.  What do coconuts, volcanoes, and flushed iron shots have in common?  Find out in this review.


I wasn’t familiar with Abacus before this review and it turns out they have a wide-ranging catalog of golf apparel.  This review is only for pieces featuring the company’s 37.5 technology.  However, the company’s style appears consistent across their range of offerings.

Modern, minimalist, sleek, and sporty are words that come to mind to describe the style.  I tested the Pitch waterproof jacket and Albatros polo.  The polo doesn’t have much to distinguish itself apart from the Abacus logo on the shoulder and the zip closure in lieu of buttons, which I’m not a huge fan of.  The jacket has a few more subtle details but still remains minimalist in nature.


The fit is on the slimmer side.  However, it’s important to note that the pieces I received were tagged UK/EU M / US S.  Typically I wear a M but need it to be a fairly trim fit.  In this case, I’m glad I chose the size I did because it fits very well, and I would have been swimming in it had I gone up a size.

Especially with the rain jacket, a slim fit is essential for feeling like you can still move through the swing athletically.  Not only does the body fit well but the sleeves are tailored in such a way so that they fit snugly without being skin tight.


In apparel, style is important, but the Abacus 37.5 technology pieces are all about performance.  And lucky for me, I got a rainy summer day on the course my first time out after receiving these two.  The shirt was very comfortable.  Perhaps it didn’t get hot enough (mid-high 70s) to tell the difference between it and a standard performance fabric, but it did its job nonetheless.

The rain jacket really impressed me.  First is the fit, which I mentioned above, but performs such an important function on an outer layering piece like this.  Second is the way the jacket handles rain.  As the photo above shows, rain beads up and is repelled instead of being absorbed.  I did feel noticeably cooler with the jacket on and zipped up than I have in other rain gear in warm weather in the past.  I was also pleasantly surprised to find a small cloth tethered to the inside of the right pocket, which I assume is intended to help keep your golf ball dry.

So what exactly is 37.5 technology?  According to Abacus: “patented active particles embedded in the material remove sweat in the vapor stage before liquid sweat forms, cooling you down.  When you’re cold, the same active particles trap your energy to help you warm up.  37.5 technology is built up from coconut shell and volcanic sand embedded at the fiber level meaning industry leading wicking properties keeping you comfortable and dry.  These properties will never wash out, unlike many other wicking treatments.”

abacus 37.5 technology golf apparel


Abacus 37.5 technology apparel are high quality, high performance pieces and they have a price tag to match.  The Pitch rain jacket checks in at just under $400 while the polo will cost you $140.  For golfers who aren’t worried about price if the performance and quality are right, Abacus and the 37.5 technology collection specifically are well worth seeking out.

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