5 Reasons Why the 10 Year iPhone Anniversary Matters to Golf

Sometimes it’s always amazing how time flies. I still remembered how Jack Nicklaus won the 1971 PGA Championship over Billy Casper just like it was only yesterday. Many of you might feel the same about Tiger Woods’ golden era just a few years back, and yet sometimes we wonder why a dull PGA season seems to take forever to finish. Time is an amazing relativity indeed.

This year, coincidentally, marks the 10th year anniversary of the iPhone. A lot of us might still remember how Steve Jobs did the unveiling back in 2007, an awe-inspiring moment matched by so few. You might ask me then: ‘Jordan, what’s the anniversary of iPhone got to do with golf? I want to read about golf!’.

Rest assured that on the contrary, this article will show you the 5 reasons why the 10-year iPhone anniversary matters to golf, and how to make the most of it. Let us begin by the first reason.

1.   The iPhone and Mobile Apps have changed the way we played golf

The iPhone was innovative in a lot of ways back then, but arguably, the most important innovation was the apps and the app store. The mobile apps changed the way we played golf in many ways.

  • Before the iPhone, we had to rely on the expensive and often unreliable handheld GPS system.
  • Besides Golf GPS apps, there are also various other useful apps like rangefinders, scorecard apps, tee time booking apps, and many more. Even apps to help you on the go solve common golf problems.
  • There are also a lot of golf games in the app store, which can be entertaining, as well as giving us some insights into the actual game

We definitely have to thank the iPhone for the innovation it brought to the market and to the way it affected the golf game.

2. Virtually Unlimited Storage for Course Maps

Before the iPhone, it was technically impossible to have a handheld device, even less a phone to carry hundreds of course maps at once.

Back then, we relied on paper maps where we would need one page for every shot. Think about it! It might be nostalgic, but I’m sure you will agree that those days were a hassle.

With the iPhone, you were now able to carry not just the whole course map, but hundreds of maps for hundreds of courses in a single device.

This versatility arguably has changed the game as a whole, increasing the overall knowledge of all players and improving the quality of the game. Now, in-depth course knowledge is not impossible for amateur players, as the benefits of a personal caddy can be replaced by the iPhone.

3. The Potential for Virtual Reality Golf

Virtual reality is and will be the next big thing in technology, and the effects will also extend to golf. While Apple hasn’t yet released their own VR headset, there are many third-party products that are compatible with the iPhone.

Here are some of the glimpses you can expect about the VR golf in the (very near) future:

HTC VIVE’s virtual golf shown how accurate (and entertaining) the game can be. The VR golf can be a decent way to practice and simulate your shots without leaving home.

Oculus Rift’s approach to virtual golf allows you to meet and socialize with other people with a very realistic on-course experience.

It is not impossible that in the near future, you will be able to do a very detailed practice run of any course in the whole world with the VR technology. A great way to enjoy and practice golf more

4. The iPhone will be the center of Internet of Things for Golfers

Familiar with the term internet of things? This term emphasizes on appliances and devices around us that can be interconnected through the internet, allowing both centralized monitoring and control from one or several devices.

How then, will it affect golf?

In the near future, our clubs will be connected to the internet, allowing real-time shot tracking and analysis. The balls will also be connected, allowing more precise positioning, integrated to our GPS apps.

In fact, this golf internet-of-things has already started. For example, Mobitee, previously a well-known Golf GPS app for iPhone and Android, has released their PIQ Sensor which can track your shots, swing, and on-glove rangefinder.

Microsoft is also currently developing a smart grip system with Bryson DeChambeau

As the iPhone is now at the center of drones and VR devices, it is clear that it will be involved in the Internet Of Things moving forward.

5. The iPhone Will Also Revolutionize How You Watch The Game

The revolution and evolution in technology will not only affect how we play the game, but will also give more options, versatility, and entertainment for viewers of the game.

The connectivity of smartphones, in particular the iPhone, will be at play here, allowing more data to be displayed real-time during live matches.

Of course, the idea of capturing data during live sports event is not new, and we have seen it evolved over the years. However, the richness and size of the data, and the speed of how it will be delivered will almost guarantee a revolution.

It is not impossible that in the near future, we can view the live heartbeat of Rory McIlroy during the Masters tournament, his blood pressure, and many more. It will change the way we view the game and will give us more insights and knowledge of how the pros actually perform.

Bottom Line

In many ways, golf is one of the most technology adaptive sports in the world. While many other sports are reluctant to receive change, golf has embraced technology so that the game has evolved to be better with each and every year.

During these past 10-years for the iPhone, we have seen how the phone itself and the apps technology have matured. We also have seen it got a serious contender in the form of Android phones. Yet, the iPhone and the mobile apps technology have arguably been the major evolutionary force for golf in the past decade. This has tremendously helped golfers around the world improve their golf skills.

Do you think the iPhone (or Android phones) and technology, in general, have improved the game? Do you have any other thoughts? Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below. We sure hope you enjoyed this article, and if you do, please do share it with your fellow golfers.

Jordan Fuller is a seasoned golf coach, always ready to help share his knowledge of the sport. Tired of seeing beginners face the same hurdles over and over again, he created his own online resource which you can check out at https://www.golfinfluence.com.

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  1. Jason Hans

    iphone golf range finder App –

    Pros: The cheapest, most accessible option of the three. Lots of different options in terms of available apps that include score/stat keeping.

    Cons: Slow, probably the least accurate option and a total battery killer. Not to mention how annoying it is to keep having to go back to your phone or the risk of losing your $500 smartphone which almost happened to me more than once.

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