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3 Things That Guarantee Better Golf

Guest Post by: Adam Young

I’m constantly thinking of ways of simplifying my message to golfers – this post basically boils down what you need to be working on into 3 simple keys.

I speak to average golfers every day – most of them are so frustrated because they simply have no idea what creates a good shot, or what will make them get better at golf.

I speak to advanced golfers every day – most of them have their heads filled with so much “swing stuff” that they have lost sight of what truly matters.

If you can link your good and bad shots to one of the following 3 things, golf becomes a lot less mysterious. 

Improve these things (below) and you are guaranteed to get better at golf. 


I’ve written hundreds of articles on this topic. Why? Because it’s so important.

In a well-struck iron shot from the grass, the ball will be struck first, and the ground will be contacted slightly after.

descending angle of attack with a golf iron shot

The above image shows the movement of the club (white line) – the ball is struck first, then the ground is struck later (pink).

If you don’t do this correctly, you will;

  • hit fats and/or thin/bladed/topped shots
  • have shots that will fall woefully short or go screaming over the back of the green
  • get lower/inconsistent back-spin

However, if you improve this key, those issues go away. 

perfect ground strike in golf versus fat shots

If your results look more like the right hand (orange) dispersion, you almost certainly have a ground contact issue.

In fact, this is probably the most common issue that the average golfer faces. In my experience, if I want to improve a golfer really quickly, we improve this key.

This is one of the reasons why The Strike Plan has been such a huge success with thousands of amateur golfers around the World.


If you improve your clubface direction at the point of impact, your shot direction will improve – guaranteed. 

A clubface could be presented either too open (to the right) or too closed (to the left). 

All else being equal, when the face is presented more to the right, the result will be more to the right (and vice versa) – a pretty simple equation.

But, doesn’t the swing path matter?

Sure – but a good clubface position at impact can make any (reasonable) swing path work – even if it’s not neutral.

In fact, most pros play with a fade or a draw, showing that you don’t need a neutral to play decent golf.

Besides, golfers usually have offline swing paths as a way of trying to compensate for a poor clubface. When the clubface improves, I often find the swing path improves too. 

Learning how to improve clubface control is covered in incredible depth in The Accuracy Plan.


Strike the sweet spot – we all know this one, right?

While this is one of the most obvious to many – very few players are actually able to identify what they are doing – until it’s too late.


I’ll often spray the face with some Dr Scholls foot-spray and within a few shots, golfers quickly realize why their shots haven’t been feeling so great, and have been lacking that “pop”.

If you don’t strike the sweet spot (or at least a consistent and functional part of the face), you will experience;

  • shorter distances 
  • wild inconsistency with the driver direction
  • those embarrassing shanks/toe shots that shoot 90 degrees right

And improving face strike quality is guaranteed to improve (or eliminate – in the case of shanks) the above.


This article is an awareness builder. The goal is to highlight to you 3 vital keys to help you get better at golf.

Sometimes, awareness alone is enough to start to move the needle in the right direction.

However, improvement in these areas can be massively sped up when you use;

  • Effective feedback (to allow you to identify what you are doing)
  • Skill development exercises
  • Technique changes that actually relate to your desired key
  • Concepts which develop a deeper understanding of these keys (golf IQ)

For that, I have developed 2 different programs to help you with all of the above.


The Strike Plan is great for those who have issues with face strike or ground contact. 

You will learn everything you need to hit the ball longer, more consistent distances, as well as get those pro-like flush shots more often.

Click the image below to learn more about the program.



If you suffer more with accuracy issues – slices/hooks/pushes/pulls etc and want to hit more fairways and greensThe Accuracy Plan is the perfect program.

In it, I show you everything you need to know to;

  • improve your clubface control
  • change your swing path (to turn slices into draws, or straighten out your hooks)
  • a unique strategy system to allow you to hit more greens 
  • get more accuracy-consistency with the driver
  • shape shots like the pros – so you can curve the ball around trees or out of trouble

Click the image link below to learn more about The Accuracy Plan.


If you want to improve but you’re not ready for one of my premium programs yet – why not get my FREE starter program. which includes a FREE Ebook and video series.

In it, I show you;

  • The one thing all golfers MUST improve if they want to get better
  • How to fix shanks and toe shots instantly
  • How to change clubface direction incredibly fast
  • How to change your swing path with very little technical thought
  • How to add speed in seconds to pick up yards
  • How to train better for improved on-course performance
  • A simple strategy to lower your scores the next time you play

All for free. Just click the image below to learn more

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    Just found you and enjoy what I have read so far. Right handed golfer with below the left knee amputation. Any suggestions?

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