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2024 Callaway Chrome Tour & Chrome Soft Golf Ball Review

50 Words or Less

The 2024 Callaway Chrome Tour has outstanding all-around Tour performance.  The Chrome Tour X raises the spin throughout.  Chrome Soft is the softest Tour ball with lower spin.


A few weeks ago, Xander Schauffele won his first major at the PGA Championship.  Among his complete set of Callaway equipment was the Chrome Tour golf ball [full WITB HERE].  Chrome Tour is a new name in the Callaway golf ball family, so I tested it alongside the new Chrome Tour X and Chrome Soft to see how these balls stack up to other premium offerings.


The Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls lives up to its name, continuing to be one of the softest Tour caliber balls available.   It doesn’t quite get into the uber-low compression, marshmallow feel, but it’s not far off.  This is enhanced by the quiet impact sound.

More prototypical Tour ball feel is found in the 2024 Callaway Chrome Tour and Chrome Tour X.  Callaway describes these two as “Medium” and “Medium Firm” respectively, which I think it fair.  The Chrome Tour is just barely on the soft side of Tour balls.  The Chrome Tour X is very close to the Chrome Tour, being just slightly firmer and louder off the putter.

Moving to the wedges and irons, the Chrome Soft is noticeably softer and quieter than its brothers.  It’s probably the softest Tour caliber ball off a wedge.  The Callaway Chrome Tour and Chrome Tour X are also on the softer side of the spectrum, but closer to other Tour balls.

Short Game

As you can see above, Callaway makes their Chrome golf ball line up easy to understand.  The Chrome Soft stands apart with its soft feel, Chrome Tour X is the higher spinning Tour ball, and the Chrome Tour sits in the middle.  I did my own launch monitor testing to see how those descriptions held up for me as a mid/high speed, lower spin player.

What immediately jumped out to me was the higher peak wedge spin of the Callaway Chrome Tour X.  It’s on the high end for spin among premium golf balls with a very slight edge over the Chrome Tour.  Where my results differed from Callaway’s is with the Chrome Soft.  I saw a measurable loss in spin – about 7% – compared to the 2024 Callaway Chrome Tour.  As always, your mileage may vary; my results are meant to be a starting point in your search for the best golf ball.

Long Game

For 2024, the Callaway Chrome Tour X has taken the place of 2022’s Chrome Soft X [review HERE] as the high spin ball.  This is true in the long game just as in the short game.  With the irons, it’s a few hundred RPM higher than the Chrome Tour and a bit above average overall.  This is why it earns the “High” rating from Callaway for Workability.  If you like shaping your shots or need more spin to hold greens, this is the ball for you.

The 2024 Callaway Chrome Tour golf ball is right down the middle in terms of Tour ball performance.  Callaway rates the long game spin as “Low,” but I would say it’s average.  This is a semantic difference – everyone says they make a “low spin” ball, so whether we call them all low or average, we’re saying the same thing.  I’ll also note that both the Chrome Tour and Chrome Tour X produce outstanding ball speed.

Finally, the 2024 Callaway Chrome Soft was the lowest spinning ball for me.  It’s measurably lower spin with the driver but noticeably lower with the irons.  This could be outstanding for the higher spin players.  Additionally, I found that at their best the Chrome Tour balls were a little faster (about 1 MPH) than Chrome Soft, but the Chrome Soft seemed to retain speed better on mishits.


In addition to covering a range of performance needs, the 2024 Callaway Chrome Tour and Chrome Soft golf balls come with several looks.  Each model is available in white, white with Triple Track, and yellow with Triple Track.  Callaway is also carrying forward their limited edition TruTrack balls with USA flags, major-specific designs, and more.  Whether you prefer something bold or traditional, the performance of the Callaway golf ball line up is worth serious consideration.

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  1. Rick Scott


    How does the Chrome Soft vs 2024 AVX play out?

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s an interesting and probably fairly close comparison. I don’t have any head to head data, but I can say the Chrome Soft feels definitively softer to me.


  2. Mike Rubin

    Nice review, can you share what your driver club head speed is. I think the softer compression CS fits the lower swing speed player, the tour balls best for those with a higher swing speed.

  3. Rus Jordan

    Hi Matt, thanks for the continued great reviews!
    Do you have any comparison data/thoughts between the new Chrome Soft and the new Bridgestone Tour B RXS? Thanks, Rus

    • Matt Saternus


      The Chrome Soft is softer feeling. Beyond that, I don’t have head to head data, but I think they’re going to be pretty similar for a lot of players.



  4. How was durability? I played Chrome soft X and that was pretty easy to nick.

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t had any issues so far. They withstood launch monitor testing well. I’ve only had a couple rounds on the course, so I can’t speak to how they endure sand and cart paths much.



  5. Bill Bamber SR.

    I am a Senior who well into his Senior years. In fact; “The Young Guns” say I’m older than Dirt!! Seems they are saying that more these day’s as they take my $$$. I do not like “Paying Out!!” & prefer “Paid In”. They Whine a lot!!!
    So what is Old Guy ‘To Do” & “What Ball To Play” who swings now on the Slower Side; under 80mph & sometimes get’s much lower than that. Then I start Swearing at Them & “The Ball!!”
    Your Help is required!!

    • Matt Saternus


      In this line up, I’d try the Chrome Soft. You should also check out the Bridgestone Tour B RX balls.


    • Bill, I’m only high 80s/low 90s swing speed and Ping’s Ballnamic suggested Chrome Soft X (the predecessor to Chrome Tour X). Slower speed guys may need more spin to keep the ball in the air. (It may be worth purchasing a sleeve to try).

  6. Played the Chrome Tour in Ireland, hit some really long drives with that ball and it was great in the wind, very penetrating. I played the Chrome Soft X LS before and I think the Chrome Tour is definitely an upgrade on that ball with the slightly softer feel.

  7. Roland Feery

    How about the Wilson
    Triad great ball for slower swing speeds

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