Wilson Staff FG Tour TC Wedge Review

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50 Words or Less

The Wilson Staff FG Tour TC Wedge is a really solid offering.  Two sole configurations and two finishes give you plenty of options.

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What makes a wedge attractive?  Spin?  The brand name?  Custom options?  Tour play?

If it’s any of those things, or all of them, the Wilson Staff FG Tour TC wedge should be popping up on some “want to bag that” lists.  With ample spin, major-winning heritage, two sole configurations, and a PGA Tour win to its credit, this wedge checks all the boxes.

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The FG Tour TC wedge is a classic, no-frills golf club.  At address, you see a leading edge that’s very slightly rounded and a similarly shaped toe.  The overall size of the club is average or slightly smaller than average.  On both the silver and black finish, the hitting area of the face is a slightly different color than the heel and toe which makes the club appear even smaller at address.

One additional note: the black finish is one of the most durable that I’ve ever used.  After numerous rounds and plenty of bunker shots, this club is still relatively free of the streaks and scratches that plague most dark finishes.

Update: New for 2015, Wilson Staff is making a blue version of the FG Tour TC wedge available.  This isn’t a boring old gun blue, but a real show stopper of a blue, as you can see a couple pictures up.   At address, the blue is still quite visible, but it’s something I could easily get used to.

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Sound & Feel

The FG Tour, the predecessor to the FG Tour TC, fooled me into believing that it was forged, and the TC can easily pull the same trick.  The feel is very soft and the feedback is good – qualities not usually associated with a cast club.

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Wilson Staff knows that spin sells wedges, so they went all out to make the FG Tour TC spin like a top.  They’ve milled “Tour-Y” grooves for consistent spin on full shots and laser-etched 11 micro-grooves between each groove to enhance spin on partial shots.  In my testing, I did find that the spin was very consistent from shot to shot and more than adequate to stop the ball on full or partial shots.  Even in the hands of higher handicap players, I found that the FG Tour TC helped to produce a little “tap the brakes” effect on straightforward chip shots.

The bigger story, in my opinion, is the sole.  The FG Tour TC offers two sole options: a wider Traditional sole and a Tour Grind sole.  The Tour Grind sole has an aggressive C-grind with relief in the heel, toe, and trailing edge.  The Traditional sole is going to offer more bounce, something that’s needed by players who are steep into the ball or who play in soft conditions.  The Tour Grind sole offers more versatility and will be a better fit for players who are shallow through impact.  All together, Wilson Staff offers 86 unique loft/sole/bounce combinations, so it’s a good idea to find a Wilson Staff fitter before choosing your wedges.

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There’s no reason that the Wilson Staff FG Tour TC wedge should not be on your short list the next time you need to replace your wedges.  It has a classic shape and excellent feel, plus there are two different finishes to suit your taste.  More importantly, the grooves are well-engineered to produce consistent spin, and Wilson Staff offers plenty of options for getting the right loft, bounce, and sole for your game.

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  1. I have always played Wilson irons – I love the new colors The blue is amazing

  2. Neil MacCormick

    The FG Tour TC 54* with 10* Bounce and True Temper Dynamic Gold Wedge shaft (S200?) has been an excellent club for sand bunkers, approach shots, whether a full swing or measured partial shots, and for chipping around the green. The Wilson Lamkin grip is very good as it marks 2 additional positions where your hands can grip (down) if required, unlike other grips that I am aware of. I can get sufficient height and backspin to stop the ball on the green on a full shot, if the green is soft enough, or maybe a couple of bounces, or you can run the ball for a long and short chips. In bunker sand and grass it is possible to open the blade of the club, but there is an occasional risk of thinning the shot if you aren’t careful with the bounce and the bottom of the club! Sadly, my golf Pro doesn’t sell Wilson equipment so I have been fitted into another brand, but had there been a choice available then I would love to have try them against the clubs tried and then purchased. Thoroughly recommended by me and great value as well.

  3. John Daigle

    I have always liked Wilson wedges and after I cut down on my playing, I wanted a scoring wedge to help
    make for all the greens I was now missing. I saw this TC 55-degree sand wedge in a store, bought it and
    it looks at the ball better and plays better than any of the many other ones I have. I always go back to it,
    even though I could do a lot more things with it than I do. It is good from grass or sand. I would like to get
    one with less loft, like 50 or 52 if anyone out there knows of one or a similar one.

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