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50 Words or Less

Whet Design is golf apparel that’s a step ahead in terms of style.  High quality materials and a tailored fit.


For the average golfer, words like “modern,” “tailored,” and “trendsetter” might set off warning flags, calling to mind skin-tight clothes meant for rail-thin models and audacious colors they simply can’t pull off.  Rest assured that despite the way the brand describes itself, Whet Design is not those things.  This Miami Beach company designs clothes that look great in many settings and are accessible to any player.

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Style & Fit

The first thing I noticed about the Whet Design golf shirts is that they live up to their “Slim Fit” billing.  I usually wear a medium, but I will opt for a large for some slimmer cut brands.  As you can see, I ordered these in an XL.  A large could work, but I would be a little concerned about hulking out and busting the seams.

The style of the Whet Design shirts is impeccable.  They’re modern without being pretentious and colorful without being gaudy.  The navy polo below is a perfect example.  At its core, it’s a plain navy golf shirt, but Whet Design makes it much more.  It starts with the four-button placket and continues to the white piping which gives it an asymmetrical look.  The logo on the color is a nice departure from the standard left breast logo, and the piping around the shoulders and back is only visible in profile or from the rear.  This shirt is a study in how little details add up to make something that’s miles from ordinary.

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As I’ve said in many apparel reviews, the performance of a golf shirt comes down to fit and materials, two areas that Whet Design aces.  The fit, as I mentioned, is definitely slim and tailored, and this keeps excess material out of your way.  You won’t be tugging on your sleeves before every shot or having a billowy midsection tangling up your follow through.

Equally impressive is the material used in these shirts.  The two polos that I tested feature a blend of pima cotton and polyester.  This material gives you a soft, high quality feel and moisture wicking combined with durability and stretch.  That translates into a shirt that you can wear comfortably in the heat of summer or during a cool fall round.

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At between $75 and $85 per shirt, Whet Design is right in the heart of the market for golf apparel.  To me, these shirts are far better than their “big name” peers in terms of quality and style making them a solid value.

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Whether you’re looking for apparel that can transition from the tee box to a night out or simply looking to wear something different than everyone else, Whet Design deserves serious consideration.  Their apparel is stylish without being trendy and extremely high quality.

Matt Saternus

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