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The Walk18Golf golf bag harness makes it easier to carry your bag on the course.  Installation can be time consuming and may involve permanent modifications to your bag.


Golf bag shoulder straps have evolved tremendously over time.  Where single straps were once the only option, double straps are now the norm, including some systems that very closely approximate a backpack.  The Walk18Golf Harness takes things up another level, distributing the load evenly and making your walk more comfortable.

Set Up

Connecting the Walk18Golf Harness to your bag isn’t difficult once you know what to do.  They’ve created a page of videos (HERE) that explains how to set it up with different types of bags.

For the Shapland bag (review HERE), that you see in these pictures, it was easy because the standard straps clip off in the same way that the Walk18Golf Harness clips on.  For other strap styles, it can be a bit more complicated and may involve cutting the straps if you have a PING Hoofer.

Once the harness is installed, you can adjust the shoulder straps and waist belt to customize the fit.


The primary reason to use the Walk18Golf Harness is that it distributes the weight of the golf bag more evenly across your body.  If you’ve ever carried a high quality hiking backpack, you understand how valuable that waist belt is in taking the load off of your shoulders.  If you enjoy walking the course but are feeling worn down by the weight of the bag, this is a great option.

Adding the Walk18Golf harness does add a noticeable amount of weight – the harness itself weighs about three pounds.  However, when you’re wearing the harness, the bag feels lighter on your back than it would without the harness.

As someone who usually can’t be bothered to wear both straps on a standard carry bag, I was curious how easy it would be to slide this on and attach the waist belt.  I found that the Walk18Golf harness made it very easy to slide both shoulders in, and the waist belt connects with minimal effort.  Where they really nailed the design is in the way the waist belt comes off.  It takes just two fingers to pop it open so the bag comes off your back quickly and easily.


With a retail price of $180, the Walk18Golf Harness is not a small investment, but in time it can pay for itself with the cart fees you save.  If you’re currently avoiding walking the course because of the wear and tear of carrying your bag, this is an option worth considering.

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  1. Mark Benjamin

    Walk18 is game changer for golfers that like to walk .
    The payload that’s taken off your shoulders is a advantage when finishing strong down the home stretch.
    I recommend this product for any golfer that enjoys walking as the game was intended to be played.
    Hit em straight!
    Caddie at Pebble Beach Resorts

    • Dave Grill

      I love to walk and carry my golf bag but my 59 year old back just about had me convinced that those days were over. I discovered the Walk18 harness at the Portland Golf Show in February. I’ve been able to play several rounds since then and it truly is an amazing device. Absolutely no back issues, in fact, any thoughts of using a cart are gone. Installation was a breeze. The double strap, solid back support and waist strap distribute weight evenly and help support your posture. I highly recommend the Walk18 harness for anyone who enjoys walking the course. It’s a great quality product.
      Dave Grill
      The Delta Putt

  2. It’s a great idea come to life.

    I already have a Sun Mountain Zero G 3.5 bag and it is a similar concept. The belt works well. This Walk18 Harness is a more complete version and I wish them luck saving our collective backs.

  3. At that price it would be hard to justify over a really good push cart. Which would you go with?

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s a really fair point. To your question, it just depends what you like to do. Some people don’t find push carts to be comfortable, plus a cart does limit where you can walk. Also, a push cart is another piece of gear you need to bring along, load in and out of the car, etc. If I was a devoted walker who suddenly couldn’t carry, I would probably go Walk18. If I was someone trying to get out of the riding cart more often, I’d probably try a push cart since that more likely fits the type of bag I already have.



  4. Mike Lien

    My golf activity takes me several different directions 1) As a golf course rater, I prefer to walk a course to experience all the design aspects the course may have to offer…golf senses and instincts don’t react well to golf cart use. In playing so many different types of golf courses along with traveling, a pull cart just isn’t an option. 2) As a College Prep Golf coach, I prefer to walk along with my team during playing lessons, work on shots, strategy, etc. and they must all carry their bags during practice and competitive play. With limited van space, pull carts are also not an option. 3) As a competitive player, I’ve always played my best golf when walking. I believe I’m more fully engaged and with a pure walking cadence, it simply allows me to strategize and execute more completely, while also allowing me to let the bad ones go much easier when I walk them off, not bleeding into my next shots. So when I came across the Walk 18 harness, I first thought of my team and how to keep them fresh throughout their entire round including down the stretch when fatigue has a way to creep in and negatively effect their games. I certainly found that to be the case for myself especially if I was packing the bag a little heavier with extra weather gear, food/drink, etc. What I found most ingenious about the design, is that when using the Walk 18 harness it actually improved my posture. I believe this has to do with the redistribution of weight the harness system provides…this is why not only does my golf bag feel like it’s only half the weight or less, but I’m able to walk much more freely and can’t wait until more daylight will allow me to walk 36! The quick eject waist latch is just an added feature to the thoughtful ingenious. I literally installed the harness to our Ogio team bag in less than a couple minutes with the existing D-rings on the bag.
    Thanks Walk 18 for bringing a solution to our sport and supporting golf in the healthiest way….by keeping us walking!

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