Tour Edge HL4 Fairway Wood Review

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The Tour Edge HL4 fairway wood pairs high performance and custom fitting with a very affordable price.  Incredibly easy to launch.  A flat-out great club at any price.


Custom fitting has tremendous benefits, but it can also be very expensive.  Tour Edge aims to deliver those benefits to golfers without the high cost through their new HL4 line of clubs.  Encompassing everything from drivers through irons, the Hot Launch 4 line can be custom fit and shipped direct to the golfer within 48 hours, all at prices far below most off the rack clubs.  For this review, I tested the HL4 fairway wood to see how it stacks up to its pricier peers.


The Tour Edge Hot Launch 4 fairway wood has a slightly above average size at address.  Similarly, its face is a bit taller than most, particularly in the toe.  This larger head and taller face will make some golfers feel a bit more confident at address.

Overall, the fit and finish of the HL4 is top shelf.  There’s nothing about the look of this club that would indicate its price is half that of other leading fairway woods.

Sound & Feel

The Tour Edge Hot Launch 4 fairway wood has a quiet impact sound that’s prototypical of a fairway wood.  Contact sounds high pitched and metallic, the classic “tink” that I’ve always associated with this club type.

Despite the big club head, the HL4 provides very good feedback through the hands.


First impressions are important, and no club in recent memory has come out of the gates like the Tour Edge HL4 fairway wood.  As I’ve said many times, I’m no Henrik Stenson.  Fairway woods tend to launch too low and be too inconsistent for me.  However, my first swing with the HL4 produced a shot that looked like a driver shot off a tee.  It hit the back net of the range (approximately 240 yards) with plenty left in the tank.  I was gobsmacked, and I spent a good thirty seconds looking around wondering whether I had slipped into the matrix.

While not every shot was that good, the HL4 fairway wood was consistently launching higher than any fairway wood I’ve ever hit.  That translated to more consistent carry distance.  What was also impressive is that, despite the high launch, the ball flight was strong.  Even cut shots failed to balloon into the wind.

As if great performance at a low price wasn’t enough, Tour Edge offers custom fitting on the HL4 fairway wood, too.  There are over 750 custom fitting centers across the US where you can dial in the specs that will suit your game.  What’s more, once your specs are received by Tour Edge, they will build your club in Batavia, IL and ship it out within 48 hours.

The Tour Edge HL4 fairway wood is available in two different configurations.  The standard model, seen here, comes in 15, 17, 19, and 22 degrees.  There is also an Offset model, designed to fight a slice, that’s available in 15.5, 19.5, 22.5, 24.5, and 26.5 degrees.


Do not be fooled by the budget-friendly price tag: the Tour Edge HL4 fairway wood is a great club that deserves serious consideration from all players.  It’s incredibly easy to launch and packs plenty of ball speed and distance.  Add the custom fitting options to that mix and you have a club that stands alone in the current market.

Tour Edge HL4 Fairway Wood Price & Specs

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  1. The whole HL4 line has my attention. I hope to be getting a new driver soon as well as irons and these are on the radar.

  2. I bought a HL3 4 wood to replace my 3 wood and my 5 wood
    That wasn’t a good experience put both my xr16 back in the bag.
    Maybe this years model is better.

  3. I have the HL2 and HL3 fairway woods and they are wonderful clubs, yet my favorite and longest is the tour edge EX9 long 3 wood. It beats many other top name brands I’ve tried!

  4. I have been tour edge man from beginning. My first new set was Bazooka. I purchased hl4 for Christmas Love them. Got fitted for hl4 3 hybrid, fairway 3 and driver this weekend can’t wait. Keep up great work excellent service Rusty in Texas
    Great p price..Tour Edge for Life⛳

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