Tour Edge Exotics EX9 Hybrid Review

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50 Words or Less

The Tour Edge Exotics EX9 hybrid is a great hybrid if you want to hit high launching shots that move almost exclusively right to left.  Big time ball speed and forgiveness.


Tour Edge Exotics has a problem.  Ask a golfer who is knowledgeable about equipment, and they’re sure to know TEE.  Among casual golfers, however, the brand is not a household name.  That may start to change as a result of the excellent, and affordable, EX9 hybrid.

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The shape of the Tour Edge Exotics EX9 hybrid is quite unique.  From heel to toe it looks quite small, but it’s very large from front to back.  This, combined with a slight pear shape, almost make it look more like a better player’s 7 wood than a modern hybrid.  There is an Exotics “E” on the crown as an alignment aid, and it accurately marks the sweet spot which is distinctly toward the heel.

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Sound & Feel

Given Tour Edge Exotic’s reputation as a fairway wood company, I was expecting the EX9 hybrid to have more of a metallic, “ting” to it, but, in fact, this club feels much more like an iron.  The feel is very solid and the sound is quiet with only a little metallic characteristic to it.  What is not surprising is the lack of feedback – clubs this forgiving usually make pure shots and mishits feel quite similar.

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There are two key technologies at work in the Tour Edge Exotics EX9 hybrid: the maraging steel cup face with improved Variable Face Thickness and the SlipStream sole.  When put together, they equate to massive distance.

The main benefit of the new face is forgiveness.  With the face being thicker in some areas and thinner in others, it provides high ball speed even when you miss the sweet spot.  That isn’t to say that there’s no penalty for mishits, but they are minimal.

The visible tech is in the SlipStream sole.  First used on in one of Tour Edge’s limited edition, high dollar fairway woods, this design is now available in many Tour Edge clubs.  The goal is to minimize friction with the turf thus generating more club speed and more ball speed.  While there’s no way for me to test the effectiveness of the SlipStream sole, I will say that the club feels like it coasts along the turf more easily than other clubs.

Ultimately what you get from the Tour Edge Exotics EX9 hybrid is a club that is very forgiving and long, launches easily in the air, and promotes a strong right-to-left ball flight.  For the vast majority of golfers, those are all very good things.

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The Tour Edge Exotics EX9 hybrid can hold its own, or blow past, virtually any hybrid on the market today, and that’s particularly noteworthy given the price.  As many other companies push the prices of hybrids well north of $200, the EX9 hybrid can be in your bag for $160.  A big hat tip to Tour Edge for not only making a great club, but for keeping it affordable.

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  1. Hi, how are these at holding the green? Missing greens in regulation kills me and has since I ditched my CPR hybrids years ago. Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      This is a mid-launching hybrid. If you need higher launch and spin, pairing it with the right shaft can help.



  2. Thanks Matt, I actually tried the Ping G30 Hybrid and they are really nice. I don’t think you can miss hit those! Lol

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