Test & Review the Nippon Modus 3 Hybrid Shaft

Test the Nippon Modus 3 Hybrid Shaft

What’s the best option for a hybrid shaft – graphite or steel?  Why not both?

Nippon’s Modus 3 Hybrid Shaft uses a combination of graphite and steel to provide the ultimate in performance and feel.  Want to learn more?  Check out our review of the Nippon Modus 3 Hybrid shaft HERE

We’re offering four Plugged In Golf readers the chance to upgrade their hybrid with the Modus 3 Hybrid shaft.  To make things even better, Club Champion will re-shaft your hybrid for you so that you know the club will be built to perfection.  Find the details for entry below.

How to Enter

Step 1: Post a comment.  Your comment must include your name, your nearest Club Champion location, handicap, current hybrid, and the shaft flex that you’d like to receive.

Learn more about the Nippon Modus 3 Hybrid shaft HERE

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That’s it!  On Friday, July 24, we will contact four golfers via email, so keep an eye on your inbox.

The winners will be expected to test the Modus 3 Hybrid Shaft and fill out a short questionnaire about how it performed.  Those answers will be shared on PluggedInGolf.com.

The shaft is yours to keep.


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  4. If you do not enter your correct email address, we will not be able to contact you, so you won’t be able to win.
Matt Saternus


  1. Name: Tim Buma
    Club Champion: Bedford, MA
    Handicap: 4.3
    Current hybrid: Titleist TS3 with graphite design ADDI 95x.
    Shaft flex: Tour Stiff

  2. Dan, Bellevue Wa, 2.6 index, cobra f7 3/4 hybrid, I’d like the X flex.

    • Adam Tremaine

      Adam Tremaine
      Nearest Club Champion store: Edina, MN
      HC: 5.8
      Rockin an old school Titleist 909H
      Flex: Stiff

  3. Colin O'Neill

    Name: Colin O’Neill
    Club Champion: Rockville, MD
    Handicap: 7.0
    Current hybrid: Taylormade M3 19 degree with Aldila NV 2KXV Green 75X.
    Shaft flex: X-Stiff

  4. Jim Rosteck

    Jim Rosteck, Rio Vista CA – closest Club Champion Blackhawk CA
    Current club is TaylorMade M2 with Fujikura Pro 63H Regular from Club Champion
    HCI is 12.0
    Would like to test senior flex or regular

  5. John Wentworth

    Name: John Wentworth
    Club Champion: Philadelphia PA
    Handicap: 12
    Current Hybrid: Taylormade RBZ
    Shaft Flex: X or TX

  6. J.B. Cobb III

    J. B. Cobb III
    Raleigh, NC
    26 HDCP
    Ben Hogan VKTR

  7. Seth Peterson

    Seth Peterson
    Club Champion: Victor, NY (closest)
    White Plains, NY (further but been to twice)
    Handicap: 6.8
    Current club: tour edge cbx 17* with stock Kuro Kage or x-forged UT 18* project x 6.0
    Desired flex: tour s

  8. vincent villegas

    Vincent Villegas
    Cherry Hill NJ
    HCP 14
    Tmag Rescue 2011

  9. Andrew Bogren

    Name: Drew Bogren
    Club Champion: Willowbrook, IL
    Handicap: 14
    Current Hybrid: Taylormade SIM Max 19*
    Shaft Flex: Stiff

  10. Craig Goodwin

    Craig Goodwin
    Club Champion: Roseville, CA
    12 index
    Hogan VKTR 19 and 22 degrees.
    Stiff flex

    Play Modus 105’s in my present irons.

  11. Mike Farley

    Michael Farley
    San Francisco, CA nearest Club Champion is in San Carlos
    Handicap 1
    Current hybrid Titleist H2 17 degree with Tensei white x flex 90 gram
    Would like to try the x flex

    • Matthew A Alt

      Matthew Alt
      Mechanicsville, VA closest Club Champion Richmond, VA
      Handicap 9.5
      Current Hybrids 3 and 5 Ping G410 with Graphite Design AD IZ 85 S (fitted and built by Club Champion as is my whole bag)
      Shaft Flex S

  12. Kyle Hershberger

    Kyle Hershberger
    Omaha, Nebraska
    GHIN 13.4
    Tour Edge EXS 19*

  13. Jim Pecoraro

    Name: Jim Pecoraro
    Club Champion: Willowbrook, IL
    Handicap: 6.0
    Current hybrid: Taylormade R15, Fujikura Speeder Stiff 77
    Shaft flex: TX

  14. Joshua Kim

    Name: Joshua Kim
    Club Champion: Buford, GA
    Handicap: 7.0
    Current Hybrid: Titleist 818 H1 w/ Tensei CK Pro White
    Shaft Flex: Stiff

  15. Ryan Colvin

    Ryan Colvin
    Srixon Z U85 Aldila RIP 115TX
    Modus Tour X

  16. Travis Smith

    Name: Travis Smith
    Club Champion: Indianapolis, IN
    Handicap: 9.7
    Current Hybrid: Taylormade SIM Max 19* w/Fujikura Atmos Black Tour Spec 9X
    Shaft Flex: TX

  17. Joe Frigo
    Willowbrook, IL
    HC: 6.4
    Hybrid: Cobra Speedzone
    Flex: Tour Stiff

  18. Jeff Houglum

    Jeff Houglum
    Nearest CC Edina, MN
    HC: 8
    Titleist 818H1 21*
    X Flex

  19. Justin Morphew

    Name:Justin morphew
    Club champion: Brandon Fl
    Handicap: 4.3
    Current hybrid: Taylormade RBZ tour
    x-stiff flex


    Michael Weaver
    HCP: 4.8
    Club Champion: Highlands Ranch, Co
    Current: Ping G410 19* w/ EvenFlow Black 85g 6.5x
    Shaft Flex: X , 101g

  21. Matt McKown

    Matt McKown
    Club Champion: Fort Worth, TX
    Index: 0
    Bridgestone J15 with Graphite Design YS-Hybrid

    Flex: X

  22. Karl Kurz

    Karl Kurz
    Bellevue, WA
    HDCP 6
    Miura HB-3

    • Craig Lange

      Name: Craig Lange
      Club Champion Location: Philadelphia, PA
      Handicap: 14.3
      Titleist 818H1 21*
      Stiff Flex

  23. Skylar Steel

    Skylar Steel
    Club Champion: New Orleans, LA
    Handicap: 4.6
    Current Hybrid: Titleist 818 H2 17* With Tensei CK pro white 90x
    Nippon Shaft flex: Tour Stiff or X

  24. Trevor Ronholm

    Trevor Ronholm
    CC: Edina, MN
    Handicap: 8.7
    Current Hybrid: 19 degree Callaway Rogue, Blue evenflow shaft, stiff.
    Try: XStiff

  25. Jason Newsome

    Name: Jason Newsome
    Club Champion: Hilton Head, SC
    Handicap: 5.6
    Current hybrid: TaylorMade SIM Max with HZRDUS Black X flex
    Shaft flex: X-Stiff

  26. michael cacace

    Name: Michael Cacace
    Club Champion: Hackensack, New Jersey
    Handicap: 5.9
    Current Hybrid: Titleist TS2 with Aldila Rogue Black Msi 95
    Shaft Flex: X-Stiff

  27. Shane Abad

    Name: Shane Abad
    Club Champion: Los Angeles, CA
    Handicap: 9.6
    Current hybrids: Callaway Super Hybrid (17º w/UST Recoil ZT9 F4) and Ping G25 (20º w/Ping TFC 189 R [tipped 1″] )
    Shaft flex: Stiff

  28. Brian O'Neill

    Name: Brian O’Neill
    Club Champion: White Plains, NY
    Handicap: 12
    Current Hybrid: Taylormade SIM Max 19*
    Shaft Flex: X

  29. Robert Lyman

    Name: Rob Lyman
    Club champion: Cherry Hill ,NJ
    Handicap: 12
    Current Hybrid: Ping G25 20 and 23 degree w Ping tour 85
    Shaft flex: stiff

  30. Derrick L

    Name: Derrick
    Closest Club Champion: Bellevue, WA
    Handicap: 22.4
    Current Hybrid: 3H and 4H Sim MAX with Matrix Ozik 85S
    Shaft Flex: S
    I love Nippon shafts, play the 950s in my irons.

  31. Rob O’Dwyer

    Name: Rob O’Dwyer
    Club Champion: Flatiron, NY
    Handicap: 10.2
    Current Hybrid: Ping G410 w/ Obama Revenge
    Shaft Flex: Stiff

  32. Eric Dryer

    Name: Eric Dryer
    CC: Portland Or
    Handicap: +1
    Current Hybrid:TM P790 3i w/ Tensei Pro White Hyb 95g
    Shaft Flex: TX

    • Rich Park
      Club champion: Syosset, NY
      HCP: 10
      Current hybrid: Callaway Big Bertha OS with Accra Dymatch 2.0 MT, M4 flex
      Requested G.O.S.T. Flex: Stiff

  33. Richard Markiewicz

    Name: Richard Markiewicz
    Club Champion: Needham, MA
    Handicap: 16
    Current Hybrid: Titleist 818 H2
    Shaft Flex: Stiff

  34. Dave Sanguinetti

    David Sanguinetti
    Club Champion- Walnut Creek, CA
    HDCP- 10.7
    Adams XTD-TI with Aerotech Gener8
    Flex R

  35. Andrew Delorey

    Name: Andrew Delorey
    Club Champion: Needham, MA
    Handicap: 5.9
    Current Club: Srixon u85 ust recoil 95g
    Shaft Flex: S

  36. Mike ODonnell

    Mike ODonnell
    Club Champion Dan Diego
    HCP 8
    Current Hybrid – Callaway Mavrik Pro 18 degree with KBS Proto Hybrid 80 Gram
    Stiff Flex

  37. Jeff Kuhns

    Jeff Kuhns
    CC: Fairfax, Va
    Handicap: 9.8
    Ping G410

  38. Matt LaRoy

    Matt LaRoy
    Willowbrook, IL
    Ping G410 17 degree

  39. Aaron Lee

    Name: Aaron Lee
    Club Champion: Scottsdale, AZ
    Handicap: 13.5
    Current hybrid: Cobra King F9 17* Fujikura Atmos Black
    Shaft flex: X-Stiff

  40. Name: Mike Chen
    Club Champion: Danville, CA
    Handicap: 8.8
    Current Hybrid: Titleist 915 H1 with Evenflow black handcrafted 6.0 75
    Shaft Flex: Stiff

  41. Ed Mielke

    Name: Ed Mielke
    CC: Edina, MN
    HCI: 5.8
    Hybrid: TaylorMade SIMmax
    Flex: Stiff

  42. Max Montgomery

    Name: Max Montgomery
    Club Champion: San Carlos, CA
    Handicap: 5
    Current hybrid: PXG Gen 2 17* Fujikura Pro 2.0 8x
    Shaft flex: X

  43. Ben Lenet

    My nearest Club Champ, the Ohio St location in Chicago, is 15 minutes away. I’m a 3.4 hdcp and I’d love to try the x flex in my Srixon H85 2 hybrid.

    Ben Lenet

    • Dave Anderson

      Name: Dave Anderson
      Club Champion: Oklahoma City, OK
      Handicap: 4
      Current hybrid: Ping G410 4 hybrid 22°
      Shaft flex: S

  44. James Nasella

    Name: James Nasella
    Closest Club Champion: Schaumburg, IL
    Handicap: 8
    Callaway ApexUT 24* with N.S. PRO 950GH UTILITY
    Shaft Flex: S

  45. Christopher Kim

    I’m a 15 Handicap, playing a Titleist 818 H1. Woulld love to try this shaft in a tipped, R Flex.

  46. Dan Humboldt

    Name: Dan Humboldt
    Club Champion: Atlanta, GA
    Handicap: 1.6
    Current hybrid: taylormade m1 with fukijuka x stiff shaft
    Shaft flex: Extra stiff

  47. Adam Miller

    Name: Adam Miller
    Club Champion: Syosset NY
    Handicap: 2.8
    Current hybrid: PXG 0317x with aldila tour green
    Shaft flex: Tour Stiff

    • I love the Nippon Modus 3 Tour 105 iron shafts and have been struggling to find a hybrid shaft that has similar characteristics. I do play utility irons (19*) and end up replacing the graphite with steel for the very reason you’ve pointed out in your article. Still, with my regular hybrids, I struggle to find a solid solution to the conundrum. Going extra stiff, or into a heavier shaft just doesn’t give me the trajectory and feeling I seek. I so want my hybrids to be more in harmony with the rest of my clubs, and maybe Nippon has found the solution. Maybe these could would work in utility/hybrid irons with the right tip diameter?

      Club Champion: White Plains NY
      Hcp: +2.3
      Hybrids: Titleist 818 H1 and PXG 0317x gen 2
      Flex: Stiff

  48. Garen Eggleston

    Garen Eggleston
    Columbus Ohio
    Currently 12.4 index
    Titleist 918

  49. David Kim

    David kim
    2.5 GHIN
    Club champion dallas, TX
    Titleist 818h2 with fujikura speeder hb 8.8 stiff
    I would like stiff flex.

  50. Paul Bernstorf

    Paul Bernstorf
    Closest club champion is Owings Mills, Md
    Handicap: 1.4
    TaylorMade rocketballz 2 regular flex

  51. Tyler Fitch

    Tyler Fitch
    Handicap: 10
    Closest club champion: Louisville KY
    Taylormade burner rescue 19 degree
    Regular stiff

  52. Matthew Alt

    Matthew Alt
    Mechanicsville, VA closest Club Champion Richmond, VA
    Handicap 9.5
    Current Hybrids 3 and 5 Ping G410 with Graphite Design AD IZ 85 S (fitted and built by Club Champion as is my whole bag)
    Shaft Flex S

  53. Ryan Johnson

    Thanks for doing this guys!

    Name: Ryan Johnson
    Closest Club Champion: Cary, NC
    Handicap: 11
    Hybrid: TM M2 3 hybrid (2017) w/ stock shaft
    Shaft flex: Stiff

  54. George Nix

    Count me in to review the new shaft
    George Nix
    Buford, GA
    Titleist H818

  55. Kevin Brown

    Kevin Brown
    Club Champion Milwaukee, WI
    Handicap 10
    Callaway Epic 3&4
    I’d like to test a Regular flex

  56. Barrett
    Natick Ma
    Adams hybrid stiff

  57. Allan Kim

    Allan Kim
    Hackensack, NJ
    13 Handicap
    Nike Vapor Flex 3 hybrid Fujikura shaft
    Stiff flex
    Appreciate the opportunity 😎👍

  58. Bob Fleischer

    Name: Bob Fleischer
    Closest Club Champion: Hackensack, NJ
    Handicap: 17
    Ping G
    Shaft:: Alta 70 Regular

  59. Steve Maragakes
    Philadelphia, PA
    Handicap 8
    PING OEM R Flex, Graphite 22, 26, 30 Degree
    Would love to try this shaft in my high lofted hybrids to bring down ball flight

  60. Lauren Kempf

    Name: Lauren Kempf
    Club Champion: Schuamburg, IL
    Handicap: 5.9
    Current hybrid: Tour Edge EX 10 with ACCRA FX 2.0 100H60 M2
    Shaft flex: Regular

  61. bob stelben sr.

    Nearest Club Champion is White Plains NY-214 Main Street
    I am a 15 with a Ping hybrid and a regular shaft (TFC 100)

  62. Zane Tallant

    Name: Zane Tallant
    Club Champion: Baltimore, MD
    Handicap: 2.8
    Hybrid: Srixon u65 18* UST Recoil Proto
    Shaft flex: Tour Stiff

  63. David Rafus

    Name: David Rafus
    Club Champion: Jacksonville, FL
    Handicap: 14
    Current Hybrid: Ping I-15 with stiff UST Proforce
    Nippon Request: Stiff

  64. Sam Argersinger

    Name: Sam Argersinger
    Club Champion: Detroit, MI
    Handicap: 2.0
    Current hybrid: Taylormade M6, shaft: Fujikura Pro 2.0 8-X Hybrid
    Shaft flex request: X

  65. Tom Weirich

    Name: Tom Weirich
    Club Champion: Cleveland, OH
    Handicap: 12
    Current Hybrid: Nike Vapor Fly
    Shaft Flex: S

  66. Jeff Selgren

    Name: Jeff Selgren
    Club Champion: Milwaukee
    Handicap: 1.7
    Current Hybrid: Callaway Epic Flash 18* w/Stock Silver Tensei
    Shaft Flex: Stiff
    This opportunity could not have come at a better time. I’ve owned this hybrid for approx a month, and have found the stock shaft to be lacking for my use. Thank you to all for the opportunity!

  67. Gary Lee

    Club Champion: Birmingham, AL

    Ping G419 with Evenflow Black Stiff


    Shaft Flex. stiff

  68. daniel bratlie

    Name: Daniel Bratlie
    Club Champion, Houston, TX
    Handicap: 5.7
    Current Hybrid: Taylormade Sim max with Ventus Blue 6S
    I think I need a Extra stiff, would love to see the numbers, but this misses right even when well struck .

  69. Daniel Luna

    Daniel Luna
    4701 W Park Blvd Suite 210
    Plano, TX 75093
    Titleist T3 Hybrid

  70. Mark Anderson

    Name: Mark Anderson
    Club Champion: Newport Beach, CA
    Handicap: 4.1
    Current hybrid: Callaway Apex with UST Recoil shaft.
    Shaft flex: Stiff or Club Champion advised based off of driver swing speed of 104. Current Modus3 Iron shafts and love em!

  71. Donald Toy

    Donald Toy
    Club Champion: Newport Beach CA
    Handicap: 18.0
    Current hybrid: Adams Pro 23 degree with Aldila Tour Red.
    Shaft flex: Stiff

  72. Name: Joe Sunnarborg
    CC: Edina, MN
    Handicap: 17
    Hybrid: Titleist 818 H2 18* & 21*
    Shaft Flex: Stiff

  73. Mel Creighton

    Informative review. Can’t wait to try the new shaft. I’ve had great results with Nippon Modus3 105 shafts. Thank you for the opportunity. Newport Beach, CA, 9.6, Ping 4, R flex

  74. Bradd Forstein

    Name: Bradd Forstein
    Club Champion: Cherry Hill, NJ
    Handicap: 8.7 Index
    Current Hybrid: Cobra F9 3hy w/HZRDS Smoke 6.0
    Desired Shaft Flex: X Flex
    Current Irons were recently fitted by Club Champion in Cherry Hill and shafts are Nippon Modus 120 X Flex.
    Thank you!

  75. Matt Meyer

    Matt Meyer
    Club Champion: Richmond, Virginia
    Handicap 8.0
    Current Hybrid: Ping g410 3 hybrid
    Flex: Stiff

  76. Don OConnor

    I saw an review of this shaft and it echoed Matt’s findings. This shaft helps with consistency in ball flight and launch. I have considered trying these in hybrids previously. I would love to try them and share my feedback with everyone.
    Name: Don O’Connor
    Club Champion: Plano, Texas
    Handicap: 0.5
    Current hybrid: Titleist 818 H1 21 deg. 818 H1 23 deg.
    Shaft flex: Stiff

  77. Jeremy Ireland

    Name: Jeremy Ireland
    Club Champion: Del Mar, CA
    Handicap: 14.1
    Current hybrid: Cobra F8 3/4, Diamana Whiteboard 92
    Shaft flex: Stiff

  78. Robert Slater

    Robert Slater
    Club Champion: Dublin, OH
    16.5 index
    Taylormade SIM Max Fujikura Ventus Blue
    Regular flex

  79. Colin Moberly

    Colin Moberly
    Club Champ – Scottsdale, AZ (10 min)
    Current Hybrid – Switch between Taylormade P.790 UDI 3 (HZRDUS 6.5 – 85G HYBRID Shaft) and a Nike Vapor Fly
    3-Hybrid (KBS C-TAPER 130X)
    Modus3- TOUR X
    Have been struggling between the graphite & steel, have had steel in a few UDI’s and loved it, but tried a HZRDUS and it was quite the difference in feel. This shaft would be ideal with how it’s described. The consistency with steel in my hybrid is unmatched, and this modus hybrid might be the best of both worlds. Would be very grateful for the opportunity to test and compare.

  80. Brent Smith

    Brent Smith
    Windermere, Fl
    0.0 index
    SIM Max hybrid with KBS prototype 95x

    X or TX would be my preference to test

    Thank you

  81. Jim Schneck

    Name: Jim Schneck
    CC: Willowbrook, IL
    Handicap: 18
    Current Hybrid: PXG 0317X Gen2, with HZRDUS Smoke Black Hybrid, Stiff
    Shaft flex request: Stiff

  82. Ryan Bluffin

    Name: Ryan Bluffin
    Club Champion: The Woodlands, TX
    Handicap: 8.6
    Current hybrid: Ping G410, 17 degree; Shaft: Accra TZ5 95H
    Shaft flex request: Stiff

  83. Brian Brosnan

    Name: Brian Brosnan
    Club Champion Schaumburg IL
    Handicap 11
    Ping G25 23/27 degree Accra Hybrid Shafts
    Flex : Regular

  84. Vince Selca

    Name: Vince Selca
    Club Champion: Detroit, MI
    Handicap: 11.6
    Current Hybrid : Callaway Apex 19* Kuro Kage stiff
    Shaft Flex: Tour Stiff

  85. Douglas Mael

    Doug Mael
    Nearest Club Champion location: Bala Cynwyd, PA
    USGA Handicap Index: 14.4
    Current Hybrid: I have several, but would like to have the Nippon Modus 3 hybrid shaft installed in a TM SIM Max hybrid (19* loft)
    Shaft flex requested: S (not Tour Stiff)

  86. joseph lopiccolo

    Name: Joseph Lopiccolo
    New Orleans LA
    Current hybrid. PXG gen 1 w/project x hazardous smoke
    Handicap Index 5.8
    shaft flex R

  87. Jim Dolliver

    Current Hybrid is a Wishon Golf model 775 21° head. Shaft is a Wishon STS 85 gram reg flex. I’d like to try a stiff flex. The weight is similar to mine.

  88. Albert 'DIno' Quintanilla

    Been looking for a better shaft
    Name: Albert ‘DIno’ Quintanilla
    Club Champion: Agoura Hills, CA
    Handicap: 8.5
    Current hybrid: Tour Edge EOS Hybrid 19
    Shaft flex request: R

  89. Bob Shirck

    Name: Bob Shirck
    Club Champion: Scottsdale, AZ
    Handicap: 8
    Current hybrid: Ping 410 #2
    Shaft flex request: Regular

  90. Peter A Keck

    Sure hope I win. Ive got AeroTech I95 in 4-A in my Calloways Apex. Need an upgrade from my Vista Pro 80 in my Cobra 3 baffler.

  91. Peter A Keck

    Nearest Club Champion is in Charlotte, NC. my index is 10.0

  92. Steven Gottschalk

    To b honest have taken hybrids out of bag due to performance. Possibly change.in shaft is a game changer.
    Steven Gottschalk
    Club Champion Agoura Hills
    Handicap 7.7
    Mizuno hybrid

  93. Matt Schairer

    Matt Schairer
    White Plains NY or Hartford CT
    HC 18
    Srixon Z355
    Shaft flex R

  94. jack krayson

    Jake Krayson
    Club Champion: White Plains, NY
    HDCP: 14.2
    Current Hybrid: Adams Idea SuperS 22*
    Shaft Flex: Soft ‘R’

  95. Phil Johnson

    Name: Phil Johnson
    Club Champion: Edina, MN
    Handicap: 13
    Current Hybrid: Hogan UiHi 17
    Shaft flex request: X

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