Nippon Modus 3 Hybrid Shaft Review

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The Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 Hybrid shaft combines steel and graphite to give your hybrid a strong ball flight with softer feel.


One of the primary issues that golfers have with hybrids is finding the right shaft.  Many players, myself among them, wish they could have a hybrid shaft that performs more like their steel iron shafts.  The downside to using steel is the extra weight.

To solve this conundrum, Nippon has created the Modus 3 Hybrid shaft which uses both steel and graphite to give golfers a best of both worlds solution.


The Nippon Modus 3 Hybrid shaft is certainly not the first matte black shaft, but it may be the best looking.  I can’t put my finger on why I’m so enamored with it, but the reaction on social media tells me I’m not the only one.

What makes it pop are the white graphics.  The Modus 3 branding is the same as we see on the iron shafts except for the color change.  The four drops of red in the “Graphite On Steel Technology” logo give it that little bit of extra visual interest.


Anyone who has used Nippon’s steel shafts knows that they have the recipe for infusing steel with smooth feel.  That flowing, stable feel is only enhanced by the graphite wrap in the Modus 3 Hybrid shaft.

In testing the different flexes, I found a clear difference as I moved from one to the next.  With the stiff flex, there was decidedly more kick than in the Tour X, though each flex had a strong tip section.

My favorite thing about the graphite and steel combination is the way it muted the feel of mishits.  I tried this shaft in a long iron, and found that thin shots and toe shots failed to sting my hands the way they normally do.


Based on the bend profile of the Modus 3 Tour 105 iron shaft, the Modus 3 Hybrid shaft is designed for mid-launch and spin.  Having played the Modus 3 Tour 105 extensively, I immediately felt the similarity.  Any player who tends toward a stronger shaft in their irons should be very comfortable with the Modus 3 Hybrid shaft.

What stood out in the performance of the Modus 3 Hybrid shaft was the consistency.  Shot after shot, the ball was launching on a near-identical trajectory, and it was easy to control the club face.  This was undoubtedly related to my comfort with the feel.  If you tend to find graphite hybrid shafts too active, I would strongly recommend giving the Modus 3 Hybrid shaft a look.

The Nippon Modus 3 Hybrid shaft is available is four flexes: Stiff, Tour Stiff, X, and Tour X.  Uncut, the Stiff and Tour Stiff weigh 92.5 grams.  The X flex shaft weighs 102.5 grams, and the Tour X weighs 112.5 grams.


The Nippon Modus 3 Hybrid shaft solves one of the biggest equipment dilemmas for stronger players.  By blending graphite and steel, they’ve created a shaft that is stable but still has the lighter weight and superior feel of graphite.  If your hybrid has been collecting dust, visit your club fitter to give it a boost with the Modus 3 Hybrid shaft.

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  1. Mike Laycock

    I play Modus 105 Stiff in my Mizuno irons. I love the 105 Stiff and have played my best golf with them in my irons ( Modus 115 Wedge in the SW and LW). I’m very interested in the GOST Stiff for my hybrid.

  2. Did you try the Tour Stiff?

  3. And what was your impression between the Stiff and Tour Stiff?

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s a small loss of kick moving from the Stiff to Tour Stiff and the flight is marginally lower.


  4. What are your honest thoughts of this attached to a Titleist TMB 2-3 iron?

  5. jonathan mebane

    woud you reccommend the modus pro 105x for a hybrid. right now at $250 the gost is to rishky

  6. Matt,
    Can the GOST shaft be fitted into an MP20-HMB 2 iron replacing a Modus 105 steel shaft? Expect it might offer a little more “kick” to the ball flight….

    • Matt Saternus


      Per the Nippon website, the Modus 3 Hybrid shaft is only available in .370 right now, and I believe the MP-20 HMB is a .355 tip. A good club builder can solve that problem by enlarging the hosel to accommodate the shaft.



  7. Seth Peterson

    Hey Matt. I know I’m a little late to the game on this post but looking for your input.

    I am playing around with the idea of putting one of these in a recently purchased x-forge UT 18* I currently play project x 6.0s in my irons (apex19) and was curious to get your take on how the GOST would feel vs those and which of those flexes you felt would line up best with my 6.0s?


    • Matt Saternus


      I would suggest going to get a fitting. 6.0 generally lines up with stiff, but your feel may be different.


  8. Sake Wasuntharaporn

    I’m currently gaming Kurokage black 90x hybrid shaft in my driving irons and find it a little whippy. I also gaming modus 130x in my irons. I hit my 5 iron 193 yards carry.

    If I want my driving iron to feel and launch the same as my irons.

    Would you recommend this nippon modus hybrid shaft or should I go with modus 130x across the board?

    – Sake

  9. Hi Matt,
    I just switched my irons shafts from Project X 6.0 and Srixon U65 with PX Catalyst 100 6.0.
    Now my iron shafts are NS Pro Modus 3 120 Stiff. Which Modus 3 Hybrid shaft flex should I use (S or TS)?

  10. I understand the profile being built around the 105, but the Nippon website shows a graphic that suggests it’s the same profile but stiffer. For somebody playing Modus 105x in irons would that correlate to stiff or tour stiff rather than X and/or TX?

    • Matt Saternus


      I found that the Hybrid shaft is quite stout, so I would definitely consider going down a notch from my iron shafts. As always, getting fit is the ultimate answer.


  11. Anthony P.

    Hi Matt,
    I just purchased an Apex UW 19 Deg. Did you end up using the Tour X shaft on your UW? Also did you keep the length standard?

    Great Reviews on all the Products!!

  12. Finally I got the Stiff 91g in G430 hybrid and trying it tomorrow!

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