Test & Review the Nippon 850GH neo Iron Shafts

Test the Nippon NS Pro 850GH neo Iron Shafts

Are you searching for a few extra yards with your irons?  Feel yourself tiring down the stretch of each round?  If so, the new, lighter NS Pro 850GH neo iron shafts from Nippon may be perfect for you.

Check out our review of the Nippon NS Pro 850GH neo iron shaft HERE

We’re offering four Plugged In Golf readers the chance to upgrade their irons with the Nippon NS Pro 850GH neo.  To make things even better, Club Champion will re-shaft your irons for you so that you know the clubs will be built to perfection.  Find the details for entry below.

How to Enter

Step 1: Post a comment.  Your comment must include your name, your nearest Club Champion location, handicap, current iron set make up (ex. 4-PW), and the shaft flex that you’d like to receive (regular or stiff).

Learn more about the Nippon NS Pro 850GH neo shaft HERE

Find a Club Champion near you HERE

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That’s it!  On Friday, September 30, we will contact the four winners via email, so keep your eyes on your inbox.

The winners will be expected to ship their irons to Club Champion HQ, test the Nippon NS Pro 850GH neo shafts, and fill out a short questionnaire about how they performed.  Those answers will be shared on PluggedInGolf.com.

The shafts are yours to keep.


  1. Your comment/entry will not be visible immediately.  We need to approve all comments, so it may take a few hours before you see it.  Please DO NOT double post.
  2. Please leave the “URL” or “Website” section blank
  3. If your entry does not include the required information or violates 1 or 2 above, you will not be entered.
  4. If you do not enter your correct email address, we will not be able to contact you, so you won’t be able to win.
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  1. I tried the Zelos8 shafts from Nippon and liked how they felt as someone who gravitates more towards graphite. I currently play 5i-GW in Regular flex, and the closest Club Champion to me is in Warwick, RI.

  2. Josh G
    Nearest is Columbus, OH
    HDCP 8
    5i – PW (Sub70 699s) Stiff

  3. David M
    Nearest Club Champion location is Salt Lake City, UT
    Handicap 16
    5 iron – PW, Stiff

  4. Michael Noone

    Michael N
    Nearest Edina, MN
    HDCP 8
    5i – AW Callaway Apex 21 Stiff

  5. Ryan K
    Nearest is Pleasanton, CA
    HDCP 15
    5i-pw (Mizuno MP18) Stiff

  6. Brayson Lewis

    Brayson L.
    Nearest Novi, MI
    HDCP 11
    5i-GW, Stiff

  7. Was fittted at Titleist Manchester Lane last friday for T200’s with Nippon 850GH shafts. Currently playing T300’s with Tensie red shafts. Would love Nippon shafts on the T300’s.
    6-GW regular
    12.9 hdcp

  8. Tim Miller
    Nearest Philadelphia, Pa.
    Age 70, HDCP 5
    Mizuno Pro 225, 5-PW regular flex

  9. Connor J.
    Overland Park, KS
    3.5 HI
    4-PW S flex

  10. – Curt Carlson
    – Club Champion in Delray Beach, FL
    – Hdcp = 9.6
    – Irons 4 — PW (TM P770)
    – Stiff flex

  11. Nearest location golf principles Basingstoke Hampshire UK
    5 – PW VSS 105, stiff
    S – Flex

  12. Carl O
    Age 68
    Warwick, RI
    5-PW regular

  13. Michael Kovatch

    Nearest Club Champion:
    2710 Via de la Valle
    Unit B270
    Del Mar, CA 92014
    United States

    Current setup is DG White S300 4-P T100’s

    Index is 2.5

    Stiff Shaft Requested

  14. Mike M
    Fairfax, VA
    9 HI
    Stiff Flex

  15. John Sweat
    Peachtree City, Georgia
    Cap – 16
    6-PW, Regular Flex

  16. Nippon is recognized for making a quality shaft. I hope I win.
    Joe Donchess
    Oracle & Ina in Tucson
    Age 72
    HI 14

  17. Regular shaft

  18. David Lefler
    Club Champion Cary ,NC
    11 HDCP

  19. Mark M
    Club Champion Schaumburg
    Handicap 22
    6-GW Regular

  20. Martin Howard

    I would love to try the new Nippon shafts!
    Clubs: 4-GW Titleist AP2 718
    Handicap: 3
    Nearest Club Champion: Birmingham,AL

  21. Will they do a fitting of sorts, to ensure it’s actually an upgrade, before swapping out all the shafts? Would love to try it! My name is John M., nearest location is Columbus, OH, 16 handicap, iron set is Ping i25 5-GW, stiff. Thanks!

  22. Jerry Dushane

    Jerry Dushane
    Overland Park, KS
    13 hdcp
    Callaway Apex 16 5 – gw Regular Flex

  23. Bob S
    Nearest Club Champion 30 minutes away-Louisville, Ky
    5-PW Regular

  24. Ping 425 4-PW, regular shaft. Columbia SC and handicap 5.1

  25. name-

    Nearest Club Champion location-


    current iron set make up- 4-PW,AW

    shaft flex- Stiff 120

  26. Jim Schneck
    Nearest CC is Willowbrook IL
    HDCP 16
    PXG Gen 3P, 5-GW Stiff flex

  27. Brookfield Wi
    5-Gap Ping I210
    Recoil 100 gram regular
    8 index

  28. Ramon Talavera

    Ramon Talavera left hand golfer
    Nearest CC is Long Island New York Nassau Suffolk county
    Age 54 HDCP 17
    Callaway apex pro forged 2016 7-Aw stiff Idy 100

  29. Patrick Burke

    Pat Burke

    2670 East County Line Road, Suite 0
    Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

    TaylorMade P770 5-PW


    Handicap 6

    Love the site and info and Club Champion

  30. Rick F Club Champion Montgomery RD. Cincinnati 10 handicap, 5-aw, Stiff

  31. Tom Liggett
    Plano, TX
    10 HC

  32. Tom Liggett
    Plano, TX
    5-GW Stiff

  33. Robert Saunders

    Callaway XR pro Irons 5-PW, handicap index 1.5, Recoil F-4 stiff shafts , closest location is Club Champion Jupiter FL.

  34. Casey McClendon

    Casey McClendon
    Sandy Springs, Atlanta
    16 HCP
    1-PW, SW (Ping Eye 2’s)

  35. Tom C
    Nearest CC is Hartford, CT
    Hand: 11.5
    Current iron setup: 5-GW
    Shaft flex: stiff

  36. Christopher LaZette

    Nearest CC is Tampa Florida
    Iron set up:5-GW
    Regular flex shaft

  37. Matthew Masse

    Matthew Masse
    CC: Plano, TX
    Handicap: 20
    Irons: 3-PW
    Flex: Stiff

  38. Current irons Callaway ST pro 5-AW with Recoil 95 Graphite F3 shafts. Closest Club Champion Haddonfield N.J. Current handicap 5 age 71. Always read reviews before buying any golf product. Thanks

  39. Robert Pearson

    Robert Pearson
    Steel Regular Flex
    WWCC Louisville Kentucky
    Club Champion Louisville
    Handicap 12

  40. Gary Wilkie
    Savage, MN
    nearest Club Champion: Edina,MN
    Irons: PXG 0211 5-GW Regular Flex

  41. Robin Owens
    San Jose California 95118
    Club Champion around the corner from my house.
    Handicap 13
    P-4. 850 GH
    Regular flex for my Itobori mxh

  42. Rob Stauffer
    Handicap = 13
    Mizuno Pro 225 w/ Regular Flex Shafts (4-PW)
    Nearest Club Champion: 10090 Reisterstown Rd Suite 10, Owings Mills, MD 21117

  43. Spencer Hicks

    Spencer Hicks
    Oklahoma City
    Handicap +21
    Mizuno 919’s
    4iron-GW Regular flex

  44. Nick Billman
    Overland Park, KS
    14 handicap
    Current setup is 4-9 iron
    Flex: Stiff

  45. Max Guajardo
    Club Champion Deerfield, illinois
    12.5 index
    Regular flex

  46. Grant Ingram
    Closest Club Champion- San Carlos, California
    Handicap 8.4
    Stiff Shafts

  47. Timothy Veenstra

    Timothy Veenstra
    HCP 14
    4-GW Stiff
    Nearest Club is Tacoma, WA

  48. Don OConnor
    Plano, Texas

  49. Joe Marques
    HCP 14
    6-PW, AW, GW, SW-Regular
    West Long Branch, NJ

  50. Steve Malis
    HCP 16
    5-GWW regular steel
    Cobra F9 irons
    Neatesr CC is Deerfield, IL (4miles from me)

  51. C Joseph Bacani

    Joe Bacani
    HCP 11.4
    5-PW Stiff
    Mountain Brook, AL

  52. Ken Custer
    Nearest Club Champion is Mandeville, LA
    HCP 13
    4-GW Mizuno
    Regular Flex

  53. James Jaworski

    James Jaworski
    HCP 12.5
    4-PW Regular
    Albuquerque, NM

  54. Jonathan Rowe.
    Nearest Club Champion is either Atlanta or Hilton Head – Slight preference for Hilton Head but I’m good with either.
    Handicap: 9.9
    Current Iron Set Makeup: 3-AW
    Shaft Flex Preference: Stiff

    Thanks for the opportunity and the content.

  55. Scott C

    Willowbrook, IL is the nearest CC location
    Handicap- 6.5
    Current Irons are 6-GW
    Shaft flex- Regular

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  56. I’d love to get new irons. I’m about due for them. Handicap 14; present iron make up; 6-GW with regular flex shaft. Nearest Club Champion is in Phoenix AZ.

  57. Noel Guillaume

    Wow what an opportunity….had the NS Pro (red) in a previous set and they were fantastic…love to try these new ones.

    Here are my details:

    Noel Guillaume…., Nearest Club Champion location is Alexandria NSW Australia…Handicap is 10…Current iron set make up is 6-Wedge..Gap..54* 58* ..Shaft flex…Regular…..Thanks so much for this opportunity……

  58. Orsett England reg flex 2hybrids and 3 to lw

  59. Torrance Ca., Srixon ZX5 regular 4-AW 9,0 handicap play NS pro modus3 already; so lighter shafts with mor height/carry should help me shoot my age (75.5) more frequently. would be an awesome opportunity

  60. Would love to put these in my girlfriend’s AP1 irons. She currently plays the 4-PW with AMT reds in regular flex and is a 10 hdcp. We’re in Austin TX and have a club champion in town.

  61. 72 years old
    handicap index 6.2
    Calloway Mavrik irons 7-gap
    regular flex
    nearest Club Champion store is Buford, GA

  62. Greg Hollis
    Tour Edge 722E 5-get
    Venous red stiff
    Would like regular shafts Thank U for the opportunity

  63. John Quan
    Club Champion: Newport Beach, CA
    Handicap: 30
    Irons: Callaway X18 (4-SW)
    Shaft Flex: Regular

  64. P.J. Evans
    Nearest Club Champion is: Highlands Ranch, Colorado (2670 East County Line Road , Colorado, United States, 80126)
    Handicap: 9.6
    Current iron set make up: 5 – GW
    Shaft flex: Stiff

  65. Paul Hocking
    Age 59
    HCP 38.2 but wanting to improve
    Mizuno JPX 900 hot metal
    Local fitting centre is Basingstoke

  66. I am so ready to replace my iron shafts that the Callaway fitter recommended. My closest Club Champion is in Brandon FL. My handicap is a 7. Irons are 5 iron thru gap wedge.

  67. Sorry, left out stiff shafts.

  68. Damon D
    Nearest club champion is Brandon,FL
    7 handicap
    6-GW in PXG 0211
    Stiff shaft flex


  69. John Hultz. 20 handicap. Nearest club champion is about 5 miles away in Victor, NY. Wilson D300 4-PW. Regular shaft flex.

  70. Steven Schwing

    Steve schwing
    Nearest location: Myrtle Beach, SC
    Handicap: 17
    Clubs: PXG 0211 (5Iron-Lob wedge)
    I would prefer stiff shaft

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