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Test & Review the Edison Golf Lob Wedge

Test the New Edison Golf Lob Wedge

Last week, we saw multiple readers dump their current pitching wedge in favor of one from Edison Golf [check it out HERE].  Now, we’re giving four new readers a chance to try the other end of their range with a new lob wedge.

Everyone who participates in this panel will get a new Edison Lob Wedge to keep!  Learn how to sign up below.

How to Enter

Step 1: Post a comment.  Your comment must include your name, location, handicap, and the specs of the wedge that you’d like to receive (loft and shaft).  This opportunity is focused on the new lob wedge, so it needs to be 60-64 degrees.

***Your comment must also include the brand, model, and loft of your current lob wedge.  We want testers who are currently playing a wedge with 60 degrees of loft or more as they will be able to provide better reviews.

Check out the available shafts HERE

Step 2: Make sure you’re subscribed to the PluggedInGolf newsletter.  Subscribe HERE

That’s it!  On Friday, July 16, we will contact four golfers via email, so keep an eye on your inbox.

The winners will be expected to test the Edison wedge and fill out a short questionnaire about how it performed.  Those answers will be shared on

The wedge is yours to keep.


  1. Your comment/entry will not be visible immediately.  We need to approve all comments, so it may take a few hours before you see it.  Please DO NOT double post.
  2. Please leave the “URL” or “Website” section blank
  3. If your entry does not include the required information or violates 1 or 2 above, you will not be entered.
  4. If you do not enter your correct email address, we will not be able to contact you, so you won’t be able to win.
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  1. Nate L, St. Paul, MN, 14 handicap, I use a 60 degree callaway mack daddy 2 lob wedge, and I would use a 61 degree edison lob wedge with a kbs stiff shaft.

    • Jerry Mattison

      I’m 65, my handicap is 18. I currently play sim max L-5 irons, previously used Cleveland 60* wedge.
      60* KBS Reg flex would be my pref

  2. George
    Washington, DC
    HCP 22
    Would love to try Edison 62 degree with KBS tour regular in steel
    Currently play titleist vokey sm8 in 62.
    It is not as forgiving as my Cleveland CBX2 in 54 or 58, so I am intrigued by the Edison. Cleveland does not make a 62 in CBX2.

  3. Charlottesville
    Would like 60 degree
    KBS tour shaft

    60 degree sub 70
    15.4 handicap

  4. Santosh Abraham

    Hello all,
    My name is Santosh Abraham from Palmyra, NJ. I would love the opportunity to test the new Edison 60 degree lob wedge with the KBS-Tour Stiff shaft. I am currently a 17 handicap though I am working diligently on getting that number down a bit. I am currently playing a Mizuno T-20 lob wedge with about 4 degrees of bounce. I consider myself quite handy with my current wedge and look forward to playing the Edison to determine if my occasional screwups can be reduced a bit.

    • Chris Bache

      Currently play the Vokey 60* wedge in DG stiff wedge flex. 1* flat
      Would like to play the Edison 60* KBS Tour 80 graphite stiff shaft.
      Currently playing at an 8 handicap

  5. jacob pelley

    Jake, Texas, 7 hcp, play forged pxg 60 degree (1° up)

    Would try either 60 or 64 with KBS stiff

  6. Daniel Scott

    Daniel Scott – Jacksonville Beach, FL – 10.0
    Edison Wedge – 61 degree, KBS Tour Stiff
    Current Wedge – Cleveland Zipcore, 60 degree low bounce

  7. Matthew Thieme

    Located in Massachusetts and I’m a 20 handicap. I currently play. 60 degree Callaway Mack Daddy. Would enjoy testing a 60 or 64 degree Edison. KBS tour stiff shaft, standard length, upright 1 degree and a midsize +4 grip.

  8. Dave W
    Roseville, CA.
    Handicap 2.2
    60* KBS Tour stiff 2* flat
    MCC Plus 4 grip

    Current wedge
    Callaway MD5 Tour Grey
    60* KBS Tour stiff 2* flat

  9. Sweet, always up for testing new equipment and sharing with others! Thx for another opportunity!
    Josh Giesige
    Edgerton, OH
    HDCP 9
    To test: 60* KBS Tour – Stiff

    Currently gaming a Cleveland CBX-2 60*, also KBS Tour -Stiff

  10. John Giesler

    John Giesler
    Oakdale, CA
    61* with KBS Tour Stiff

    I currently play a Callaway PM Grind 60 w/ KBS Tour Stiff Shaft – although I rarely actually use it because I’m so inconsistent with it, I often opt to use my 50 or 55 because I can actually control them.

  11. Glen P Koeske

    Glen in Bath Michigan
    Hdcp: 6.1
    60 degree Edison with KBS Tour Graphite ( or KBS Tour if the graphite is not available) in Stiff – 2 degrees flat
    Currently game: Scor 4161 60*

  12. Richard Thomas

    London – UK
    Would like 60 degree
    KBS tour shaft

    60 degreeTaylor Made
    14.4 handicap

  13. Richard Thomas

    London – UK
    I would like a 60 degree
    KBS tour shaft

    Currently use
    60 degree Taylor Made RAC
    14.2 handicap

    • Matthias Ross Buzas

      Matthias Ross Buzas, Ontario, Canada, 10.4, 60 degree lob wedge, KBS Tour Stiff. Current LW: Taylormade Hi Toe Raw, 60 degree, S200 Shaft.

  14. Barry
    Birmingham, AL
    Handicap 7.7

    Edison Wedge:
    +1/2 Over
    2* Flat
    MCC Plus 4 Midsize Grip

    Current Wedge:
    PXG 0311 Forged
    True Temper Elevate Tour 117G Stiff Shaft
    +1/2 Over
    2* Flat

    Thank you!

  15. Ryan
    Burlington, ON
    Hdcp. 4
    Mizuno T-20 60/06
    62 degree, STIFF, +0.5 , Midsize Grip
    DG 120 S300 or ‘KBS Stiff

    • Tom Fallin

      Tom Fallin, Saint Augustine Florida. 18 handicap. Playing Callaway Mack Daddy 60 degree LW.
      Like to try 62 degree Edison LW with KBS Tour 80 Graphite- Regular Shaft.

  16. Ryan Colvin

    Ryan Colvin
    Durham NC
    3 HC

    Edison 60* KBS Tour Stiff
    +.75” MCC Mid

    Cleveland RTX Zipcore 60 Tour Satin

  17. Brandon C Hcp 18
    Oklahoma City, OK
    Current: Ping Tour W 60

    Would like to test the Edison 60 with KBS Tour stiff

  18. Steve
    Doylestown, PA
    Handicap = 9
    Current Wedge – PING GLIDE 2.0 60 degrees; steel shaft
    Hoping for Edison 60 or 61 Degree KBS TGI 80 ; would love to try this club; Thanks to this website, I am already gaming the Edison 51 Degree wedge KBS TGI 80 shaft, 1 degree flat

  19. Jessie Caples

    Tupelo MS
    Edison 60 kBS 120

    Vokey SM8 60 8 bounce
    DGTI S400


  20. Nick Billman

    Nick Billman
    Lake Quivira, KS
    14 handicap
    Would like to test 60 degree w/kbs tour stiff
    Currently play Cleveland CBX 60 degree

  21. Ben Cusson

    Jacksonville, FL
    Handicap 4.8

    Have been looking at edison wedges for a while and almost pulled the trigger a few times. if I can hit it closer i will buy 3 more ha.

    Edison Wedge:
    64* KBS TOUR 80 STIFF graphite SHAFT
    +1/2 Over
    standard lie
    MCC Plus 4 Grip

    Current Wedge:
    Mizuno MP T-10
    KBS Tour
    +1/2 Over
    standard lie

  22. John
    Kaneohe Hawaii
    Hcp 9
    Current wedge. Zip code 58*/spinner
    Edison 69*. KBS graphite

  23. Ian Perry
    Handicap – 14
    Currently hitting the 60* Kirkland LW

    Would love to test the 60* with KBS Tour stiff shaft

  24. Bryan Pluta
    Bellingham, MA
    Handicap – 6.6

    Super opportunity! I’d love to test the 61* in KBS Tour Stiff if selected.
    I currently game a Cobra MIM Black 60* with the Wide-Low bounce option. I would be great to test and see if I can be more consistent with the Edison wedge both out of the bunker and on greenside chips/pitches.

  25. Tony Mento

    60* with KBS Stiff
    Cleveland RTX Zipcore Raw, 60* mid bounce , heel and toe relief

  26. Ross B.

    9.5 hdcp

    Currently using a vokey s-grind 60deg here in Los Alamos, NM.

    Would love to try the 61deg with the KBS tour-stiff.

  27. Todd Blankenship

    Todd Blankenship
    Honolulu, HI
    8 Handicap
    Current: Vokey SM8 60*, Dynamic Gold S300, 2* upright, midsize grip
    Edison: 60*, KBS Tour Stiff, 2* upright, midsize grip

  28. Patrick lockley

    New Zealand
    Handicap 23
    60 degree haywood golf.
    54 mizuno
    52 titleist
    Would love to try 61 degree

  29. David G.
    Yuba City, California
    Handicap 15.1
    60*, KBS Tour 80 Graphite Regular, 2*Flat, Golf Pride Tour Velvet Standard
    Current Lob Wedge: Cleveland ZipCore 60*, Fujikura Pro 75 Iron Regular, 2* Flat

  30. Phil Johnson

    Phil J
    Hugo, MN
    Taylor-made hi toe bent to 60
    Hi rev 2.0 shaft
    Golf pride tour velvet
    Handicap 10

    Would love to try edison
    60 degree
    Golf pride tour velvet
    Kbs tour stiff

  31. Tomas Jonasson

    Tomas, 9.5 index, Daytona Beach

    Edison 60 with KBS

    Currently playing Ping Eye 2 58-8 bent to 60 to get 10 bounce.

  32. David Knoppert

    David Knoppert
    London, Canada
    Hcp 18
    Currently use EX1 65 degree wedge
    Would like to try a 64 degree Edison wedge

  33. Brad Denike

    Brad Denike
    Ontario Canada
    5.5 HCP
    I’d like to test 60° , 2°upright with KBS tour stiff
    Current gamer: Titleist vokey sm7, 2°upright with TT DG300 shaft
    *In home golf sim available as well as on course regularly*

  34. Garen Eggleston

    I would love to test the 45° PW with KBS reg shaft , I have been studying these wedges for a while and have been extremely curious if they’d work for me . I play 5-6 times a week so I’d give them a good go

  35. Douglas Johnson

    Good morning, I would love to test the 64 with the kbs stiff shaft.
    22.7 handicap
    Currently using the Calloway Maverick 64 with a stiff shaft

  36. Willie , Bayboro, NC , 20 Handicap,

    Love to try the 61deg w/KBS Tour 80 graphite Reg Flex.

    Current LW: Cleveland CBX 58 Graphite W flex (I know I am not in the 60+ range, but would love to still test the new Edison)

  37. George Otani

    Name: George Otani, Stouffville Ont. Canada
    Handicap: 17
    Wedge: Cleveland 60 deg. Tour Action 588 True temper shaft regular, 2 deg. upright
    Would like to try the graphite 60grams for seniors.

  38. Graydon McNair

    Graydon McNair
    200 ilderton street
    Summerville SC 29483

    1.3 handicap
    Currently play the Cleveland precision forged 60 degree full bounce wedge

    I would like to test the Edison 60 degree wedge with a KBS Tour Stiff shaft

  39. Lloyd Davis

    I currently play a Callaway PM2 60* lob, and would love to try a 60* with a KBS Tour Steel (regular)

  40. John Sweat

    John S.
    Warner Robins, GA
    Would love to test the Edison 60°with a KBS Tour 80 Graphite with Reg flex, standard length and lie.
    Current wedge is a Hopkins CJ1 60° with a KBS Tour shaft with Reg flex, standard length and lie.

  41. Bill Eisel

    I’m returning to the game after a 25 year hiatus raising kids. Currently, I use a Titleist Vokey SM8 in 60 degrees., and am playing to an 18 handicap. I live in south central Texas.

    My preference would be a 62 degree, +1″ length KBS Tour 80 graphite with regular flex, 1 degree flat, Golf Pride Tour Velvet mid size grip with 2 wraps.

    I appreciate this opportunity!

  42. Robert Delserro

    Hi: this is Robert Delserro from NJ . I am a 9 handicap and carry 6 wedges in my set. 3 of them are the Titleist SM8 wedges with stock wedge flex shafts (steel). I carry a 54*, a 58 * and a 62* I would like to test your Edison 62 degree wedge with KBS Tour 80 Graphite shaft (stiff flex) if possible with oversize grip and 2 degrees upright. Thanks for the opportunity.

  43. Joe D.
    Potomac, Maryland, USA
    Current Handicap 11.7
    Edison: 60*, KBS Tour Stiff, 2* upright, standard size grip
    Current Lob Wedge: Xe1 wedge, 65 degrees, standard size grip
    Xe1 wedge can hit shots that most wedges can’t achieve easily with 65 degrees of loft. Mostly used within 60 yards of the green. Versatility beyond 60 yards is nil because of the loft.

  44. Clark Bending

    I use a 60 degree Taylormade RAC TP, handicap 11, Schaumburg , Il , seek 60 degree 6 or 8 bounce , kbs tour 80 graphite stiff shaft

    • Jeremy Poynot

      Jeremy Poynot
      Lafayette, LA
      HDCP 8.4
      Want to test: 61* KBS Tour Stiff shaft

      CURRENTLY PLAYING MY MIZUNO T7 60-06 WEDGE BENT TO 61*. Wedge flex shaft

  45. Dan Humboldt

    Dan H
    Roswell GA
    Handicap: 2.4
    Want to review 60 degree with KBS Tour 80 stiff
    Currently play Cleveland RTX 3 60 degree with TT dynamic golf wedge flex

  46. George Carr

    Would like to try Edison 60 lob wedge. Currently playing Nike engage 58 wedge. Prefer KBS tour shaft stiff. Thanks

  47. Alex Sharpe

    Alex Sharpe, Roxbury NY. Handicap is 1. I currently play a Vokey SM8 60 degree loft with a regular vokey wedge shaft. I would like to test an Edison 60 degree with a KBS 80 reg graphite shaft 1 degree flat.

  48. Mike Humphrey

    Mike H., Kansas City, MO
    Handicap 20
    61 degrees, KBS Tour- Stiff

  49. Ben Kozak

    Ben K
    Boston, MA
    Handicap 6
    Would like to try a 60 degree with KBS tour stiff
    Currently play Cleveland RTX-3 60 degrees stiff shaft

  50. Hi – Noel from Emu Plains Syd Aus – HC 12 – 64* KBS Tour Grap Reg.

    Lucky winner ?

  51. James Cowley

    I am currently using a Smithworks 60 degree wedge with a stock shaft and grip and would love to try the Edison 60°with a KBS Tour 80 Graphite with Reg flex, standard length and lie.

  52. Joseph Greenberg

    Joseph, 8 handicap from Hollywood SC, playing Honma forged 60 degree with Steelfiber i110cw Stiff shaft. Stoked for opportunity to try Edison 60 (2 degrees flat) with stiff graphite and midsize grip

  53. Barry Schwartz

    Looks like a great opportunity.
    Barry Schwartz – SE Pennsylvania
    Index 8
    Current wedge Hogan TK 60 with KBS Black Pearl Tour Shaft 1 inch shorter than standard
    Would like to test the Edison 60 with KBS Tour R steel shaft


  54. Curt Carlson

    I would like to test an Edison lob wedge!
    Curt Carlson
    West Palm Beach FL
    Hdcp: 8.1
    Current LW: Cleveland RTX-4, R handed, 60 deg, Low sole grind, True Temper Tour Issue S400 steel shaft
    Requested Edison LW: R handed, 61 deg, KBS Tour steel shaft, regular flex
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  55. Taften Kuhl

    Springfield, IL
    Want: Edison 60, kbs tour stiff
    Current: 60 vokey sm8 kbs tour stiff

  56. Kevin Coughlin

    I would love to test out the Edison wedges. My current wedges are a Taylormade M2 PW, a Cleveland 56/12 CBX SW, and a Callaway 60 Sureout 2 Lob Wedge

  57. Nick Bozzelli

    Nick Bozzelli
    Championsgate, FL
    21 handicap
    60° KBS Tour Stiff +1” length

    Currently play the Callaway PM Grind 19 60°

  58. michael williams

    Michael Williams, 20 handicap. Mansfield UK. 61 degree, KBS tour 80 graphite, stiff.
    current wedge is Dunlop, 65i Copper Wedge, 60 degree, regular shaft.

    • Patrick Dodero

      name: Patrick Dodero
      hometown: Red Bluff California
      handicap: +1.5
      home courses:
      the links (at rolling hills) Corning Ca.
      Wilcox Oaks Golf and Country Club Red Bluff Ca.
      current gamer wedge: taylormade my-hitoe 64° bent 2° strong to 62° and 1° upright with a kbs c-taper 120 stiff shaft
      Edison wedge specs: 64° wedge with a kbs tour stiff shaft (would absolutely love to give this wedge a shot! I have an open mind and willingness to be honest as i dont mind carrying and using different brands. If it works better than a current club in my bag its staying in my bag.)

  59. Tee Lassar

    65% of strokes are made from inside 100 yards, many from greenside. A wedge that is targeted at improving greenside play is a big stroke saver. I’m your natural choice to test this club–Academic cardiology MD, age 69, Index 8.7 (3.7 10 years ago), member La Paloma CC Tucson AZ playing 85-100 rounds of year-round golf/year, currently gaming Callaway Mack Daddy wedges 50, 54 and 58 degree. Currently enrolled in a 10 week short game coaching program!
    Would love to try the 60 degree Edison w/KBS regular shaft, and give you and Plugged in Golf readers my feedback !

  60. John Marra

    Aiken, SC
    GHIN Index = 12.7
    Current Wedge – Vokey SM7 Tour Issue, 62-degrees, Nippon NS125 shaft
    Would like to test 62-degree with KBS 80 shaft

  61. Gijs de Jong

    I’ve been looking for this wedges quite some time, Pythia is the perfect way to test a wedge before switching completely to Edison. I am gaming the Ping Glide 2 stealth 60deg at this moment, time to upgrade!
    Hcp 10.1

  62. Gary Genest

    Gary Genest from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Current handicap index is 7.5, and I practice short-game a lot!

    I would love to test the Edison 60-degree wedge with KBS Tour Graphite (regular flex).

    Currently use Callaway X-Tour Forged 60-degree (9* bounce) with steel wedge shaft.

  63. Kevin “Scratch” Kelly

    “Scratch” Kelly , Chapel Hill, North Carolina . 7.4 index ( nearing 70 I’m no longer scratch!) I’d love to try out this wedge Because it’s marvelous “flighting and biting “ characteristics .

    Order: 64’ , KBS Tour Graphite Stiff , 2 degrees flat, Golf Pride CP2 Standard Wrap .Grip.

    I currently play Titleist Vokey Design SM8 60 degree , 04L , 2 Degree flat, S200, True Temper Dynamic Gold Stiff Steel Shaft and Golf Pride CP2 Standard Wrap Grip.

    I like so many others have played and carried 3-4 Vokey custom wedges over the decades. Classic look, familiar feel along both flight and turf interaction!
    This 64 degree would not be my first Edison as I currently field a 56 degree. I called into Edison snd spoke with one the great team there , Bill Totten, ( a truly honest, wonderful man loaded with golf history ) and preordered the 56 . The only difference in my 64 specs would be to add a stiff graphite versus the regular shaft . I talked my aging hands into that regular flex but I much prefer a stiffer feel .
    The 56’ Edison is surrounded in the bag by a 60, 53 and 48 Vokey’s. It hasn’t left the bag since purchased and my first 5 testing rounds and range time.

    I was excited to learn of the higher degree launch and have started leaving Christmas hints for the 64’ and a 51’ with my sons ( they’re more than happy to run off with my current set)!

    The wedge does all that it’s marketed to do. Im pleased with full shot, medium flight, especially on windy days, or firm greens and the generous amount of controlled spin I get with ease. But was shocked me was on the “half shots – less than 100% swings” to see the lowered ball flight with significant enough spin to bounce, bounce, stop or slow roll out depending on grass and firmness of green. Felt like I had hands of my youth.
    It cuts through fairway turf like butter and handles deep rough just fine.
    For me the hardest adjustment was getting used to the lower ball flight, trusting the spin and stop performance! In fact just last weekend I hit a lower than normal full shot a little harder than I wanted that hit the green firmly , bounced twice and spun back 10 feet. In the past that same shot would have been followed up with pitch and run to get back to putting on the green.

    Truly I’d love to try out the 64’ , saving my sons the purchase of at least one holiday wedge, and to reconnect with Bill. Highly recommend the wedges , the company support team and I thank you for this opportunity!

  64. Awesome, would love test and write a review of this wedge to share with others!
    Brad H
    Lincoln, NE
    HDCP: 7
    To test: 60* KBS Tour – Stiff

    Currently gaming a Vokey SM7 “D Grind” at 60 degrees loft with 12 degrees of bounce. KBS Tour Stiff flex shaft, standard length & lie. Thanks for this opportunity!

  65. Chris Fisher

    Chris – London 26 Hcap
    Currently play a Callaway PM Grind1
    KBS Tour 80 graphite with regular flex would be my choice 60 or 64 – 2 wraps for my small hands!

  66. Roger Chang

    I’m currenty using a Maltby TSW at 60* with a KBS Rev 2.0 Regular. Would like to try the 60 deg with KBS Tour Reg. I would like to find one that I can do better 1/2 to 3/4 swing for that 40-70 yard shot. Right now, I don’t get that consistency. I currently use a Rapsodo MLM and find my launch angles consistently from 35 to 40 degrees with that type of shot. Would love to put the Edison through its paces to see if can get better launch angles.

  67. Dean Jacobs

    Dean, Phoenix, AZ. Handicap index is 3.2. Current 60 degree is PING would like stiff flex

  68. Daniel Steiner

    Daniel Steiner
    Boston, MA
    Hdcp 22.5
    60* KBS Tour Stiff, 2* flat.

    Current wedge:
    I don’t currently carry a Lob wedge and use a 56* Cleveland RTX4 mid for shots inside 100 and chip with a 50* RTX4 when there is green to work with. I’m curious to see if a lob wedge gives me more precision and confidence on the 40-70 yard pitches I often leave myself after mishit approach shots.

  69. Drew Fink

    Drew Fink
    Dunedin, FL
    Cleveland 588 – 60deg

    61 degree ; KBS Graphite Reg

  70. Kevin Brown

    Kevin Brown
    Sheboygan, WI
    9 handicap
    Currently playing a Ping Forged Glide 60 degree
    bent to 62

    Would like to test Edison 62 degree w/KBS Tour Shaft in Reg flex, right hand, MCC+4 Midsize grip

  71. Thanks PIG! This is cool….
    LJ Janiec 10.1
    Current lob is Mizuno T20 60 with s300
    Interested in 61 with KBS Tour stiff
    Midsize +3 wraps
    Good luck everyone!

  72. Ian Gerrish

    Ian Gerrish
    Stanwood Wa.
    17 Handicap

    I would like to try the 61 degree KBS tour stiff

    Current wedge is a Cleveland RTX 60

  73. Scott. C.
    Glen Ellyn, IL
    Handicap 6
    Current 60 degree wedge – Vokey SM6, 1/2 inch long

    Would like an Edison 60 degree wedge with a KBS Tour shaft, 1/2 long, regular flex


  74. Grady Powers Dickens

    My name is Grady Dickens and I am in Dallas, Texas. I am 61, and play to a 3 handicap. I currently use a Honna forged 60 degree wedge with a true temper wedge shaft.

  75. Christopher Costa

    Philadelphia, PA
    Avg score 82
    Playing Titleist 62 degree 200 series factory wedge shaft trimmed to 1.75 – midsized Lamkin grip

  76. Rex Takata

    Rex T.
    Honolulu, HI
    4 handicap
    Currently gaming Mizuno T-20 60′ lob
    Would like an Edison with KBS reg. steel shaft. One degree flat. Standard size grip.

  77. Jerry Payne

    Jerry Payne (15hdcp)
    Wingate, NC
    I use the Callaway Sure Out
    I would try the 60* in a REGULAR

  78. Brendan, NY 25 handicap
    Looking to test the 60 degree with KBS 80 regular graphite shaft.
    Right now using Tour Edge HL4 60 degree wedge steel shaft.

  79. Mark Hartmann

    Mark Hartmann
    HANDICAP 9.2
    Lake Villa illinois
    Current wedge 60 vokey sm8
    Edison 60 KBS TOUR STIFF

  80. Dave // Boston, MA // hdcp 3.8

    Edison desired specs – 60*, KBS Tour Stiff
    Current wedge – Cleveland Zipcore 60*, stock TT DG Spinner Tour Issue

  81. John Perry

    John P., Northern Colorado, handicap 3.0, Would love to test a 64 degree with the KBS Tour 80 Graphite regular flex shaft. My current wedges include a 64 degree and a 59 degree TaylorMade xFT cc (the ones with the replaceable faces).

  82. Chris Speer
    Murrieta, CA
    22.1 index
    Currently have a Cleveland RTX4 60 in the bag, and would love to game anything from Edison in the 60-64 range with KBS Tour Stiff.


  83. Mike Castro

    Mike Castro
    Livermore California USA
    12.4 index
    I have been playing Cleveland wedges for at least 25 years. Currently I have 52, 56 and 60 degree RTX 4 mid grind in my bag. The 60 gets the bulk of the play, I use it form 75 yards and in (everywhere around the green it’s my go to club). I would love to try an Edison 61 degree with either the KBS tour graphite or steel in stiff flex. After reading the PIG review of Edison wedges, it sounds like these may have what it takes to get me to switch from Cleveland after all these years .

  84. Tom, Connecticut, handicap 13.1, would love to try the Edison with 60* loft and the KBS stiff shaft.

    Am currently playing a Vokey SM7 with 60* loft

  85. David,
    shreveport, louisiana
    3.0 index

    Gaming 58 degree Ben hogan equalizer KBS tour-v stiff 2 degrees flat

    Would like to try the Edison 60 with kbs tour stiff. If lie adjustment is possible I would like it 2 degrees flat as well. Thanks for the opportunity?

  86. Hi Again!

    Pat Kaack
    Waupaca, WI
    11 HDCP
    Ping Glide 2.0 60* SS KBS Tour Stiff Black Dot Standard Length
    I’d love to try the Edison 61* Standard Setup with KBS Tour Stiff.

  87. Tom Forsythe

    Tom Forsythe, Springdale, UT. 8 Handicap
    Using Vokey SM 7 60
    Would love to compare Edison 60 with KBS Stiff – sort of would match my iron set that has KBS in them.

  88. Bill Halstead

    Presently use Cleveland CG15 60 degree lob wedge, dynamic grind with regular steel shaft. Would like to try the Edison with regular steel shaft 62 Degree loft.
    Bill Halstead, 20 Knotweed Court, Bluffton, SC 29909
    Handicap 13.8

  89. Jonathan Compton

    Would love to and play 2-3 times per week.

    Jonathan Compton, Albuquerque New Mexico, 25.0 index, 62° KBS Tour 80 Graphite-A Flex lob wedge with KBS Tour 80 Graphite-A Flex 62° lob wedge.

    My current lob wedge is a Callaway Sure Out 60° lob wedge with Senior/A flex graphite shaft.

  90. Art G.
    Solvang Ca.
    12.1 index
    I play with a Mizuno T20 60 degree true temper shaft and sometimes a Fourteen mt-28 v 60 v2.
    I would like to have the KBS shaft tour stiff 60 degree to test

  91. Greg
    Red Bank, NJ
    12 Handicap
    Currently game a Cleveland RTX4 60*
    Would like to test: Edison 64* with kbs tour 80 graph reg

  92. John Williams

    Hi. I’m a 14 handicap and currently play a Vokey SM7 60 degree wedge. I’d love try the Edison 60 degree wedge with the KBS regular flex shaft. Thanks.

  93. Jason Holzemer

    Jason Holzemer, Shakopee, MN
    12 Handicap
    62 degree KBS Tour 80 Graphite Stiff
    Currently Playing Cleveland CBX2 60 Degree Dynamic Gold 115 Wedge Flex

  94. Bill Bouxsein

    Bill B
    Lake County Il
    Hscp 27
    Current lob wedge 60 deg Taylormade Sim. Max
    Would like a 60 deg with the KBS 80 graphite reg flex shaft.

  95. Stephen D Gengaro

    Stephen G,
    Boonton, NJ
    3.6 index
    60°, half inch long with KBS Tour shaft and 1° upright.

  96. Allen Bird

    Allen Madoc Ontario Canada hpc 7
    Currently playing vokey spin mill 7 60 -8

    Interested in the 62 degree kbx stiff ty

  97. John Hulewicz

    Looks like a large test panel 😁. Currently playing Vokey sm7 58 degree but considering two new wedges. I’d try a 60 in kbs regular John 9 hdcp

  98. Connor Doles

    My name is Connor Doles, and I am from Byron, GA. I currently play SIM Max woods, Wilson staff irons, and Vokey SM7 48,52,56, and 60 degree wedges. I would love to try out an Edison 60 degree wedge with a stiff kbs steel shaft and low bounce. I am about a 14 handicap, and I am currently improving my game shooting to be single digits by next summer. Thank you for this opportunity!

  99. Michael Close

    Michael Close
    Tasmania, Australia
    Handicap 18 {19.5 on world h/cap}
    Currently using Ping Glide 3 60 deg, so would like to try the Edison 61 deg, with KBS Tous stiff, 1 deg upright
    Thanks for the chance.

  100. George Christie

    I’d love to test a Edison wedge. My current lob wedge is a 60* Wilson Harmonized Wedge, which works just fine. I’d like to try out the 64* Edison with a KBS 80 regular graphite shaft. I live in New Vineyard Maine and am a ten handicap.

  101. Bill W Eaves

    Bill Eaves
    Colleyville, Texas
    Handicap Index: 10.1
    61* KBS Tour 80 Graphite A Flex
    Existing wedge is a Cleveland 60* “Byron Nelson 50th”
    Thanks for the oppertunity…..

  102. Brent Houk

    Brent Houk
    Currently playing a Scor 4161 60 degree

    I love what Terry accomplished with Scor and am intrigued by the new Edisons.

    A 60 degree with KBS Tour regular would make for the ultimate side by side.

  103. Jay
    Rowayton CT and Ft Myers FL (winter)
    HCP Index +2
    60* KBS TOUR Stiff

    I tested (purchased) the Honma T/World, Vokey SM8, Ping Glide 3.0, and Callaway Mack Daddy wedges, against the Cleveland RTX Zipcore (60 stiff) and none of them beat the Zipcore. I can’t imagine a better lob wedge. If these Edison wedges can surpass the playability of these Zipcores, I’ll eat my hat, but I get to choose which hat, probably the gummy bear hat.

    I play the PXG 0311 P wedges down to the Gap, but play the Zipcores in Sand and Lob.

    I practice around the greens a lot so I usually go through at least one to two sets of Sand and Lob Wedges each season.


  104. Ryan K
    Los Altos, CA
    Hscp 15
    Current lob wedge: Edel 60 Digger grind, UST Spin Wedge Proto, TM Milled Grind 60 KBS Hi-Rev
    Would like to test 61 degree, KBS Tour Regular

  105. 8 handicap
    Nashville, TN

    60 a KBS stiff

    Currently play Taylormade high toe 60 degree

  106. Ryan hurtz

    Ryan H.
    Jacksonville, FL
    6 hcp
    60 with the kbs stiff, I’m left handed, not sure if that’s an issue.

    Currently have an sm8 m grind 60. Interested to see if the Edison will launch lower on partial shots.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  107. David J Sell

    What an intriguing opportunity.
    I currently play two Cleveland RTX-4 wedges, the lob wedge is 64 degrees.
    I’d love to try the Edison wedge with the KBS Tour Graphite REG shaft in a 60 degree (been considering getting one), or a 64 degree if you’d prefer a more apples to apples comparison.
    I really love the RTX-4 wedges, so it would be interesting to see if the Edison could knock it out of my bag.
    My current handicap is 14, and play all around Waterford, Wisconsin.

  108. Burt Thompson

    Burt T. from Collinsville, IL playing to a 10 handicap. I’d like to try a 61 degree lob wedge with a KBS Tour 80 graphite shaft in STIFF flex. My current lob-ster is a Northwestern 60 degree SHOTSAVER sand wedge. Thanks for the opportunity!

  109. Austin Simmons

    Austin Simmons, handicap-18. Haslett, MI.
    I’m currently playing a 60 degree Cleveland RXT.
    I would enjoy trying a 60 degree with KBS stiff shaft.
    I often struggle with wasted shots around the green. Each round I seem to have a couple of miss hits that leave me with a hard putt. I would like to try a different wedge that might fit my game a little better.

  110. Peter Drewek

    Pete Drewek from Tucson,AZ. Playing a Titliest SM7 60* with a 3 handicap.
    Would like to try the 60* model with KBS tour stiff shaft.
    Thank you

  111. Ken Herzog

    Ken H Fresno CA 12 Handicap
    I would like to try a 60 degree lob wedge with the KBS Tour Graphite 80 stiff flex 1 1/2 over length with a midsize grip. Currently playing a Ping I3 60 degree, 1 1/2 over length. It’s no longer legal for some tournament play!


    I am in St. Louis, MO. Handicap 19. I am a senior golfer. If given an Edison wedge I would like the 60 degree with KBS Tour Regular shaft. My current 60 degree wedge is a Wilson FG Tour wedge 60 degree /10 degree bounce with a True Temper Dynamic Gold Shaft. Over all length 35″

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