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The TaylorMade P UDI is a great option off the tee or as a long iron replacement.  Surprising levels of forgiveness.  Great shot shaping potential.  Mid-low launch with mid spin.


The UDI – short for Ultimate Driving Iron – is one of TaylorMade’s longest running lines, dating back to 2014 and the Tour Preferred line.  While the first name has changed – SIM, P790, Stealth – the performance has remained consistent.  The new TaylorMade P UDI continues to be one of the best driving irons in the game.


The TaylorMade P UDI has the sleekest in the bag look of any UDI yet.  I liked the look of the Stealth UDI [review HERE], but the P UDI meshes better with TaylorMade’s P Series irons like the P790 [review HERE].

At address, the look hasn’t changed much from previous iterations of the Ultimate Driving Iron.  The top line has some heft to it, comparable to a game improvement iron.  There’s a modest amount of offset, but the blade length is fairly compact.  The P UDI does look a bit slimmer than the Stealth UDI, and I prefer the matte finish on the toe and hosel.

The TaylorMade P UDI and P DHY (above, left), while clearly related, have some obvious differences at address.  The P UDI has a thinner top line, and its face is about 1/8″ taller at its peak.  Both irons are the same length from heel to toe, though the shorter face makes the DHY look longer.  TaylorMade does not give offset specs, but to my eye there is slightly less offset in the P UDI.

Sound & Feel

Striking a pure shot with the TaylorMade P UDI produces a robust “snap” and a solid, slightly quick feel.  It’s an immensely satisfying sensation that balances the feel of a traditional iron with a little something extra.

The feedback on strike quality is good without being overly taxing.  Mishits get louder in proportion to the size of the error.  Small misses are a little firm, losing the sweetness of centered shots.  Big misses can feel harsh – a strong rebuke for a lack of focus.


The biggest change from previous UDI to the Stealth UDI was added forgiveness.  That has carried forward with the TaylorMade P UDI.  While not ideal for high handicaps and slower swingers, this is a club that can be played by a fairly wide range of golfers.  A lot of this forgiveness comes via the Speed Pocket – which helps thin strikes – and the 26 grams of tungsten which makes the club head more stable.

In my testing of the P UDI, I saw excellent ball speed on center along with a controlled mid/low launch and mid spin.  The stock shot was a cannon blast on a trajectory slightly above stinger level and good roll out.  With the exception of very thin strikes, mishits will fly on a similar trajectory with just a few less MPH of ball speed.

What makes the TaylorMade P UDI so much fun to hit is that you aren’t limited to that stock shot.  This is a club that invites shot making.  I was able to move the ball left and right a little or a lot.  Even more fun is altering trajectory.  If you want to hit a low bullet that will run forever, you can do that.  On the other hand, if you need to hold a green from 200 yards out, the P UDI is up to that task, too.

There are some important differences when comparing the P UDI to the TaylorMade P DHY.  The P UDI is built to launch lower, and I found that it spins slightly less.  These are not night and day differences, but they’re big enough that they will impact carry distance.  There is also slightly less forgiveness in the P UDI – the tradeoff for the ability to more easily control your shots.

Finally, I want to stress the importance of getting fit for the TaylorMade P UDI.  The stock shaft is a good middle of the road offering, but a properly fitted shaft can unlock this club’s potential.  Also, do not get obsessed with the loft.  For most players, the 18 degree version will not be the longest because they don’t have the requisite speed.  Figure out the yardage you need to hit and bag the club that will help you get there most often.


If you need a club that can split the tightest fairways, or you’re ready to dump your unfriendly 4I, check out the TaylorMade P UDI.  This club is player-approved with its good looks and shot shaping ability, but it also packs in a surprising level of forgiveness.

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TaylorMade P UDI Price & Specs

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  1. I’ve been debating on a shift from my 4 and 3 hybrid into a long iron and these are right up my alley. I need something that is going to be forgiving and fun to play. I am getting tired of watching my hybrid shots go left into a duck hook.

    Curious. How did these perform out of rough and other tricky lies?

    • Matt Saternus


      They worked well for me. The sole is not as thin as a players iron, but it’s on par with most game improvement irons.



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