TaylorMade OS Spider Putter Review

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50 Words or Less

The TaylorMade OS Spider putter is likely the most forgiving putter on the planet.  Very stable, for better or worse.


TaylorMade’s Spider putter has gone from a science project to a staple of their line up over the last few years.  While many still ridicule the design for its size and for looking like a spaceship, it’s impossible to argue with the forgiveness it provides or the success that Jason Day has had with it.

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The TaylorMade OS Spider is one of the largest putters you’re ever going to see.  It’s big in every possible way.  This particular iteration of the Spider is even boxier than normal – it’s almost a square on a stick.

The Spider does come in two different styles, though they are more similar than the other pairings in the OS/CB line up.  Both the OS Spider and the OS CB Spider are black in the middle and the rear corners, but the OS Spider has a silver face, the OS CB is black all over.

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Sound & Feel

When it comes to the feel of the OS Spider, the most dominant characteristic is the weight.  Though the OS Spider is “only” 350 grams, the way the weight is distributed makes it feel very heavy during the swing.  The OS CB Spider is an enormous 405 grams, and it feels every bit of it.

At impact, the OS Spider feels bland.  Because the MOI is so high, there’s very little feedback, and the sound is mushy and lacking in distinction.

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The OS and OS CB Spider putters are designed to have super high MOI/forgiveness, and in that they are quite successful.  It’s hard to feel when you’ve mishit a putt, and the results don’t tell you much either.  Outside of substantial mishits, every putt gets to the cup.

A high MOI does have a downside, however.  This face balanced putter really doesn’t want to rotate during the swing, and it will leave players with any arc in their stroke feeling disconnected from the putter face.  If you’re a pure straight-back-straight-through putter, you can have great success with this club, but other players would do well to avoid it.

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The Spider has become a staple of TaylorMade’s putter line up because it does exactly what it claims – it delivers extreme forgiveness.  The OS Spider and OS CB Spider putters take that to an even higher level with larger club heads and counter balancing.

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  1. nice, like the milled aluminum insert, nice feeling thud, and it goes straight,
    starting to show up used, was new in 2016, the spider os, what more do you want in a putter:
    better than my putts deserve,
    later, paul schweitz,
    wilmette g.c.

  2. Jason Parker

    Best putter I’ve ever owned, traded in my 2019 Scotty Cameron & got this. I never thought I’d get away from Scotty Cameron but I’ll never look back now. 100% comfortable over a putt miss or make but its the 1st time in over 25yrs l feel this good over a putt, by the way I’ve only been playing golf for 25yrs. Good luck out there guys!!

  3. Stuart morris

    I have owned this putter for 4 years and love it. All my playing partners have gone and done the same. The putter is well weighted and balanced. Very good for fringe and texas wedge puts also. One of the bonus features is the long grip, allowing you to change your stance for shorter puts. Highly recommended.

  4. Do you sell taylormade spider os cb putter

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