Super Short Game Training Aid Review

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The Super Short Game training aid is an easy to use trainer that powers two solid drills.  Helps to improve your chipping and putting.


“Golf is better with a Super Short Game.”  Anyone who has ever had a great short game – or played against someone with one – would not argue.  Few things are as satisfying as getting up and down to tie an opponent who thought you were out of the hole or rolling in a long birdie putt.  In this review, I’ll attempt to find out if this training aid deserves its haughty name.

Ease of Use & Set Up

The Super Short Game comes out of the box fully assembled, as you see above.  To attach it to your club, just undo the velcro strap, fit it over the butt of your grip, and tighten the strap.  If you’re using it with a putter, there is a flat side that should align with the top of the grip.  For round grips, it can be installed in any orientation.  Putting this onto the club takes only a few seconds and is very intuitive.

I will note here that the SSG does not fit all shapes of putter grips.  The box notes that it “fits any size grip except jumbo.”  I tried to put it on the Garsen Quad Tour Pistol [review HERE], which is not that large, just unusually shaped, and it would not fit.

Super Short Game provides an Instructions page HERE that explains what to do once it’s on your club.  More experienced golfers can probably skip that step and simply look at the pictures on the box to figure out what to do.


I need to get something out of the way before I continue: I dislike a lot of what’s written on the Super Short Game website.  I’m aware that every training aid “needs” to make their device seem unique and magical to get people excited about buying it, but the SSG crosses a line for me.  They state that other trainers “make you dependent on the device” as if the SSG is different.  It’s not.  They also demean players who use non-traditional grips and make claims about “scientific findings” without citing any studies.  Now that I’ve said my piece about that, let’s get on to the device itself.

The Super Short Game is essentially an adjustable-length rod at the end of club that can provide feedback for different drills.  For putting, the SSG is meant to turn your putter into an anchored belly putter giving you the feel of a “true pendulum motion.”

For chipping, the SSG is meant to be extended and placed in front of your lead side (closer to the target).  This puts your hands in front of the ball so you can deliver a downward, de-lofted chip.  If you “flip” your hands, the SSG will hit you in the side.  This is a time-tested drill that I’ve taught many times by shoving an alignment stick into the grip.

Both of these drills work very well, and the Super Short Game provides clear, immediate feedback.  I used the putting drill with my daughter and saw an immediate improvement in her technique.  However, lasting change only comes with repetition.  When you take away the SSG, it’s very easy to go back to your old habits.


The Super Short Game is small and light (approximately 60 grams) and can easily live in your golf bag.  It also attaches to your club quickly and easily, so there’s not too much friction to using it.

On the other hand, there’s nothing gamified or exciting about using the SSG.  You’re going to pull this out when you want to focus and do drills, not to have a good time.

On balance, I rate the Super Short Game slightly above average for longevity on the strength of it having two impactful drills and being easy to use.


The Super Short Game sells through their website for $40.  This puts it squarely on the affordable side of training aids.  With two solid drills, I think the SSG is a good value if chipping and putting are areas of weakness for you.

Those inclined to DIY solutions will note that the SSG can be replaced with a cut down alignment rod shoved through the grip.


The Super Short Game is a solid training aid with two clearly defined purposes.  If you’re working on making the changes that it prescribes, the SSG is worth adding to your practice repertoire.

Visit Super Short Game HERE

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  1. Wow Matt … not often that your irritation manifests itself in your prose! Fine job!

    You’re probably spot on with all.

    …. but there’s much more to the short game than just chipping.

    Intriguing, but prolly a pass here.

    Thanks for another great review!

  2. How stupid. Just hold an alignment stick against your grip and make chipping or putting strokes. An old old teaching trick.

  3. Yeah I’m part of the DIY crowd. But thanks for the thorough and honest review!

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