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Sun Mountain Pathfinder 3 Push Cart Review

By: Dylan Thaemert

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The Sun Mountain Pathfinder 3 is everything a golfer looks for in a push cart: light, compact, and jam-packed with functionality.


In order for a push cart to represent an obvious upgrade from simply carrying your bag, it needs to be easy to transport and set up, it needs to have a variety of storage options, and it needs to be easy to maneuver.  The Sun Mountain Pathfinder 3 delivers on all counts.

Size & Setup

For a full size push cart, the Pathfinder 3 feels remarkably light and easy to handle when folded up.  When folded, it measures 16” wide, 28.5” long, and 14” high.  It weighs just 16 pounds and feels about half the weight of my old push cart.  Getting it in and out of a normal-sized trunk along with your golf clubs could not be easier.  

The first time I set up the Pathfinder 3 was a testament to how easy it is to use.  Though the box did not include any detailed instructions, the folding mechanisms are simple and intuitive, and I had the push cart up and rolling in about a minute.  It’s also extremely easy to change how high the handle is so you can have it where it’s most comfortable for you.

Storage & Accessories

The Pathfinder 3 has all the storage you need and then some.  On top, there’s a plastic flip-top compartment with spots for three extra balls and enough room to securely store your phone, wallet, and keys.  Below that is a soft fabric compartment with a velcro closure that is great for a rangefinder or yardage book. Then, there’s a mesh basket closer to where the golf clubs sit.  It’s a comfort to know that you can store everything you need and keep it dry in case of a little rain.

Speaking of rain, my push cart came with the umbrella holder attachment.  Even though I don’t have an umbrella that fits into the attachment yet, I plan to buy one because I can already tell how much I will enjoy it.  It screws in at the center of the handlebars so you and your clubs can stay dry in the rain. It would also be a great way to stay cool when walking on a blistering summer day.  

My Pathfinder 3 also came with a water bottle holder that attaches to the side of the push cart.  It can be a little tricky to use depending on the circumference of your bottle, but it is still a useful addition.

On-Course Performance

One area where the Pathfinder 3 excels is the brake.  I’ve used push carts where simply getting the brake to engage was a challenge. This brake not only keeps the cart stationary on an incline, but it’s easier to apply the brake than it is to remove it.  I think this is one of the cart’s smartest features.

The cart practically glides across the ground and is easy to maneuver.  I think the way the handlebars are shaped helps with that.  

My one minor criticism is that the back wheels are closer together than I am used to.  This makes it a bit risky to take an aggressive angle on a steep incline.  However, with the rest of its functionality and performance in mind, this is a small learning curve to master.


For someone who wants to walk the course in comfort and maintain easy access to clubs, balls, snacks, water, green reading books, or anything else the modern golfer might need, the Sun Mountain Pathfinder 3 represents an excellent option.  It’s easy to use and store and while it is relatively lightweight, it feels extremely sturdy.  If you’re looking for a new way to get around the course, you will enjoy this push cart.

Dylan Thaemert
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  1. The Real Mitchell B

    If I were to put an umbrella on the handle bar, would it fall over?

  2. Good article. Have an old sun mtn now I’ve had for many years. Brake doesn’t work anymore but over it’s been great. Would you say this is the very best push cart on market now or no? Thanks.

  3. Fernando Campos

    Great article! I plan to purchase thisi item!

  4. Arthur Adelberg

    I just bought the Pathfinder 4 and it is excellent. It is as good as (if not better) than the Pathfinder 3. #SecretGiveaway

  5. #secret giveaways

  6. #SecretGiveaway

  7. #SecretGiveaway
    I read this and thought the article was pretty decent. I’ve been using a clickgear push cart for about ten years and thought I would read this to see how it compares. He did not mention the cost . I would like to know if the tubular metal is strong enough to handle a heavy bag. I had a friend with a sun mountain cart and the center metal stay broke. He ended up putting a dowel rod in there to hold it but was never happy with it.

  8. Good review. I have a Clicgear 2.0, which appears similar to this Sun Mountain, except the Sun Mountain doesn’t look as sturdy as the Clicgear. However, the Sun Mountain Pathfinder 3 looks to be more maneuverable than the Clicgear due to it narrower base. Which wheels do the brakes lock – front or rear? #SecretGiveaway

  9. jake krayson

    curious as to what item is featured #SecretGiveaway

  10. #SecretGiveaway

  11. David Rosenthal

    Excellent review. Thanks! #secretgiveaway

  12. As always, great insights! On my way to purchase the cart. Thanks for the outstandin review! #SecretGiveaway

  13. Patrick Lockley

    Looks like an amazing cart and I like that it has plenty of storage. Me personally I prefer to use a push cart rather than any other means of getting around the course. #secretgiveaway. Thanks for the great review.

  14. Tim Marburger

    Looks beautiful. #SecretGiveaway

  15. Nice review. I can’t see the wheels being to close together as being an issue for me since the course I would use it on the most should not have any steep angles to deal with. #SecretGiveaway

  16. I’ve used a Sun Mountain push cart for years.

    The storage of this model is interesting, I may have to upgrade.


  17. Hi,
    I bought one of these this summer and I like it a lot, very stable and it holds both my carry bag and my cart bag in a strong grip.

    Ulf Aronson

  18. Michael Atkins

    Any idea where I can get an umbrella holder extension? I need the umbrella to be just a little higher on my push cart….
    umbrella holder attachment. #SecretGiveaway

  19. Good article. It would be convenient to include a direct link to the manufacturers web site in articles like this.

  20. Steve schmelz

    I normally carry a sun mountain 3.5

  21. I need this, hear it is great!

  22. This looks like a great push cart. If I didn’t have Kangaroo Cart, I consider buying this one. #SecretGiveaway

  23. I have one with four wheels. I think it’s probably more stable than the three wheeled type. But it’s a Sun Mountain and the quality is great. Nothing wrong with it after 10+ years of many rounds of golf. #SecretGiveaway

  24. This would be great to win in a #SecretGiveaway.

  25. Been looking for a new cart, this review is really helpful. Thanks #SecretGiveaway.

  26. #Secretgiveaway

  27. Dayson pearce


  28. I like the idea of the angled handle…may reduce stress on the forearms and hands. #SecretGiveaway

  29. Steve Patchin

    Looks & sounds like a winner.


  30. Marc Lefebvre, Calais ME

    Nice looking cart!

  31. Darrell Ziegler

    Secret getaway

  32. Dino Quintanilla

    Looking for a new cart, this could be the one..may I find a retailer who sells them#SecretGiveaway.

  33. Jason Taylor

    I have the Sun Mountain Micro Cart and would be curious how this model compares to it #SecretGiveaway

  34. Andrew Henke

    I can’t believe how far push carts have come in the past ten years- I just wish prices would come down some… All the best to you, Matt! #SecretGiveaway

  35. I normally carry when I walk, but when I use a push cart I use a Clicgear 2.0, which has been great. However, the Sun Mountain Pathfinder 3 looks light weight and maneuverable. Good write up on the Sun Mountain. #SecretGiveaway

  36. Philip Grogan

    Nice cart #SecretGiveaway

  37. David Bernard


  38. A good read. Definitely one to consider. #SecretGiveaway

  39. Scott Underhill

    Good looking cart. #SecretGiveaway

  40. John Reimers

    I just got my Pathfinder 3 can’t wait to test it out on the course and pump it out with accessories. #secretgiveaway

  41. Hello, love to read your article and get so much information through your blog and learn new things. You write very well, am amazed by your blogging, you will definitely achieve success.

  42. Is the cart supposed to lock in place when in the fold down position?

  43. I purchased the Pathfinder 3 this past summer. I am happy with the cart EXCEPT when I remove my golf bag the cart falls backwards so I have to lean it up agains my car AND it is so difficult to fold up. I have to tip the top half way back and everything fall out of my little compartment and I have to brace my foot on the cart to secure it to fold, even with the black on. Honestly, it is alway a struggle. It just shouldn’t be. Takes the gas out of a great round of golf.

  44. Ramirez Daniel

    That was a great review, does the cart have an attachment that holds the umbrella itself?


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