Srixon Z STAR and Z STAR XV Golf Ball Review

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The Srixon Z STAR and Z STAR XV golf balls deliver more short game spin and long game consistency at a lower price than other tour-caliber balls.


There are a number of interesting things about the new Srixon Z STAR and Z STAR XV golf balls, but one is flying under the radar: the price.  While other manufacturers are pushing the price of a tour-caliber ball ever higher (around $50 for Titleist’s ProV1), Srixon’s latest is coming in lower than the previous generation ($39.99).  Is it possible that Srixon is delivering a better ball and a lower price?  We tested it to find out.

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For most golfers, feel is most important off the putter.  On the greens, both balls are very soft but in different ways.  The Z STAR has the softer, lower pitched “tock” that is prototypical of a good tour ball.  The Z STAR XV has a sound that’s a bit louder and higher pitched, but the coating is so soft that the feel is still buttery.

In the long game there are differences between the two models, but they’re modest.  The Z STAR XV has a substantially higher compression rating than the Z STAR, but for me it felt softer off the driver.  Oddly, I thought it felt a bit firmer off the irons.  Again, these differences are small.  In the big picture, both Z STAR balls have the premium feel you would expect from a tour ball.

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Short Game

My performance testing almost always starts on the launch monitor with a wedge in hand.  This is the first area where the new Z STAR balls shined.  I found that on the best strikes, both models produced a couple hundred RPMs more spin than similar balls.  More importantly, I found that the spin was more consistent on poor strikes thanks to the third-gen Spin Skin coating.  As a golfer who doesn’t have hours each day to practice, this is really important to me.

Interestingly, I did not find much difference between the Z STAR and Z STAR XV in short game spin.  This is another great feature – players with higher swing speeds don’t need to sacrifice wedge spin.

On the course, both balls lived up to my expectations.  From full wedge shots to testy pitches, I got all the spin I was looking for on each shot.

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Long Game

My first round with the Z STAR XV was a real test: the winds were gusting up to 40 MPH.  Even in these tough conditions, the Z STAR XV held its line, and my distances were not as affected as I feared.  In calmer conditions, the consistency was even more impressive: good shots had the same trajectory, shape, and landing characteristics every time.

The Z STAR is very solid and an excellent choice for players who want more spin.  I saw my iron shots producing a few hundred RPM more spin with the Z STAR compared to the XV, and a similar difference with the driver.  The more important difference is that the XV will produce more ball speed for players with higher swing speeds.

One of the things that Srixon has been doing with their recent products is releasing a mountain of testing data (you can see much of it HERE).  As someone who wants to quantify everything, I love this.  I won’t regurgitate every point, but I found two things very compelling.  First, both Z STAR balls spin as much as 200 RPM less off the driver than other tour balls.  Depending on your launch conditions, that could mean picking up a couple yards.  What’s more impressive is that for higher speed players, the XV produced up to 4 MPH more ball speed than competing balls.  All else equal that could be a difference of 7 yards or more!

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Despite what many people believe, golf equipment has not been “maxed out” yet, and the Srixon Z STAR golf balls are proof.  They offer tremendous performance in the long game and more consistent short game spin.  Players seeking the best performing ball would do well to give these a try.

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Matt Saternus
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  1. Hi Matt, love the site and great review as always.

    From reading I believe the ball speed claim should be changed to +0.5 mph (other axis is compression value).

    Would be great for your guys to perform a ‘premium ball shoot out’ and hopefully debunk the perceived superiority of Titleist!! Where I live they’re about 40% more than TM TPx…..and people still just buy Titleist!

  2. Kathy Brooks

    Kathy Brooks
    Palm Springs
    Callaway super soft

  3. Kathy Brooks

    Kathy Brooks
    Palm Springs
    Callaway supersoft

  4. I live in Scottsdale, AZ and play golf at least 5 days per week. My current golf index is 6.4 and I belong to Terravita Golf and Country Club. I currently play mostly with the Callaway Chrome Soft ball. I have used the Srixon Z Star in the past, and would love to be part of the new testing.

  5. I now play prov1x my handicap is 19 I hit the straight most of the time but not long my 2nd shot is most of the time to long to hit the green in 2 I could use about 15 or 20 more yards off the tee help please.

    • If you are struggling to reach the green in regulation because of distance perhaps you might consider moving up a tee box.

      I know this can become akward if playing with the “boys” but they are designed to level the field and make it less frustrating for you .

      Another option would be to go to an extreme distance golf ball but sacrifice a ton of feel around the greens.

  6. Dennis Delwo

    Dennis Delwo
    Maricopa Arizona
    Pro v 1
    6 handicap

  7. I’m plus 1 hdc. I’ve had payed Srixon for the last 4 years in competition. Unbelievable performance.
    Your review is spot on. Interestingly even at my swing speed 104-105 the XV ball gives me almost half a club more distance with my irons and 5+ yards more with the driver

  8. ChristopherKee

    Played the XV today and you’re correct, feels like butter off the driver and also hybrid.

  9. Sean McAndrew

    Hi Matt,

    Not sure of my swing speed but average drive is about 295. 5 iron carry is about 190.

    Thinking about giving the XV a try as I have always used a much softer ball (bridgestone e6 because thats what my dad gave me) and feel I am leaving some velocity on the table. Natural high ball hitter.

    If you don’t mind me asking, what was the yardage differance you were seeing between the XV and the QStar Tour for driver and irons? I know everyone is different, but I read all your articles and truly value your opinion!

    • Matt Saternus


      I’d be lying if I said I could accurately remember that. My best guess is that the differences were negligible. I’m a low spin player, so I don’t see big distance jumps between balls unless one is extremely high spin.



  10. Alex Turner

    Hi Matt,

    I have been playing Bridgestone e6 softs but i want to try a new ball. A rep introduced to to Z Star and the XV but suggested I play the Z Star since I have a 108-110 driver swing speed. He said the ZStars max lut at 110 so its perfectfor me. Im a 9 hdc and sometime (when im tired) slice my driver. My drive distance it 275-295, my 6 iron is 190. And im pretty accurate around the green. So my question is what ball should i play? The one where im almost at its max or the one the is for higher caliper golfers?

    • Matt Saternus


      I think the biggest difference you’re going to find is the feel. Play whichever one you like putting more.



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