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Snell Golf MTB Black and MTB Red Golf Ball Review

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The Snell Golf MTB Red and MTB Black golf balls perform as well as any tour-caliber ball but carry a much smaller price tag.


The concept of a Tour-quality golf ball at an affordable price seems like a slam dunk.  Who wouldn’t want to get the same quality for less money?  Yet the graveyard of such companies is getting increasingly crowded.

Snell Golf is one of the few survivors.  It’s been almost three years since Snell Golf launched the original MTB (My Tour Ball), and now they’re unveiling their next generation of golf balls, the MTB Black and MTB Red.


Both the MTB Red and MTB Black feature a urethane cover which gives them a premium feel.

Off the putter, the MTB Red feels slightly softer than the ProV1.  The pitch of the impact sound is slightly deeper.  The MTB Black feels has a similar sound, but it’s a bit more solid – a “thud” rather than a “tock.”  That said, if you’re not focused on feel, you could easily mistake one for the other.

Beyond the putter, the difference between the MTB Red and MTB Black was hard for me to find, but both felt a bit softer than the ProV1 off a wedge.

Long Game

One interesting note I picked up from the Snell Golf website is that Dean Snell does not recommend using the driver to choose your ball.  Per the site, “All golf balls today travel the same distance.”

I found that to be the case when comparing the two MTB balls to the top-selling Tour ball.  All three produced identical ball speeds and spin numbers that were in the same ball park.  On average, I did see about 150 fewer RPM with the MTB Black compared to the Red, but that’s not a meaningful difference for my game.

On approach shots, the MTB Red is designed to produce slightly higher spin and ball flight – particularly with the short irons.  As a low spin player, I didn’t see a huge difference – only a couple hundred RPM – but higher spin (or higher speed) players may see a bigger gap.  In speaking with Snell Golf about this, they indicated that better players will likely prefer the more penetrating flight of the MTB Black.

Short Game

Short wedge shots are where you get the performance benefit from a urethane cover.  Both the MTB Red and MTB Black produced more spin than the ProV1 in my testing.

The difference between the ProV1 and the MTB Black was not significant – only 130 RPM on average, a 2% difference.  With the MTB Red, I was seeing a difference of over 300 RPM.  Neither of these gaps will be the difference between spinning a shot back and watching it run through the green, but players who want every RPM should check out the MTB Red.


The Snell Golf MTB Red and MTB Black both retail for $32/dozen.  If you want to make this ball your full-time gamer and grab 6-dozen, the price drops to $27.33 per dozen.

At either price, this is a tremendous value.  A high performance, urethane-covered ball for around $30 is a rarity, and one you should take advantage of.


“No Tour Contracts.  No Extra Costs.  No B.S.”

When you’re producing a ball that can go shot for shot with the #1 ball in golf and charging 2/3 the price, you don’t need B.S.  The new Snell Golf MTB Red and MTB Black golf balls give players two tremendous choices at a price that will leave you money for green fees.

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  1. Jim Garner

    It’s pretty easy to find four or three piece urethane covered tour quality balls from Srixon or Bridgestone for under $30 dozen. Just follow the sales at

    They recently were selling 6 packs of both Srixon Z stars for $9.95 a six pack.

    Now when you can get the Costco Kirkland Signature 4 piece at $15/dozen, that’s a true value on a tour quality ball.

    • Justin Poole

      My thoughts exactly – if you just do a little research or buy last years’ ball, you can find them easily around $25 – $28 per dozen.

  2. Jim Barry

    How are these different from the original Snell balls?

    • Matt Saternus


      The Red is a 4-piece where the original MTB is 3. Per Snell, the Black has a 7% lower compression core than the original.



  3. scott wadewitz

    Obviously, some of the people commenting above, have not played a Snell golf ball before. They are as high quality as you can get. I like the old MTB better than the Pro V. Just my opinion, but have seen more and more players saying the same thing.

  4. Ronald Stark

    Same here, the original MTB seemed as good as a ProV1 to me. And, by buying online with no tax and no shipping, the cost is abou 60% of the Titleist. I am about a 2 but older with my swingspeed down to the mid 90’s now. I need the extra spin of the red, I believe.

  5. Jeff Holland

    I am only a few months shy of 75. I have been longer than average off the tee for 50 years. In the last four years I have lost about 15 yards per year. I am still longer than average for my age.
    That said, I have been using the Snell MTB for a couple of years and I’m not looking back.

  6. I found a Snell red one day used it it felt great of the tee box .Next hole I got my first hole in one

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