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Comfortable, stable, and dry.  If those three words are important to you when it comes to your golf course footwear, the Skechers GO GOLF Torque Pro may be for you.


Skechers continues to be synonymous with comfort when it comes to golf shoes.  The GO GOLF Torque Pro continues that tradition in a shoe that includes changeable Soft Spikes and a waterproof leather and synthetic upper.


The GO GOLF Torque Pro has a simple, classic, and functional look.  It’s not flashy or fashionable and those who buy it probably won’t care about being the best dressed on the course.  That said, simplicity is functional, and nothing about these shoes is likely to distract you at address.

In addition to the black/red colorway shown here, the shoe also comes in black/gray, white/navy, and gray/red.


Comfort is where Skechers and the Torque Pro really stand out.  I’m not sure what’s in the company’s ULTRA GO® foam cushioning (and I doubt they’d tell me if I asked) but it feels like magic on your feet.  It’s one thing to step into a shoe and think, “Oh yeah, this is comfortable” for the first ten minutes or so.  It’s another to put on a brand new pair of shoes, walk 18 holes, and afterwards realize “Wow, these are comfortable, I didn’t think about my feet once.”

In addition to the footbed being extremely comfortable, the way the upper supports the sides of the foot is also remarkably comfortable.  It comes in both medium and extra wide widths.


I alluded to the extreme comfort of the shoe above.  With footwear, that’s a big part of performance.  If there’s one thing you can count on to deliver about this shoe it is the comfort.  While everyone’s foot shape is slightly different, I think the two available widths should cover the vast majority of people.

The traction provided by the Torque Pro is ratcheted up a notch compared to the last pair of Skechers I reviewed, which were spikeless.  The SoftSpikes really help you feel like you’re locked into the turf without feeling like you’re going to take a chunk out of the green if you’re not careful.

The Torque Pro also provides more than adequate waterproofing.  While I haven’t tested them in a downpour, they held up extremely well in morning dew or on a course that was saturated with a few days of rain.


The Skechers GO GOLF Torque Pro lives up to the expectation of extreme comfort that goes with the Skechers name and provides traction, stability, and waterproofing as well.  Modest but functional looks at a reasonable price point at $115.

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