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What is Counterweighting (4)

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What is Counterweighting (3)

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What is Counterweighting (2) What is Counterweighting (1)

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  1. Id like to try this in my full set. I have had success in the Heavy putter and tend to use it as a tool to practice my putting stroke.

  2. JREcklund03

    Putter – probably going to be the most popular answer here, but would help my game the most by helping me maintain a straight club head through the swing.

  3. Another putter vote here. Although I am really curious to try it on all my clubs, I think the putter has the highest chance of staying in the bag with it.

  4. Putter but would also like to try it on my driver!

  5. I would love this on all of my wedges, especially my PW and AW (full swing wedges). I’ve heard a lot about how the additional weight in the grip can help give better control.

  6. would love to try this on my driver

  7. matt maynard

    I am going to say my driver most definitely. I have heard great thimgs about the Secret Grips.

  8. Carl Todasco


  9. Robin Wilson

    My 3 hybrid

  10. Matt Saternus

    Congratulations to Hula Rock, the winner of our Secret Grip giveaway!

  11. Thanks P.I.G !!!!!!!! Matt I sent you my contact info via email

  12. Congrats Hula, let us know how the grips work out!

  13. Donald Appel

    My driver. Maybe it can help cure the slice.

  14. Ed Zampella

    love to try them on my driver and wedges

  15. I wanted to try your counter weight grip on my driver , putter and scoring irons. You said it would help for accuracy! If that is true after the trial, I will be your forever buyer.

  16. Warren Nichols

    I had heard about counter balancing when I was shopping for a new putter and one of the putters I was looking at featured that it was counter balanced so definitely interested in trying them on my putter. Not sure I like the idea of lightening the swing weight of my other clubs, but it might be worth a try, who can’t use a little more distance and accuracy!

  17. Matt Saternus

    This contest has ended.

  18. Chuck Koman

    I really need to get my hands out of chips and putts. I hope back weighting will help.

  19. I’d like to try the secret grip on my putter. Not happy about the anchoring ban. So I better get good quick with a standard putter if I want to play well!

  20. I would like to try it with my wedge

  21. Phil O'Connor

    Counterweighting is something venerated. Ben Hogan knew. Nicklaus learned. Sergio is in it. I have respect and an eye of tenacity plus reverence for the history of golf. I would be thrilled to explain to thousands of golfers why your products are superior and worthwhile. The putter!

  22. George Valdespino

    My three wood is totally deficient. At age 79 the most yardage I can achieve is 180 . The ball flies off the club well and direction is very good, but no distance. I have considered installing grips with weighted ends.

  23. putter and short irons are in need of help

  24. I’ve heard about and having been reading more about counter balanced grips. Very interested in how this could help smooth out my iron swing.

  25. Ken Harrison

    I want to try the Secret in my favorite iron, my 6 iron. My hands get ahead and from what I read this is one of the solutions for that problem. I’ll guess I’ll just have to get used to the improved accuracy and the longer shots.

  26. Ken Harrison

    I want to try this in my favorite iron, my 6 iron. My hands can get ahead often and I have read that this is one of the best solutions for this problem.If it works I guess I’ll just have to get used to the improved accuracy and better distance.

  27. Very interested in trying these grips

  28. I think my driver and putter need the secret grip

  29. The clubs that I think I could use a weighted grip are driver and 3 and 4 hybirds.

  30. Bill Deeley

    I have been interested in your counter weighted clubs for some time and would like to install on my complete set. Driver, 3,4,5,6 hybrids ( graphite ) 7 through SW irons ( steel ).

  31. Bob Hodges

    I would like to try them on my wedges and driver. I’m very interested on the feel of the club.

  32. Duane Kari

    I have the grip on my 7 iron. I now want them on my wedges.

  33. My wedges for sure.need more consistency in that area.

  34. My 7 iron

  35. Charlie Howell

    Would like to try it in my putter n driver

  36. All of them

  37. Mario Martinez

    There is a guy at my local golf course promoting counter balancing at $40 a club. I saw your grips a Dick Sporting Goods for $12. I had them put it on my driver. I’m a senior player with a club head speed of 83 miles an hour.
    My driving distance went from 205-210 yards to 230-235 yards. I’m going to have my club head speed checked again. I’m sure it has improved.

  38. Driver. I’ve lost much distance and am developing a nasty little slice. Hoping weighted grip will help put me back on track

  39. My wedges, I have read counter weighting helps on them alot.

  40. Shane McCord

    I would love to try these grips in my driver and fairway woods!

  41. colin hasler

    the club that needs a weighted grip the club which i am using anytime in the round ,what i am doing wrong is turning up please help

  42. Michael Murphy

    I would have to say the ‘putter’ needs it the most.

  43. Jim Wherry

    Matt- I would love to try these grips on my driver and wedges.

  44. Joe Conniff

    Driver! I have cut my down to 43″. I would like to test the difference.

  45. Gary Stacey

    I need a weighted grip for my new #4 hybrid club, my woods and driver. My irons are all 6 iron length single length with varied weights assembled by West Georgia Golf using warp speed conventional heads which have strong lofts. All the irons have counterweights added in the grips including a gap wedge with matching light weight steel shafts that I added a 40 gm weight in the grip. I have slow swing speed and need the heavy club weights to make good distance and proper gaps.
    I would have considered the other new one length irons, but decided to go the heavy club way. Club grip weighting is the best way for me and adds length.

  46. I was in a used club store and found a weighted driver. Researching why, it seemed it might help me. I am a senior player and of all the suggestions I found this makes the most sense.

  47. Joe Florence

    Driver and wedge, it probably all of them if it works.

  48. Donn Rutkoff

    Gonna try cntrwght in a Krank Rage reg flex driver. I want to keep the orig shaft but I am not getting the distance I should. So want see if I can increase swing speed on long club. I am OK on shorter and mid length clubs reg flex, but due to spine, scoliosis and kyphosis, and long arms, I can’t control the long club at the same speed as I can control the lesser length shafts.

  49. Robert C Theoret

    I tend to flip my wedges,and would love to see if this takes the flip out. Also would love to try the putter,to steady my hands. I look at the hole when putting.when my wrists are steady I putt very well.

  50. Craig Nelson

    It worked so well with putting that trying them in a Driver I think would be beneficial. Would like to customize to see what kind of consistent stroke, feel, distance and control are added to this product. Thanks.

  51. James King

    my 3 hybrid using it more and more as driver

  52. Mark McGuirl

    4-pw feel heavy headed!!! Think I would benefit from counterweighting

  53. Matthew Loze

    I changed all my irons over to 90 graphite shafts. I love that they feel a little more dull on impact and the lack of weight lowered the swing speed. I have to admit though, I miss the feeling of a little more weight up in my hands…particularly in my wedges. It worked in my putter, so why not in my other irons?

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