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Scotty Cameron GOLO 6 Putter Review

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50 Words or Less

The Scotty Cameron GOLO 6 is an interesting blend of a classic head shape with modern construction and forgiveness.  Very soft feel off the aluminum face.

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Forgiveness is something that all golfers need, even those that prefer traditional putter designs.  It was those golfers that Scotty Cameron had in mind when creating the new GOLO 6.  This putter fuses a traditional shape with modern construction in an attempt to give players the best of both worlds.

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At first glance, the GOLO 6 is a traditional B-back putter.  A second look reveals that there is a little more here than a classic head shape.  The most noticeable modern touch is the raised aluminum alignment aid.  That multi-material construction is also evident when you look at the face and the sole which are both primarily aluminum.

As we’ve come to expect from Cameron, the overall appearance is professional and smooth.  All the elements are in good proportion with each other and the lines flow smoothly into each other.  

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Sound & Feel

The aluminum face of the Scotty Cameron GOLO 6 produces a dull sound at impact with very minimal click.  Players using golf ball with a non-urethane cover may get a little more click at impact, but tour-caliber balls will feel a bit dead.

The feedback from this putter is decent, but very subtle.  If you’re not paying careful attention to the feel, you’ll easily be able to mistake a mishit for a pure strike.

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The main performance upgrade that the Scotty Cameron GOLO 6 brings to the table is the forgiveness gained through combining a stainless steel body with an aluminum face/sole insert.  The purpose of this construction is to move more weight to the perimeter which increases MOI and improves performance on mishits.  Based on my time with it, I felt that there was a bit more forgiveness to the GOLO 6 than other B-Back putters, but the forgiveness is not as dramatic as the larger mallets from Scotty and other manufacturers.

Scotty Cameron GoLo_0424


Like so many of his latest creations, the Scotty Cameron GOLO 6 moves things forward incrementally without abandoning the classic head shapes that his fans love.  Though it’s far from his best work, I expect the GOLO 6 to end up in the putter racks and golf bags of many Cameron fans.

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