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Rife has changed the game with their V-Motion ball.  No longer are you required to pay $45 for a premium golf ball; you can now get tour performance for modest prices.

Don’t believe these balls are as good as they say?  Try some for free!

The winner of this contest will receive 2 dozen brand new Rife golf balls: 1 dozen of V-Motion and 1 dozen of the E-Motion.

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How to Enter

1) Check out our review of these balls HERE

2) Make sure you’re signed up for the PluggedInGolf mailing list HERE

**You MUST be signed up to be eligible to win.

3) Post a comment below telling us which ball, the E-Motion or V-Motion, will fit your game best.

A winner will be selected on Friday, September 27, and contacted via email.

Bonus Contest

For those that don’t want to leave winning to chance, we have a contest for you, too.

We will be giving 2 dozen balls to the PluggedInGolf reader who does the most to spread the word about PluggedInGolf this week.

Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.  Then, whenever we tweet or post, you can score.

On Twitter: 2 points/RT, 1 point/Favorite

On Facebook: 2 points/Share, 1 point/Like

Scoring starts NOW.   We will tally up the final score on Thursday, September 26, at midnight Central.  In the event of a tie, we will do a random drawing among those power sharers.

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  1. Steinthor Sigurdsson

    V-Motion would be the one I’d go for as I normally use the Pro-V1.

  2. I am looking for the most touch and feel around the green as I continue to improve my game. So the V-Motion would suit me best.

  3. V-Motion for sure! Glad someone is breaking into the high performance ball market with something people can regularly afford!

  4. I have to admit that the last thing I would have thought of when someone said “Rife” to me was balls, and tour-level ones from the look of them, no less. Great to see!

    For me, it would be the V-Motion.

  5. V motion for me! Need less spin and more distance!

  6. V motion would work for me!!

  7. V Motion would definitely be my first choice as I normally game a Hex Chrome + or Taylormade Lethal! But the E Motion would work great as well because I do tend to step down to a 3 Piece ball more like the Nike PD Soft or Nike RZN balls or some other 3 piece balls like the NXT Tour once it gets closer to fall time and winter and the greens around here tend to get softer! So either would fit my game depending on course conditions and time of the year!

  8. The V-Motion looks very awesome.

  9. For a guy who hates writing golf ball reviews, ya done good! V-Motion sounds like a winner for me!

  10. i would have to say the e-motion would fit my game perfect

  11. I am going to try out the V-Motion this weekend if I can track some down. I am looking for more than the lower tiered balls I have been using. I think the thing I look forward to most is a little more spin around the greens.

  12. I’d play the V-Motion as my main golf ball, but also interested in the E-Motion for fall golf when it gets a bit colder.

    I’m very curious how these stack up against the Wilson FG Tour’s as they are my current tour-level less expensive ball of choice

  13. Matt Saternus

    Thanks to everyone who entered, and a particularly big thank you to all those who “competed” in the social media melee.

    The winners are:

    Aaron Ellis – Random Draw
    Jordan – Twitter Champ

  14. Congratulations guys! It would be great to hear how these work out for you! Thanks Matt and Rife for another great contest – I’ll definitely look out for these balls when I get on US soil.

  15. fernie simental

    V motion please….

  16. Played the Innovex V Motion last year and really liked them. Looking forward to trying the Rife V motion.

  17. I believe the E Motion Golf Balls will suit my game best.

  18. v motion please

  19. V Motion for sure. Love that feel…

  20. Chris Mascher

    The V is the one I would want to play but I would do less damage with the E.

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