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Rhoback is a company devoted to crafting the perfect polo shirt.  Classic looks with some distinctive notes.  Superb performance on the course.


The best products and companies often come about because the founders are trying to scratch their own itch.  Such is the case with Rhoback.  They were looking for a shirt that could transition from the beach to the course to the bar, couldn’t find it, so they tried to make it.  Did they succeed?  Read on to find out.


Rhoback hits my personal style sweet spot: classic looks with a couple trademark details.  Yeah, the wild prints that some companies are doing are fun as a novelty, but on a week to week basis what I want is a solid color or some classic stripes.  Rhoback has that look nailed.

Two signature details set their shirts apart.  First, there’s the logo: an outline of the namesake Rhodesian Ridgeback.  Dogs are better than horses and golf carts and most things, really, so that’s a win.  Each shirt also has a small stripe or “ridge” on the upper back, another nod to the brand’s inspiration.  It’s a small thing that’s noticeable and cool without screaming for attention.

These guys also get the importance of school spirit.  They have a Gameday collection of 14 shirts with color combinations and names inspired by colleges.  You can see The Cameron (as in Cameron Indoor Stadium), which is obviously the best shirt they make, above.

Finally, Rhoback also offers a collection of quarter zip pullovers.  This is the quintessential piece of golf outerwear, and Rhoback gets it right with strong solid colors, a contrast color inside the collar, and the signature “ridge” on the neck.


Short version: Rhoback’s shirts sit in the happy medium between ego sizing and super slim.  If you buy your normal size, I’m about 90% confident you’ll be happy with it.  Keep in mind that the quarter zips are sized like the polos, so if you want a looser piece for layering, size up.

Longer version: In the picture above, I’m 6 feet tall, 197 pounds, wearing a medium.  In the Cameron polo, one picture further up, I’m in a large.  You can see that the larger size has a longer, wider sleeve.  I prefer the medium as it stays away from my elbow pit (I’m OCD about that).  The body of the medium is also a touch shorter and narrower.  I’m happy wearing either, but these shirts stretch and move so well that I prefer the more fitted medium.  The pullover I’m wearing in the second picture is a medium also, and I love the combination of athletic fit and stretch.


What are the keys to a good golf shirt?  I’d list stretch, moisture wicking, comfort at various temperatures, and the ability to stand up to a washing.  Rhoback checks all those boxes.

Among the many beliefs that Rhoback lists on their website are these: “We believe in swinging as hard as you can off the tee no matter how tight the fairway.  We believe in laughing off the triple bogey that may result.”  With the ample stretch in these shirts, you can swing from your heel without impingement.  Rhoback demonstrates its commitment to all kinds of activity with the way their shirts effortlessly make way for any movement.

Additionally, a shirt isn’t much good if you can only wear it in perfect conditions.  Rhoback’s polos strike a balance between feeling light on your skin but also having enough heft for a cooler day.  They also breathe well in the heat and wick away moisture quickly.  I was particularly impressed by Rhoback’s quarter zip pullover.  It’s warm but light weight making it wearable in a wider range of temperatures.

Finally, a good shirt needs to last.  After a half-dozen washings, my Rhoback polos look no different than the day they arrived.  The color is strong, and, just as important, the collar remains sturdy.  After a full day in the sun, you may feel tired, but your Rhoback shirt will still look fresh.


If you’re looking to simplify your life with one shirt that can go to the golf course, a nice dinner, a tailgate, the beach, and much more, you need to check out Rhoback.  With classic styles, a fit that will make you look good, and do-anything performance, they’ve succeeded in creating the perfect golf shirt.

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Matt Saternus

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Matt is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Plugged In Golf. He's worked in nearly every job in the golf industry from club fitting to instruction to writing and speaking. Matt lives in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with his wife and two daughters.

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  1. Lyle Keith Williams

    Are shorts or pants in the plans? Where is the clothing made?

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t heard anything about bottoms yet.
      I’m not sure where the shirts are made.


    • Team Rhoback

      Hey Lyle –

      Thanks for checking out Rhoback! Shorts are in the development stage and we are hoping to roll them out early next year!! As to where the polos are made, primarily South Korea, as we’ve found they have the best quality fabric for our performance polo.


      Team Rhoback

  2. Team Rhoback

    Matt – appreciate the amazingly detailed write-up!

    Thanks for reviewing Rhoback! We are honored 🙌

    Keep up the awesome blogs and reviews!


    Team Rhoback

  3. John Sweat

    Nice review! These are some pretty nice looking shirts.

  4. retired04

    MSRP? $79-I looked it up on their website. Couldn’t find it in the write-up.

  5. Painter33

    Sleeves look too long – that ‘90s style is long gone.

  6. Daniel Shepherd

    Matt – I found Rhoback through Facebook feed / sponsored content. I ordered a golf shirt and a pullover. Love them. Couldn’t agree more with your review. Good looking. Flexible fit that accommodates activity well, in my case golf swings! I’m a dog person, so the dog logo adds a sentimental touch, too. Good call on this apparel. Cheers!

  7. Jonathan Kim

    Great feedback as always. By the way you need to work out. You’re not big enough. Lol.

  8. Do these have SPF ratings? If so, what?

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