Ram Golf FX77 Irons Review

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50 Words or Less

The Ram Golf FX77 irons are one of the best values in golf right now.  Performance that compares to almost any of the big OEMs at a fraction of the price.  Long and forgiving with appropriate amounts of spin.


A few weeks ago, I got an email telling me that Ram Golf was making a comeback as a direct to consumer brand.  I wasn’t expecting to find a $400 iron set that could go head-to-head with sets costing three and four times as much, but that’s exactly what came in the mail.  This new Ram isn’t just trading on their history; they’re bringing the performance at an unbeatable price.


In the bag, the Ram Golf FX77 irons have the faux-muscleback look that has become common in modern irons.  I applaud Ram for taking this large canvas and keeping it mostly clean.  There’s a small logo in the middle of the head and “RAM” at the bottom of the toe.  Both are filled with black paint to cement the traditional appearance.  This set looks excellent in the bag.

At address, the FX77 irons have all the hallmarks of a game improvement set.  The top line looks thinner than it is, using beveling and two finishes to effectively hide its size.  Heel-to-toe, the FX77 is sizable, providing players with a comforting look.  In my opinion, the one thing that’s overdone is the offset.  It is progressive throughout the set, but every iron has more than I’d like to see, even for a GI set.

Shown in these pictures is the stainless steel finish.  Ram Golf also offers the FX77 in a black finish for $50 more.

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Sound & Feel

With larger, hollow body irons, I usually expect a louder impact sound.  I was pleased to find that the Ram Golf FX77 irons produce a quieter, low pitched sound.  Most strikes are in my “thud” category, but perfect strikes are a little more lively.

This dialed-down sound pairs with a feel that’s fairly firm.  Good strikes are softer, and bad mishits can be hard on the hands.  While those impacts aren’t pleasant, they do provide strong feedback on strike quality.  

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I started my testing of the Ram Golf FX77 irons with the pitching wedge.  Right away, I saw strong ball speed and very impressive consistency.  As I continued hitting shots, I also noted the balanced launch and spin – not too high, not too low.  They had my attention, and I wanted to see more.

By the time I got to the 7I, I was starting to realize just how special the FX77 irons are.  On ball speed, these irons can go toe-to-toe with the best offerings from the biggest names.  Moreover, they maintained that balanced launch and spin.  These irons produce excellent distance but can also hold a green.

As I finished the testing with the 4I, what stood out was the consistent distance gapping throughout the set.  From the PW to the 7I, there are steady 12 yards gaps.  That shrunk slightly in the 7I to 4I to about 10 yards, but that’s still a very meaningful difference between clubs.  The long irons are not extremely high launching, but they are consistent with their launch and very tolerant of mishits.

The only weakness of the FX77 irons – which is true of most direct to consumer clubs – is that there aren’t many options.  Your shaft choices are the KBS Tour 90 in steel or the UST Recoil in graphite.  Customizing loft, lie, or grip size is not on the menu.  All that said, for $400, it’s still a tremendous value.  You can have a local club builder dial them in for you and still be significantly money ahead.

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With most of the big names charging well over $1,000 for an iron set, the Ram Golf FX77 irons are a breath of fresh air.  These irons cost just $400 and sacrifice nothing when it comes to performance.  Ram Golf offers these with a 30-day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk in trying this new/old name.

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Ram Golf FX77 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. It looks like an answer to the Takomo 101, cheaper but even fewer options. Assume you prefer the 923s, but this is a cromulent budget option.

  2. strange thing and off putting about these clubs is the height they achieve which is also mentioned in another video so its a concern what I cannot get my head around is that a 7 iron stealth with a 28 degree loft seems to hit the ball higher than these 30 degree loft also in a 7 iron, how with the extra 2 degrees does this fail against its rival, I’d love to hear your comments and feedback was the launch so bad or only slightly down compared to other makes would it make any difference having these made with an extra 1 degree of loft,

  3. Wow. Those look eerily similar to the Sub 70 699’s except these are 1* stronger across the board. Wonder if they come out of the same factory overseas.

    • I believe sub70 makes their own irons so I doubt they would be the same cast

      • That’s not true. The club heads from Sub70 are made in China…most likely from the same foundry as other club heads as well. If you read the article about Sub70 (on a different website), Jason admits to the club heads being made in China and assembled in the US.

        • If you think they look eerily similar to Sub 70’S 699 iron then you’ve never seen Haywood’s Signature iron they are exactly the same.

  4. But no LH option !!!!.

  5. Thanks for the review. Long time Ram guy, played the original forged FX Laser irons for over 20 years, intrigued by these. I may have to buy a set and change shafts. Any idea if they are taper or parallel? I’d assume the graphite are .370.

  6. Hi Matt, nice review, do you know what UST Recoil shaft they are using as stock?

  7. Lamken Crossline Grips are used for these clubs!

  8. Joe Average Golfer

    Nice review. I’m guessing that these clubs would be great for casual golfers such as myself. Throw in a tungsten plug at the toe and a maraging steel face insert, and you’ve got the same thing as many of the big boys are selling for much much more. And like you said, a local golf shop could alter them a bit if you wanted an extra half inch of length or a different size grip or whatever. I am old enough to recall when Ram was a premiere brand, with Tom Watson playing them.

  9. Donn Rutkoff

    Glad to see Ram back in the swing of things with a great price for irons with current technology and the clean back. Kind of similar look to Ping I 500 that I got fitted a few years ago. Love my Pings, great job of fitting at Carlsbad Golf Center. Of course, being fit in Carlsbad, a few mile from all the top golf HQ, we would expect expert fitting. I played various very good Rams back in the 1990s.

  10. Incredible value for most folks starting out! Game these for a few years & then decide where your game is going. A much better idea (to me) than buying some used clubs (at inflated prices) on ebay. My only question w/b if there’s any lie-angle adjustment available?

  11. How is the turf interaction with these irons ?

  12. How do these compare to the Cleveland Launcher XL as far as sole thickness? I know you’ve done a review on both. I played SMT 303-MB blade irons for 20+ yrs. I’m getting back into golf at my mid 50’s and looking for a more forgiving iron. I also hit Cleveland DST driver and 3-wood. Thanks for all your insight.

  13. Do they make these irons in senior plus. In the 1970’s I played with the Ram Acubar clubs and they preformed great.

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