P&SI-EGOS Putter Review

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50 Word or Less

A green reading system based around a putter/surveying instrument.  The putter is solid as is the green reading system.  Worth a look for those who need to improve their reads.


Is it a putter with a built-in green reading system, or a green reading system that includes a putter?  Either way, the P&SI-EGOS is one of the most unique offerings in golf.  Developed by Andrew Walters, a professional engineer, this system has two parts: EGOS (Expert Greenreading Operating System) and P&SI (Putter & Surveying Instrument).

Why should you be interested?  What does this system offer?  P&SI-EGOS GUARANTEES an expert green read on every putt.  I think that’s a claim worth investigating.

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P&SI – The Putter

The putter itself is an Anser-style blade with a dark finish and very minimalist engravings.  The putter sports a sight line on its beefy topline, but is otherwise free of distractions at address.  Where it gets unusual is at the neck.  In appearance it’s similar to a gooseneck, attaching near the heel but with the plane of the shaft crossing nearer the middle of the putter.  The neck is set back from the face giving it the appearance of onset, but when the putter is soled, the shaft leans forward making it play like a putter without onset or offset.

In terms of sound and feel, the putter is quite good, if a touch on the firm side.

Now, why is this a “Putter & Surveying Instrument”?  Because the putter hangs perfectly vertical regardless of where the toe is pointing.  This is what EGOS is built around.

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EGOS – The Green Reading System

Out of respect for Mr. Walters, who only fully shares the EGOS system with owners of the P&SI, I won’t explain every detail of the system, but I will give you a general idea of how it works.

If you watch someone use EGOS, you’d probably say, “They’re plumb bobbing.”  It isn’t that, but it looks like it.  Basically, you use the P&SI to create a vertical reference point and use that to read the putt.  The full system is explained in several short video clips on the P&SI website, which you can access only after you purchase the putter.

Having used EGOS a bit, I can tell you that it makes sense and does provide a lot of help in making reads.  It eliminates visual illusions and allows you to know the direction of the break.  Knowing the severity of the break and the speed requires work on the putting green before your round.

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EGOS vs. AimPoint

Though it is still relatively rare to find a golfer using AimPoint, the concept is well known due to its use on golf broadcasts.  Here’s a quick comparison of the two green reading systems:


Requires golfer to use the P&SI putter

Requires pre-round “calibration”


Requires golfer to use a chart

Golfer must know the speed of the green

Golfer must learn to feel the amount of slope with their feet

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What I Like About P&SI-EGOS

I like that you won’t ever get fooled by the direction of the break.  This alone could be worth the purchase for some golfers.

I think the lack of a chart will be really appealing to golfers who are turned off by AimPoint.  Similarly, you don’t need to learn to feel the slope, you just need to look at the “gap.”

Finally, I think the putter is a quality product.  It’s not the flashiest putter, but it’s clearly well made.

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My Reservations About P&SI-EGOS

My biggest reservation about P&SI-EGOS is the requirement that you use the P&SI putter.  I’m a big believer in getting equipment that fits your swing/stroke, and the P&SI won’t fit every golfer.  Mr. Walters and I went back and forth on this quite a bit.  His assertion is that the read trumps fit, and golfers will learn to like what works.  He also suggested that if a golfer can’t learn to putt with the P&SI, he could carry two putters: the P&SI to read with and another putter to actually putt with.

My other concern is the need for pre-round calibration.  If you want EGOS to provide precise reads on every putt, you will need to find a wide variety of putts on the practice green.  While I think this is a good idea, I also know it’s an unrealistic expectation for the average golfer.  In fairness, the average golfer isn’t going to find out the green speed to use AimPoint either.  Ultimately, neither system is really for the “average” golfer, in my opinion.

Lastly, the price of the P&SI, $349, will be prohibitive for some.  Understanding the economics of small-scale putter making, I don’t object to the price, but I do know that some will balk at the system because of it.

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Ultimately, I think P&SI-EGOS is a really interesting product that can help a lot of golfers.  Anyone who takes their scoring seriously knows that better putting is one of the fastest ways to shave strokes, and getting better reads is the fastest way to better putting.  P&SI-EGOS guarantees accurate reads…what would that be worth to your golf game?

Matt Saternus


  1. I have actually purchased this product. It took me probably less time than most to figure out because I used to plumbob for a lot of years. After reading this review I would state that the calibration on the practice green before playing is mostly related to how fast the greens are at that particular golf course. Speed is related to break. The best thing is that online video tech support can really help when you need it. One last thing, you must repeat the steps to reading a green with this putter exactly as presented every time. Just like a repeatable golf swing. I would say that I averaged making 2 more putts per round using this product. Thank You Mr. Walters!!

  2. Wow. Where do I start??? 35 years I’ve played this game. Never got my handicap below 15. Hooked up with the EGOS system last year through a friend. I’ve NEVER felt more comfortable over any putter. I’ve dropped my handicap to 9. I’m actually reading greens for other guys, instead of them reading them for me! Never had a putter in my hands that I thought would help the situation. Aside from that, I’ve realized that instead of “plumb bobbing” a green and hoping I’ve made the right decision, I survey the green as taught in the EGOS system, and KNOW what the ball is going to do well before striking it. My level of confidence has actually helped off the green as well. I’m not stressing over my approach shots anymore!! This putter AND the greenreading system that came with it have boosted my confidence in a manner I just can’t explain. Many thanks to the people behind EGOS that have added to my love for the game!!

  3. Bryan Nelson

    I have putted with the EGOS putter for several weeks and I am really comfortable with the feel and how the ball comes off the clubface. After using the EGOS, what good is another putter that can’t read the green properly. The casual golfer will even pick up this greenreading rather quickly. If the golfer has any “pilot error,” tech support is only a cell phone call away.
    The requirement of using the putter is to take advantage of the technology behind EGOS. A “plumb bob” reading with someone’s own putter will not effectively establish the green read. EGOS and calibration will let you make more putts. As Andy says, “You putt to get the ball in the hole.”

  4. EGOS with the PSI was very easy to understand/grasp (less than an hour on the putting green)!

    But that was almost secondary, the feel of the putter and it’s natural “balance” gives a pure “release” of the putter-head during the stroke….INCREDIBLE feel and touch!

  5. My purchase of the PS&I EGOS has provided an unknown insight to properly reading greens. The putter offers great balance as claimed, and quality materials and construction. The instruction received is invaluable to the total system providing proper method of use.
    If only the greens super would have one in his cart to calibrate the practice green to what is actually on the course. This is the fault of the super and not the putter. So unless you are at a pro setup course do not become frustrated if the first couple of greens your calibration of the practice green does not match the actual greens you are on.

  6. Yeah, it happens Donnie where the practice green does not match the greens on the course, but that is rare in my experience. Best advice is to forgo the practice green, and by the 3rd hole you will have expert calibration as it happens very quickly since a couple of EGOS greenreads will set a proportion that applies to all other reads & distances.

  7. Craig Houghton

    Because of EGOS and the P&SI putter I am now putting with more confidence and sinking more putts. I never really understood the science of plumb bobbing but thanks to Mr. Walters and his system, I now understand the science and use it to read my putts. The system is fast and effective, particularly on those subtle breaks when you are not sure if the putt is going to break or not.

  8. Tim O'Connor

    I am somewhat of a hack when it comes to golf but its something that I love to do. I work a lot of hours and dont have time to spend hours on the course practicing every week to lower my handicap like some others do. I get an occasional round in on the weekend and play in select shot tournaments around town when my company does charity tournaments. EGOS was a quick way for me to lower my handicap from a 24 to 20 and has given me the confidence to read greens at any course I might happen to be playing. My playing partners in tournaments are now asking me to read the greens for them! In my opinion its a small investment for the confidence and feel you have once on the course.

  9. Thanks to EGOS I putt better than the guys I play with! I love getting perfect greenreads. Thank you!!

  10. Cedric Theofanous

    Really cool idea, but I’m curious if this putter is legal for use in tournament play (USGA )?

    • Absolutely is it legal to play. The actual USGA decision # is at the top part of the website expertgreenreading.com under navigation bar.

      The P&SI-EGOS is the only putter that I know of that has an Operating System… and 24-7 technical support for it…

  11. Mike Leidal

    Why is this putter so expensive?? I’m researching putters and not because I don’t like my old 33″ Oddessy Rossie II
    I’ve had that putter for a long long time. Another putter that looks interesting is the Pyramid on the “gearing” effect on off center strokes.
    More then likely if I decide to get a new putter it very well could be another Oddessy
    I mean your putter is triple in price

    • Matt Saternus


      First, this isn’t “my putter,” Plugged In Golf does not make or sell anything.
      With regard to the cost, I don’t know P&SI’s exact situation, but the cost of making putters at small scale is very expensive. Odyssey can charge less because of the economics of scale when they’re making thousands of putters.


  12. Matt your point ended up being correct for me. I like the putter it is well made and feels very nice. The systems works well and I can see most of the lines to the putts. However for the life of me, I could not get the putter on the line. I had alot of trouble aiming it. I went to a bulls eye style putter ising the system sort of and have never putted better. It is worth trying helped me alot in reading greens.

  13. Matt, you are not giving away any secrets by describing the system. The inventor had to disclose everything to file and receive a patent by US Patent law. Patent law requires that any one “skilled in the art” should be able to read the patent and recreate the device or method. You can read his patent and learn everything about the system(I’ve read it). Basically it is a more sophisticated and accurate way to plumb bob using the putter as a true plumb bob since it hangs correctly in any orientation. Neat idea. But you could find out the correct orientation for you putter by comparing it to a weight hung on a string or use a weight on a string(USGA rules violation?) Bottom line it’s a good idea, I just can’t afford it.

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