Precision Pro NX10 Rangefinder Review

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The Precision Pro NX10 rangefinder is exceptionally easy to use.  Accurate and quick.  The ability to customize the look sets it apart.


Customization has become a huge part of golf.  From multi-colored ferrules to stamping irons and wedges, expressing your personality through gear is everywhere.  Rangefinders have been the exception, until now.  The new Precision Pro NX10 rangefinder allows golfers to show off their personal style with replaceable side and front panels in a variety of colors and designs.

Set Up & Ease of Use

Using the Precision Pro NX10 couldn’t be easier.  There’s one button on the top that turns the unit on and activates it to find a yardage.  The only other control is a switch that turns the slope adjustment on and off.  For the player that wants a simple rangefinder, the NX10 is a perfect fit.

It’s also worth noting that the focus adjustment on the eye piece is a little stiff.  This is actually a big plus because it won’t go out of focus from being in your bag.

The layout of the viewfinder is very clean.  Your yardage will display in large numbers below the aiming reticle.  When slope is turned on, the adjusted yardage appears to the right.  There are no other numbers or icons to clutter your view.

Finally, there are the replaceable panels.  The side panel is held in place with a magnet, so changing it does not require any tools.  To change the front panel, you do need an Allen wrench, which is included.  This swap doesn’t take long, but the screws and wrench are small and easy to lose.  Make this change at home under good light, not on the course.

Accuracy & Features

As always, we’ll start with the basics.  The Precision Pro NX10 has very strong accuracy, consistently matching the yardages provided by other rangefinders and on-course markings.  Its speed is also good.  It isn’t quite in the elite category, but it’s very quick.  The difference between elite and very good is a fraction of a second, so it really makes no practical difference.

Something I liked about the NX10 from the get go is its feel.  It has a sturdy quality in hand, and the button and switch are stout.  This feels like a rangefinder that will last a long time and not need to be babied.

Two other things that elevate the NX10 above the wealth of budget rangefinders are the magnetic cart grip and the “pulse vibration.”  The NX10 sticks to your cart easily, making it more convenient to grab.  Just make sure not to leave it on the cart when you’re done.  When the NX10 locks onto a target, you get a short vibration to let you know it.

Circling back to the replaceable panels, they don’t add any function, but they are a novel addition.  Precision Pro tells us that they have collaborations with well known brands in the works plus basic solid colors.  They will also be offering custom designs for corporate events or pro-ams with healthy swag budgets.


The Precision Pro NX10 rangefinder retails for $279.  The customization kits cost $10 for solid colors and $20 for the limited edition sets.  Please consider buying the NX10 from Plugged In Golf sponsor HERE.

A sturdy carrying case comes with the NX10, which is fairly standard.  What helps the NX10 stand out is Precision Pro’s lifetime battery replacement service.  Those specialty batteries can be costly, so this is a nice plus in the value column.

Overall, I would rate the NX10 as a good value.  The price is fair for a dependable rangefinder if you prefer ease of use to a wide array of features.


If plain black rangefinders leave you cold, consider putting the Precision Pro NX10 in your bag.  The replaceable panels give you the chance to make this functional accessory stylish, too.

Buy the Precision Pro NX10 HERE

Visit Precision Pro Golf HERE

Matt Saternus


  1. John Sweat

    Really enjoyed this review. I have had a couple of the Precision Pro rangefinders and think they are the best amoung in the “budget” catergory. I had an issue with the opitcs on a couple of the verisons I owned, but they were quick to replace the units. I think that is the biggest miss with the rangefinders in this catergory is that the quality control can be lacking.

  2. Paul Coyne

    Good to see they’ve changed the colour,I thought the green was good but would have been better with white rather than black

  3. I have the NX9. My only complaint is that the viewing aperture does not seem to offer a wide view. Sometimes I have to slightly adjust the device’s orientation to even see through it. I’ve never had this issue with other RFs. I wonder if anyone else has had this issue and if the NX10 is better? Otherwise, the NX10 has worked great.

  4. A plus for functionality and price. A big minus for color (WHITE? Does the manufacture know how we use our range finders?). I tried it and it already was getting dirty after a very short time so I swapped it out. Big Plus for manufacture offering an exchange/refund so they stand behind their product. The deal breaker for me however was the magnet wasn’t strong enough to hold this heavy but sturdy range finder. Came loose with a regular bump on the cart.

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