Precision Pro ACE Smart Speaker GPS Review

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The Precision Pro ACE Smart Speaker is a quality Bluetooth speaker with some smart golf features.  If you’re willing to put in some effort, the Precision Pro app turns it into a virtual caddie.


Music on the golf course continues to be a polarizing issue, but one thing is certain: it’s not going anywhere.  With on-course tunes firmly established as a “must” for many golfers, Precision Pro expanded their line up to include the ACE Smart Speaker.  The ACE puts your tunes and your yardages in your hand along with your own personal cheering section.

Check out the Precision Pro R1 Smart Rangefinder HERE

Ease of Use & Set Up

The basic operations of the Precision Pro ACE Smart Speaker are pretty straightforward.  After you download the Precision Pro app, you’ll pair your phone with the speaker via Bluetooth.  At this point, the ACE is a wireless speaker for your phone and can be used anywhere.

To use the GPS feature, head to the course with the ACE and open the app on your phone.  The app will locate the course you’re at, and you’ll tap “Start Round.”  Now you’ll be able to see the yardages on your phone or on the ACE’s screen.  You can also use the remote to have the ACE announce the distances aloud.

If you’re willing to spend more time with the Precision Pro app, there are additional layers of function you can unlock.  One of the best is personalized lay up locations.  Before your round, you can set up to two yardage markers on each hole.  You can even label them “Carry Bunker” or “To Water,” which the ACE will announce when it gives you the number.

Finally, Precision Pro gives you a virtual caddie with MySlope.  This starts by setting up your bag in the app.  After you’ve entered the clubs that you carry, you’ll input the ball flight info for each club: ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate.  The app will then take this information, add your shot tracking data (which needs to be input manually), and factor in temperature, humidity, and wind to give you a personalized club recommendation for each shot.  Setting this up is time consuming and requires you to know your launch monitor numbers, but the result is impressive.

Accuracy & Performance

The Precision Pro ACE Smart Speaker gets yardages from the Precision Pro app which does a very respectable job.  I found the distances consistently within a yard of the on-course markings.  The speed of updates is comparable with any of the high quality GPS apps that I’ve tested.

I found the audio quality of the ACE Smart Speaker to be good.  At $150 you can’t expect life-altering sound, but it’s clear and balanced across the full range of volumes.  The volume can be set from 0 to 15 which ranges from a “barely audible” to “people might complain.”

On the course, the ACE performs really well in the most critical ways.  First, the battery life of 18-24 hours is outstanding.  It can last from dew-sweeping range sessions through the round all the way to the after party.  Second, it maintains its connection to your phone up to 50 yards away.  This keeps the groove going and, more importantly, keeps you from having to mess with the device during your round.  Finally, the ACE is water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about a spilled drink or slight drizzle.

The ACE also has “golf sounds” available via the remote control.  While I am never in a million years going to ask the Precision Pro ACE to shout “Ba-ba-booey” after one of my shots, having the golf clap available puts a smile on my face.

Finally, the single smartest feature is Find My ACE.  Just like “Find My Friends” on your iPhone, the app will locate your device.  The app also reminds you to grab your ACE at the end of the round.  Anyone who’s ever left a GPS or rangefinder on a cart – and that’s all of us – knows how many headaches this will save.


The Precision Pro ACE Smart Speaker retails for $150.  This puts it at exactly the same price as the Bushnell Wingman [review HERE], its direct competitor.  The ACE comes with a 1-year warranty

I like the ACE a bit better than the Wingman, largely because of the Precision Pro App.  If you are the type who’s willing to invest some time inputting data, you’ll see a solid payoff.

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If you’re looking for a new golf toy that combines fun and function, the Precision Pro ACE Smart Speaker is worth a look.  The sound quality is solid, the app is very well-designed, and it works just like it’s supposed to on the course.  With a 90-day trial period, you don’t have anything to lose.

Visit Precision Pro HERE

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  1. Patrick Patterson

    First of all all I here about precision pro is how good there customer service is still doesn’t cover up the fact that their products are cheap crap their r1 smart rangefinder is the worst rangefinder I have ever owned don’t waste your money on any of their products

    • Matt Saternus


      I have an R1 in for review right now. What do you not like about it?


      • Michael Millar

        I was one of the first buyers of the R1. I have not had a good experience with it and wound up buying the Nikon ProII stabilized at Christmas. The R1 had two main issues for me. First, the rubber boot that covers the button you push to initiate a measurement sometimes slides so that the unit will not work. The bottom of the rubber boot has a small nub that pushes down on an internal button underneath. The problem is the rubber boot can slide a small bit and the nub will no longer hit the internal button underneath. Instead, you hit the laze button and nothing happens. You have to remove the rubber boot and reset it for the unit to work. I was told by tech support that it is a known issue. Second, I frequently could not get a reading unless I was less than 150 yards from the pin. If I was on a long par 3 or simply in the middle of the fairway on a par 4 or 5, I could not get a reading – ever. I did my research prior to buying. Precision Pro products generally were highly rated. Given what I paid for the R1 and the poor performance of the unit, I would not recommend it. I should have paid a little extra and went for the Nikon on the first go around. You live and you learn.

  2. Patrick Patterson

    The app is horrible it has tons of glitches about 1 out of 5 times it won’t even work on the course the rangefinder over about 150 yards only works about 30 % of the time it’s cheap made the button you push for distance gets stuck in the housing and mine only has about 30 rounds on it the battery doesn’t last very long I could go on and on the only good thing about it is when it works it picks up the target faster than any rangefinder I have ever used but that’s all it has going for it

    • Matt Saternus

      That’s interesting. I haven’t experienced any issues with the app, but I will keep an eye on those other issues with the R1 in my testing.


      • Michael Millar

        I have both the ACE speaker and the R1. The ACE is great. It is easy to use and I like that it displays the distance to the green if you use the app. Unlike others, I have had no issues with the app. The R1, however, is another story. It just does not work well. For a “flagship” product, it is plagued with issues. As described above, the rubber boot that works as the button for initiating a reading has a design flaw – it slides so that the unit will not read. You have to remove and reset the rubber boot at least once or twice a round. Second, my R1 will simply not provide a reading for anything that is more than 150 yards out. I so wanted to like the R1, but after struggling to get it to work, I have given up on it.

  3. Patrick Patterson

    I always here sub70 has great customer service also but don’t know cause the make a great product and have never had to use it now that’s GREAT customer service

  4. Patrick Patterson

    Bought the r1 because it would show you distances to from and back of green when you shot the pin but since app never works right that function never works so it doesn’t do what I want it to do after 2 weeks and numerous app fixes it still didn’t work played a course and the app didn’t even have that course so deleted it and went back to my golf shot app

  5. Hey Matt, I literally was looking at this device yesterday. I own one of Precision Pro’s initial offerings in the NX7 Pro. It’s been a faithful and in it’s time one of the most inexpensive laser range finders. It’s never failed me and Precision Pro provides me with a new battery at no charge every single year. Those two factors alone had me considering their new device. As usual, a great write up and is leading me toward picking it up. I’ll definitely use your link to the device. Thanks for all you do. Your sight is one of my go-to sites when making golf related purchase decisions.

  6. I’ve really been thinking about one of these. I like that you can put in your data and you have your own kind if “caddie.” Just spend the extra time to out the data in and you have Michael Greller there with you. Sound quality it’s too important. I don’t really play it too loud on the course anyway. The price point seems nice. You can get more out if it than the wingman. Like you said, having a nice golf clap after my swing can put a smile on my face and boost the confidence. Great review!

  7. Thanks for another great review Matt and for doing this give away.

  8. Great review! Love this feature packed unit all in one package. And at a cost that won’t break the bank as well. Could definitely use this on the course with my foursome or playing alone.

  9. I think we could all use a little bababoowie pumping us up.

  10. I am really interested in this unit. We listen to music on the course and this would integrate nicely!!

  11. The price of a good speaker that you take at the golf course could be at least $100. For an extra 50 you get the speaker for music plus a caddy and data tracker. That sounds pretty hard to beat. I love the ability for it to remind you to take it with you. I’ve known many friends who have left speakers in their carts only to return five minutes later and they are long gone. Interesting product and would love to try it out! Having a round of applause after a good shot wouldn’t hurt either!

  12. I received the Precision Pro Ace Smart Speaker as a birthday present in early December and prior to receiving it I downloaded their app to see which golf courses it would work with. Unfortunately, my home course was not included so I started suggesting it in early November through their app. I have requested my course to be included on a regular basis since that time through their app and have emailed their customer service twice. I finally received a reply through Google Map reviews that I had posted from the “president” of the company suggesting I “request it through their app”. HORRIBLE “customer service”. I tried the device on a local golf course only to find out it only had the front nine on an 18 hole course. Getting ready to return since I have not any serious communication from them. It’s as if they could care less. I’m not the only person who has requested my home golf course be added.

  13. I have the RGC X Precision Pro NX9 and it has worked flawlessly since day one. The ACE speaker on the other hand is not at all intuitive and over complicated. Honestly, it’s more of an aggravation than a benefit. Exactly what we all need is something to complicate our rounds of golf right? The game itself does plenty of that on it’s own. I never could get my home course added and actually never received any communication from precision pro concerning the matter. I was one of the the first purchasers of the ACE and one of the the first returns of the golf speaker that won’t golf lol. Save yourself the time and aggravation just get a bushnell wingman.

  14. Kenny Mckee

    I play at Wahkonsa country club in Durant iowa and I used my ppg smart speaker/gps and it showed all zeros for yardage, can you tell me why and fix the problem otherwise I’m going to return it , thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      I can only recommend contacting the manufacturer. It’s possible your course is not in their database, but that’s my only guess.



  15. I’ve noticed that there have been 25 app updates since I’ve had my ppg ace . I’ve put in a request twice as how to update the program ! No response !
    Very disappointed ! Tried calling their number and just get voice mail !
    (The unit works great , but the unit needs updates for more courses )

  16. Reggie Robinson

    I have had this for almost 3 years it has not worked correctly yet I call and I either can’t get an answer or I constantly getting a busy signal… So it is a waste of money and I got it as a gift from my son… I feel stupid my son asked me what I wanted and I chose the ACE Precision Pro Smart Speaker all my friends have the Bushnell GPS Speaker I’m the only idiot because I dared to be different… I still can’t reach customer service oh well that’s life you win some and you loose some and I lost big time on this one…

  17. Is this specific to the Precision pro app or can you use this with other golf apps like hole19 or Golfshot?

    • Matt Saternus


      If you want the speaker to state the distances, you need to use the Precision Pro app.


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