PING Prodi G Junior Golf Clubs Review

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The PING Prodi G junior golf clubs bring premium quality to younger players.  Tremendous fitting system and great value.


Anyone who cares about the future of golf knows that we must get more kids playing the game.  Anyone who plays golf knows that the game is much easier when you have quality equipment.  So why is it that the vast majority of kids golf clubs feel like cheap toys?

It seems that the people at PING noticed this problem, too, and they decided to fix it.  With the introduction of their Prodi G line, they’ve taken on not only the issues of quality and performance in junior golf clubs but also value.

Look & Feel

When I first saw the PING Prodi G clubs, I was impressed with how professional they looked.  There are no cutesy color schemes or graphics.  The neon green accents are bold, but they wouldn’t be out of place on a main line OEM offering.  Honestly, if you didn’t know otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to differentiate the Prodi G from any other PING golf club.

What really grabbed my attention was the way the Prodi G clubs felt in my hand.  Most kids clubs feel flimsy and cheap.  The Prodi G clubs feel substantial, well put together.  From the Golf Pride grip to the club head, these are top of the line.

Standing next to my daughter, the Prodi G clubs sounded great at impact, so I had to give them a go myself.  Impact feels nothing like the kids club she just outgrew.  The Prodi G clubs feel solid, and I’d be lying if I said I took only a couple swings with them.


Performance starts with well-fit clubs, and PING gives junior golfers the full benefit of being custom fit.  PING has developed a chart that lets every golfer from 4’4″ to 5’3″ figure out their ideal length and lie angle (up to 2 degrees flat or upright).  They also offer the Prodi G line in two shaft flexes to match the player’s strength.

Additionally, much of the same technology that PING puts into their best clubs has been incorporated into the Prodi G line.  Most noticeable are the Turbulators on the 460cc driver, but it extends to the fairway wood, hybrid, cavity back irons and specialty wedges.

While those are all wonderful things, what really matters is what happens when you hand these clubs to your child.  For my daughter, the results are fantastic.  She loves having clubs that look, sound, and feel like mine.  Combine that with the fact that the ball is flying farther and straighter than ever before, and you have the recipe for a kid who is always up to go to the range.


I’m impressed with every aspect of the PING Prodi G clubs but most of all by the “Get Golf Growing” program.  If you buy a set of five clubs or more, PING will re-shaft, re-weight, and re-grip your set one time for no charge.  That means you’re essentially buying two sets for the price of one.


If you dream of golfing with your kids, get them started on the right foot with PING Prodi G clubs.  Better fit and better quality mean your child will enjoy the game more, and you’ll appreciate the free re-sizing as grow.

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  1. I’m really happy to see this review! I was just speaking with my fitter about these and he had really high praise for these. This is a much needed bridge to adult clubs. My oldest is just turning 7 and he’s on his 3rd set of US Kids Golf clubs and the UL (ultralite) version are great as a first set to help kids control the club. But I’m really happy to know that this kind of quality from Ping is just around the corner.

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