Odyssey Works Putter Review

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50 Words or Less

The Odyssey Works putter upgrades the looks of last year’s Versa.  Extremely soft insert.  Many head shapes and configurations.


Just like a pizza with “the works” has everything on it, the Odyssey Works putters feature all of the company’s favorite technologies.  From Versa alignment to the White Hot insert to the Fusion RX face, they’ve piled on all the things that they believe will help golfers putt their best.

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The Odyssey Works putters features the Versa alignment that Odyssey introduced last year, but with a black and silver color scheme instead of the black and white.  It makes the contrast appear a little less stark, which I prefer.  The Works line includes eleven putters with the silver and black Versa color scheme and four models that are all-black (#1, #7, Two-Ball, and Rossie).

Beyond that, the Works putters look like your typical Odyssey putter: swirl logo on the face, “Odyssey” branding in the cavity, and a modestly busy sole.  It’s a bit unusual to see Odyssey with the silver and blue color scheme, but, like last year’s black and lime Metal-X Milled, I like the change.

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Sound & Feel

Generally speaking, there are golfers who like inserts and those that don’t.  One look at my putter collection will tell you that I’m in the latter group – inserts usually feel too soft for me.

That said, those that like the soft, pillow-y feeling of an insert will love the Odyssey Works putters.  The White Hot insert’s feel at impact is extremely soft with just a quiet “thud” to let you know that you hit the ball.  I think that this super soft insert will be particularly good for players who use a firmer golf ball and those who tend to hit their putts too hard.

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While the features that are common to all the putters – the White Hot Insert, the Fusion RX face, and the Versa alignment – will grab most of the attention when people talk about the Works putters, what I’m equally impressed with is the number of different configurations that Odyssey is making available to consumers.  There are fifteen different offerings based on six classic Odyssey head shapes – #1, #1 Wide, #7, #9 (pictured here), V-Line, 2-Ball Fang, and Rossie.  Each of the head shapes is offered in a standard weight, and there are four Tank models that feature a SuperStroke grip, heavier head, heavier shaft, and counterbalancing.  Finally, the #1 Wide is also offered in an arm-lock configuration for those that want to putt like Matt Kuchar.  All this means that regardless of the toe hang, head shape, or weight that you prefer, the Odyssey Works line has you covered.

Of course, even a well-fit putter will only perform if you have good touch with it.  While I was able to adjust somewhat to the soft White Hot insert, I was never able to dial in my distances as precisely as I would have liked.  Again, that’s largely related to my feel preferences.  Odyssey’s long standing #1 ranking proves that there are plenty of golfers out there who will putt just fine with this insert.

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When it comes to putting, distance control is priority number one, and you can’t control distance without good feel off the putter.  If you like a very soft feel, the Odyssey Works putters is going to be right up your alley.  With a myriad of head shapes and configurations, there will be something in this line to fit almost every golfer.

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  1. Matt, thank you for another excellent review. I appreciate your description regarding the feel difference between insert type putters and non-insert and how they relate to your putting style. I am in the market for a new putter and will give these a shot.

  2. I just brought out my old O Works 7H c/s because I was having distance control problems with the putter I am currently using. Your article was most informative and gave me info that I was looking for about the Fusion RX insert. It may be a few years behind your article but it was greatly appreciated today. I always look forward to the information.

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