Odyssey Toulon Design Chicago Putter Review

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The Odyssey Toulon Design Chicago putter is a strong performer with premium looks and feel.


In a very short time, Toulon Design went from being an independent putter company to part of the #1 putter maker in golf, Odyssey.  Having been a fan of Toulon Design throughout their history, I was eager to see if this change in identity would have any impact on the quality of the putters.  I tested the new Chicago putter to find out.


Odyssey bills the Toulon Design Chicago as a “wide blade inspired by Odyssey’s One Wide putter,” but the first thing that I noticed when I set it down is that it’s not that wide.  While it’s clearly wider than a standard Anser, it’s not nearly as large as other wide blades from makers like Bettinardi.  It also appears to be slightly more compact from heel to toe than your standard Anser.

Toulon Design has always done a great job with the aesthetics of their putters, and the Chicago is no exception.  The Charcoal Smoke Finish has a premium look; something that’s not true of all dark putter finishes.  The Odyssey branding has been incorporated tastefully, and the bear engraving showcases Toulon’s signature style.

Sound & Feel

One thing that Toulon Design has changed recently is the face milling.  The Deep Diamond Mill now stretches from heel to toe rather than being limited to the center of the face.  As I’ve said in numerous previous Toulon Design reviews, I think this face milling creates consistently superb feel – soft without being lifeless, responsive without being clicky.

Feedback from the Toulon Design Chicago is noticeable through the hands but not obvious.  Because the Deep Diamond Mill stretches across the entire face, even wild mishits feel pretty good.


The first noteworthy thing about the way the Odyssey Toulon Design Chicago putter plays is that, despite the double bend neck, it’s not face balanced.  Odyssey describes this putter as having “some toe hang;” I would clock it at about 3:30.  For me, it wasn’t enough to fit my stroke perfectly, but it should work well for the player who isn’t quite straight back, straight through.

Another important feature is the Stroke Lab shaft.  Unveiled by Odyssey last year, the shaft combines graphite and steel to save 40 grams which is positioned in the head and grip of the putter.  For me, this made the head feel noticeably heavier.  Whether or not that’s a good thing will be up to each player’s preferences.  You can also make the head heavier or lighter by trading the 20 gram sole plate for a 7 or 40 gram plate.

Finally, I found the forgiveness of the Chicago putter to be slightly better than a standard Anser.  The difference was not pronounced, but I felt more stability in the head on small misses.  This is not a putter that will hole out putts from the toe, but you don’t need to be perfect with every stroke to put a good round together.


Fans of Toulon Design have nothing to worry about: the addition of Odyssey branding has done nothing to impact the quality of these putters.  With premium looks and feel, the Odyssey Toulon Design Chicago will find plenty of adherents in the Midwest and beyond.

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