Nippon Modus 3 Wedge Shaft Review

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The Nippon Modus 3 wedge shaft provides great control with the best feel of any steel shaft on the market.


Most golf equipment manufacturers shove down your throat every single win or top 10 that their product is a part of.  Nippon, however, is one of the companies that prefers to let the results speak for themselves.  Over the past few seasons, more and more PGA Tour pros are trusting their game to Nippon’s exquisite iron shafts.  Now they can turn over their wedges, too, as Nippon has released the wedge version of their popular Modus 3 shafts.

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The major thing that separates the Nippon Modus 3 wedge shaft from any other wedge shaft is the feel.  There isn’t a big, pronounced kick, but there is a smooth, tight snap at impact.  When the ball meets the club face, the feel is incredibly crisp.  This shaft can make an average wedge feel good and a good wedge feel unbelievable.  

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Many players believe that a shaft with great feel is going to play “loose,” but that’s not the case with the Modus 3.  This shaft is designed for high stability and consistency both in terms of spin and direction.  I definitely saw both of these attributes in my launch monitor testing of the Modus 3.  In fact, I was so impressed that I installed Nippon shafts in all of my Edel wedges.  The Modus 3 is designed for a lower trajectory, so its an easy transition for those currently playing the industry-standard wedge shaft.

The Modus 3 wedge shaft is available in 3 different profiles: 105, 115, and 125.  They weigh 111, 122, and 133 grams, respectively, and have less torque as you move up in weight.

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Most people overlook their wedge shaft.  Don’t be like most people.  The shaft in your wedge is as important as in any other club for providing the right feel, feedback, and performance.  If you want the best feel with solid, controlled performance, check out the Nippon Modus 3.

Matt Saternus


  1. Currently switching from the TI DG X1 in my irons to the 120tx, love them! However, the TI S4 has always been great to me…would you consider these better than the s4? And what weight do you try, 115 or 125?

    • Matt Saternus


      Nippon’s quality control is the best in the industry by a lot. Beyond that, there is no better, only better for a given player based on fit. I tested the 125.



  2. Fin Zidorn

    Hi there,

    I was fitted for a Tour Modus 3 120 in stiff and was wondering which Modus Wedge shaft goes along with that?

    Thank you for the review and the opportunity to ask questions like these!

    • Matt Saternus


      On paper, the 125 makes the most sense. Of course, no one plays golf on paper, so I’d suggest getting fit.



  3. How do these shafts compare in quality and performance to the KBS High Rev 2.0 shaft? Looking to replace the shafts in my SM6

  4. Nice review,
    I just ordered the 125 gr. 3 wedges to install on sm5 Titleist 52, 58 and on 47 mizuno mp37.
    At first I was hesitate between 115 and 125.
    With your help I choose the 125 to go with the Modus 3 120 gr.


  5. Matt,
    What swing weight do you have on these wedges?
    I would like to adjust to d3 and d5 on 52 and 58.

    Thank you

  6. Matt:

    I currently have the Modus3 105 in my irons. I use Titleist SM5 wedges but time to change them out. Going to SM6. Use 58 and 54. I like a slightly heavier feel in my wedges. Been considering the Modus3 wedge 125 but think 115 might be the better weight. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  7. How did this shaft feel on full shots? Just trying to decide if I want these in my wedges or just match my irons the Modus 3 120 TX. Thanks!

  8. Justin Poole

    Great review, after trying to nippon modus 120 x stiff, I could immediately tell that the fell was far greater than the other shafts I was using during my fitting. Unfortunately the numbers on the trackman were not as good as the True Temper AMT X100s for me or I would have went to Nippon. Great review and I think I will give the Nippon a shot for my wedges because you’re spot on with your comment about being one of those people that do not pay as close attention to the shaft in their wedges.

    • Update – after the shafts in the irons felt so great – I ordered these for my wedges. Unfortunately, I really haven’t noticed much difference in the wedges that I’ve put them in. I still have a Dynamic Gold shaft in my lob wedge and I really do not notice a difference. They are maybe a touch smoother, but unless you can get them in the wedges you are purchasing, to me it’s not worth replacing your current wedge shafts.

  9. Can you compare the Nippon Wedge 125 to Dynamic Gold’s S400, that would be awesome and thanks in advance

  10. Kevin Byrne

    Matt I play modus 105 stiff in my irons, should I play 105 in wedges or go 115 ? Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s no one size fits all answer to that. I play the same shaft in my irons and wedges. There are guys at every high level who do the same. There are also an equal number who play heavier shafts in their irons. I strongly recommend getting a fitting to find out what works best for you.


  11. Hi Matt,
    What Nippon wedge shaft do you recommend if im using an (R2) NS Pro Zelos 7 for my regular irons?
    Thank you,

    • Matt Saternus


      Personally, I like to match my iron and wedge shafts, but I advise everyone to get a fitting to test things for themselves.



    • Matt Saternus


      Personally, I like to match my iron and wedge shafts, but I advise everyone to get a fitting to test things for themselves.



  12. Rocco Grande

    Hi Matt,
    I ordered the 105 shafts they are 37 inch. My wedge shafts are 35 inch.
    How should I cut them? Butt ore tip ore both?
    Thanks for help, Rocco.

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