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The Nike Lunar Clayton is an innovative hybrid between dress shoes and golf shoes with the performance of top tier footwear.


In an industry of continual innovation and improvement, sometimes the best designs are those that go back to the “classic” look.  Nike truly achieved this goal with the Nike Lunar Claytons.  Nike has created a spike-less golf shoe that tastefully catches the eye, while providing golfers with supreme traction and performance.

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My expectations of these shoes upon receipt were that these were your typical “I’ll have to wear these a month to break them in, and then I’ll feel the comfort.”  After my first round in these shoes, I was certainly proven wrong.  The Nike Lunar Claytons had a snug yet supportive initial feel.  By hole 9 the shoes felt as though they were custom made for my feet.  The “break-in” period was practically nonexistent, and the comfort only improved further into the round.  The Nike Lunar Claytons offer great arch support, and Nike’s patented Lunarlon cushioning in the heel and toes.  The design truly encompasses all attributes of a high quality shoe.

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The Nike Lunar Clayton’s style struck a chord with me as the ideal blend between a high class dress shoe and an eye-catching golf shoe.  The shoes feature a side saddle displaying a large Nike emblem that is tasteful and iconic.  The heel and toe of the shoes bring in the traditional “dress shoe” style by adding decorative pattern and etching.  Nike then added their Nike Lunaron support which, visually, looks like multiple layers of foam intricately carved to perfection.  The sole of the shoe features Nike’s spike-less pattern with an additional Nike emblem added.  Given that these shoes possess that “dress shoe” style, they seem to look better while wearing golf pants as opposed to shorts, but I have worn these shoes in both situations.  These shoes possess a timeless iconic look that will stay in style for generations to come.

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I have always been hesitant to rely on a spike-less shoe to provide adequate grip throughout a round of golf.  However, the Nike Lunar Claytons have eliminated this hesitancy.  I put these shoes through a rigorous test of terrain during the many rounds played with them, and at no time did the shoes let me down.  Holding their grip and support through bunker shots, side hill lies, and the occasional OB search, these shoes shattered my expectations.  As if the grip wasn’t reason enough to grab them in all 3 colors, one of the test rounds endured a torrential  downpour.  In a round that required multiple umbrellas and over 10 towels, not a drop of water reached my socks.  While the rest of the group complained the whole way back to the hotel about how wet and uncomfortable their feet were…I just smiled and said “mine are fine!”


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If you are looking for a well-built, multi-dimensional, waterproof golf shoe that won’t be out of style come this time next year, the Nike Lunar Claytons are worth an in-depth look.  With eye-catching iconic style and proven spike-less performance these shoes are sure to be a mainstay in any golfer repertoire.

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