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The Motocaddy HydroFLEX golf bag is ideal for the golfer who likes to carry and use a push cart.  EASILOCK base works wonderfully with Motocaddy carts.  Excellent waterproofing.


Over the last few weeks, we’ve introduced you to Motocaddy’s M7 Remote Electric Caddy [review HERE] and their CUBE push cart [review HERE].  Today we’re exploring the other half of that equation – the golf bag.  Motocaddy designs their bags and carts to work together seamlessly, but do the bags stand up on their own against the industry’s best?  Let’s find out.


The Motocaddy HydroFLEX golf bag looks sharp without veering too far from the norm.  The bag is covered in shades of grey with accents of either blue, red, or lime (which looks more like yellow on their website).

Branding on the HydroFLEX is fairly modest by current standards.  There is Motocaddy branding on the side and on the ball pocket, and fairly small HydroFLEX branding on either side.  Overall, this isn’t a bag that’s going to turn heads, but it’s one that any player can look good carrying.


One of the most thoughtful features on the HydroFLEX golf bag is the quick-release mechanism on the shoulder straps.  Anyone who uses a push cart knows that a carry bag’s dual straps can become a nuisance when it’s on a cart, so Motocaddy cleverly made them removable.  Even better, they labeled each connection point so that re-installing the straps only takes a few seconds.

In terms of storage, the HydroFLEX is solid.  It has five pockets, and each one is quite large.  It doesn’t have the full-length jacket pocket that many bags do, but the larger side pocket is more than big enough to hold a rain suit.  I like that the valuables pocket is larger than average and sits almost vertically so you’re less likely to drop things as you move them in and out.

Motocaddy has added two other specialty storage features to the HydroFLEX.  First is an internal umbrella sleeve.  Unlike most bags, which only secure the umbrella at the handle and tip, the HydroFLEX allows you to slide the entire thing into the bag.  On the other side, there’s an insulated beverage pouch that’s large enough to hold the biggest water bottles.

Motocaddy’s trademark EASILOCK base is another key feature of the HydroFLEX.  You can see above that there’s an impression roughly half an inch deep in the base.  This is meant to fit perfectly onto any of Motocaddy’s carts.  Additionally, you can see the silver screw installed on the right side of the impression (I left the other one out to show how it’s installed).  This screw pops into the base of the cart to provide even more stability.  EASILOCK doesn’t change the entire paradigm of golf bags, but, for players that use push carts, it’s a meaningful upgrade that’s worth having.


As you can see above, the Motocaddy HydroFLEX golf bag has a 5-way top with each section separated by a full-length divider.  The dividers do their job well and make it easy to slide clubs in and out.  Staying on the top, I really like the molded handle and found myself using it frequently.  There’s also a handle below the ball pocket to make it easier to get the bag into a car.

The shoulder straps on the HydroFLEX are well padded, though the “molded hip pad” is quite small.  By modern standards, it’s comfortable and well-balanced, but not extraordinary.  The HydroFLEX weighs about five pounds, a typical weight for a full-featured stand bag.

The legs on the HydroFLEX are activated by tilting the entire base, similar to a PING Hoofer.  To me, this a far superior and more durable option.  It gives the bag more stability and is less likely to break.  Also note that Motocaddy included an easy-to-use strap for binding the legs when you want to put it on a cart.

Finally, we get to the namesake feature, the waterproofing.  The HydroFLEX bag uses waterproof material, heat-welded seams, and waterproof zippers (of course, there’s also a waterproof rain hood).  I gave the bag a torture test with a hose live on Instagram (follow us HERE) and it performed flawlessly.


Whether you like to carry your clubs, push them, or a bit of both, the Motocaddy HydroFLEX is an excellent golf bag.  It’s not essential to have a Motocaddy cart, but if you do, using a Motocaddy bag is a no-brainer due to the EASILOCK base.

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