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Motocaddy Dry Series Cart Bag Review

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Motocaddy Dry Series Cart bag is lightweight, waterproof, and has loads of storage.  EASILOCK base makes it a perfect pairing with a Motocaddy cart.


It would be easy to think that cart bags are more homogenous than stand or carry bags.  And, in large part, you’d be right.  But Motocaddy has found a clever way to separate themselves from the pack with their EASILOCK base.  If you use a Motocaddy cart, a Motocaddy bag is a must have.


Much like the HydroFLEX stand bag [review HERE], the Dry Series golf bag plays it straight and looks good doing it.  Like it’s more portable brother, the Dry Series is primarily grey with splashes of color – choose from blue, fuchsia, lime, and red – around the zippers and top.  The branding on the Dry Series is larger than on the HydroFLEX, but the toned down colors keep it from looking like a billboard.


The Motocaddy Dry Series has loads of storage.  There are seven total pocket, set up symmetrically around three sides of the bag.  On the “front,” there are three pockets, including a large, insulated pocket near the bottom.  Each side of the bag has two pockets, one small, one full-length.  On the right side, the small pocket is lined to keep your valuables safe.

This bag also features some clever storage beyond the pockets.  As on the HydroFLEX, there’s an internal umbrella sleeve.  The Dry Series also has a towel loop on the right and an accessory hook on the left, ideal for making a rangefinder more accessible.  Finally, there’s a scorecard holder on the front of the bag which is very convenient for players using the M7 Remote [review HERE].

As a designated cart bag, Motocaddy’s trademark EASILOCK base is one of its most important features.  You can see above that there’s an impression roughly half an inch deep in the base.  This is meant to fit perfectly onto any of Motocaddy’s carts, such as the CUBE [review HERE].  Additionally, you can see the silver screw installed on the left side of the impression (I left the other one out to show how it’s installed).  This screw pops into the base of the cart to provide even more stability.  EASILOCK doesn’t change the entire paradigm of golf bags, but, for players that use push carts, it’s a meaningful upgrade that’s worth having.


The Motocaddy Dry Series has 14 full length dividers, which, in my opinion, is a must for a cart bag.  My midsized grips slid in and out easily no matter how the bag was oriented.  Though the layout of the slots is slightly unorthodox, I found that it allows the clubs to hang beautifully on a push cart.  Bag chatter was greatly reduced, and it was easier to see all my clubs.

For a cart bag, the Motocaddy Dry Series is very light.  It weighs just a hair over five pounds which makes it a breeze to move around and load onto a cart.  That is, unless you load the insulated pocket with a six pack.

As the name implies, the Dry Series is waterproof.  Thanks to waterproof fabric, heat-welded seams, and waterproof zippers, you can play in any weather without worrying about your valuables getting soaked.

My only negative comment about the Dry Series is that the bag does not balance evenly when being carried by the shoulder strap.  This could be improved by the aforementioned six pack, but with a fairly light load, the bag tends to tip “head down.”  As much as I like the molded handle, I would have liked it even more on the same side as the shoulder strap to offset this issue.  But take this all with a grain of salt as you’re unlikely to ever carry this bag very far.


If you’re a Motocaddy cart user, having a Motocaddy Dry Series golf bag is a no brainer.  And if you use another brand of push cart, or prefer to ride, this bag still deserves careful consideration for its light weight, storage, and excellent waterproofing.

Visit Motocaddy HERE

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  1. Great review. I have a motocaddy cart and was looking at upgrading my bag to one of theirs. Thanks

  2. How easy is it to add/remove the Easilock Pins? When I go to other courses and don’t take my M7 I sometime ride. Can I leave the Pins in or would i need to remove them?

  3. I have one of the first models Sun Mountain push cart. Will the bag sit securely on the stand. Also I have a oversized grip on my putter. Would that be an issue

    • Matt Saternus


      Only the most immense grips won’t fit into the putter slot.
      Regarding fitting this bag onto a push cart, it should fit on any cart, but I can’t guarantee it will fit well on every cart


  4. I really fancy this bag. But I have a PowaCaddy trolley. Are the two compatible?

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t used the PowaCaddy, but I don’t see any reason why the Motocaddy bag wouldn’t work with the average push/powered cart.


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